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Re: [holistichelping] Re: DIY Solar and Answers FROM WENDI AND AK MEMBERS.

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  • Jeff Buderer
    Graham, What about configuring a larger DIY Solar system to power her computer? Jeff
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2009

      What about configuring a larger DIY Solar system to power her computer?


      On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 8:01 AM, graham <DIYSolar@...> wrote:

      Dear Wendi,
      In your answers below you seem to expect that DIY Solar will be able to
      power your computer - most unlikely!
      It can be used to power many laptops that use dc - such as a car battery supplies.
      It is best used for mobile phones, small lights and radios.
      Happy new Year


      Dear Andrius, Janet and all,
      We hope you , Janet and others enjoyed the festive
      short holidays. We too did and we are back to work
      now. Here are the answers from Wendi and members of
      AK. We arte all anxiously waiting to work with you on
      the projects identified and that is why more members
      are wanting you to see their faces in photos. The two
      youths you find today are Irene and Rogers. Then the
      passport size is I, Wendi and Berka.
      We wish you all the best for 2009.
      Sincerely AK members led by Wendi

      1. What information about you may we share
      publicly?You can share any information that you like
      from all the work that i do with others in our
      national organization for rural women and youths on
      health and rights issues especially HIV/AIDS.This
      organization also teaches creativity among youths and
      rural women which goes to be practised by all who
      like to learn , be open and creative irrespective
      of status, religion, tribe, sex,grade, size, coloretc.

      What is your name?Wendi Losha Bernadette

      What country do you live in? Cameroon

      Which city do you live in or near? Bamenda

      How would you describe the house that you live in, is
      it a farm house,
      apartment, dormitory, etc.?I live in a house biult
      with sun dry bricks and plastered with our river
      sand. It can be called a dormitory because many
      children live with me inside this house and also some
      children who are orphaned and they became street
      children and were almost sleeping on the streets.

      How may we and others contact you?You may contact me
      directly using our office postal address at ACTWID

      2. Please describe how much you use computers:I use
      computers on a daily basis except when there is no
      electricity.This is because as a rural women's leader
      we had for a long time now identified our felt needs
      of using computers ourselves to take away the phobia
      that rural women can also use computers like men. It
      is only from this computer usage and internet
      connection that poor rural women that we can get
      connected to other women in the world . We had long
      identified to have an internat connection and now we
      finally got a connection to one computer from one
      company here paid and installed on the only one
      computer we have but it is not working effectively. It
      seems as if the capacity of our only working computer
      is smaller so the connection got very slow and we were
      paying very expensive at 500frs cfa per hour.We closed
      it and got back to buying internet time codes still
      expensive as we were advised that if we get more p4
      computers, then the connection will be faster .

      How many hours per week do you use a computer ? 35
      How many different computers do you use during the
      week? Just one in our office which is a fairly used
      pentium 3 and the other ones in the cyber cafes where
      we struggle to go daily to read internet news and
      emails are different types of pentiums.
      How many computers do you own? We own one computer now
      which we earned from writing stories M.S lab. and
      before then we had some computers donated to us from
      Austria through the hard work of Franz Nahrada of GIVE
      and Ingo of VUM and others.These donated computers
      were mostly old 386 types that had very small
      capacities. We used the linux in 2000 and managed to
      send emails with and by 2004 the these computers were
      beyond repairs here.
      How many hours per week are you online? 35 hours.
      How many days per week are you online? daily except
      when there is no electricity as this is frequently
      done here in Cameroon. Sometimes we go for days in our
      town without electricity since we have only one
      electric company called SONEL. they are really
      ineffective but we have no choice.That is why we will
      very much embrass the use of DIY SOLAR.

      3. Please describe the computer that you use the
      most:The computer that i use the most is a pentium and
      since we copy many interesting things from the
      internet to store on this computer and our flash
      sticks from Andrius, it is slow but good and that is
      why we still need more p4 computers now for our cyber
      cafe. We are a very large group or NGO and one
      computer is too small for our numbers only in the
      office. Many women now like to even come and practice
      to use the computer to type as well as youths but one
      is too small and many lack the opportunity to learn
      computer usage generally.

      Who owns the computer that you use the most? Our NGO
      ACTWID KONGADZEM owns it.

      What is the operating system? Windows, Linux,
      Macintosh? What version? windows xp
      Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu, etc.

      Do you go online with this computer? Yes, we got
      connected for three months but the connection became
      very slow and completely not connecting at many
      ocassions though we still had to pay expensive bills
      monthly,so we disconnected while waiting to have more
      computers first before we go on line directly again as
      a cyber cafe.

      Where is the computer located? How do you travel there
      and how long does In our office there is one computer
      for more than 300 active women and youths to use. Even
      usage only for our leaders is not still possible for
      we have 26 active leaders of our sub groups now.
      that take? How much does the travel cost?

      How convenient is it to use the computer? NOT
      CONVENIENT AT ALL TIMES. Is it available when you want
      it? NOT ALWAYS .

      Do you have to pay to use the computer? How much? In
      the cyber cafe, yes .500frs cfa for one hour usage.

      What can you say about the computer's specifications?
      (Processor speed,
      memory, available devices such as printers) printers
      are scarse and the devices here are all second hand
      brought from Europe and we donot know apecifically
      about the speed and processors since diffewrent
      computers are used in cyber cafes.

      How much would this computer cost if you were to buy
      it today? One good one fairly used will cost
      150.000frs cfa roughly 350USD. now since the dollar
      exchange rates fluctuates.

      4. What do you do with computers? We use them to
      communicate with M.S. LAB AND OTHERS either here or
      abroad in Europe, America and anywhere in the world.
      We use it to see whether we can get a market for our
      crafts that we produce as well as our variety of
      medicinal plants that we grow here. What software do
      you use? We use all tha available software that we are
      able to use but our knowledge of usage is still very
      limited since we donot have enough computers and not
      yet trained well in software. What websites
      do you visit? We visit yahoo, google, hotmailmail and
      gmail. What online communities do you participate in?
      We participate in Hlostichelping, learning from each
      other, ACTalive and others. Do you have
      any websites of your own?not yet but we have some
      friends at Givemeaning hosting our small project site
      at www.givemeaning.com and we also have you at M.s

      5. Please describe the Internet connection that you

      Are you using the same computer as above, or a
      different computer?A different one .

      How fast is your connection? (How long does it take
      for you to download a
      100KB file?) Or what results do you get from
      http://www.speedtes t.net ? we donot know all these
      details at all since we donot have enough training yet
      and we very badly need to be trained completely on
      computer usage..

      What kinds of files do you send, upload, download? not

      What is the largest file that you have ever
      downloaded?not known but the largest files we have
      downloaded are the ones from Andrius at Ms. lab.

      Are you able to use Skype to speak to people? No, but
      we will like to be trained on how to use it to speak
      to people.

      Are you able to watch YouTube videos? Not yet

      How many browser windows do you typically keep open at
      once? One at a time only.

      6. What are examples of how computers and the Internet
      have affected your
      life? Computers have affected our lifes grately in the
      sense that we can write and read emails .We can
      download files from internet and print out what we
      find most interesting too.

      7. How do you make the most of your time online and
      offline? We really want to make the most of our time
      on line but at times we lack the money to buy
      internety time codes at 500frs cfa per hour since we
      donot have funds for our work here in our NGO. We do
      contribute money to buy internet time codes as a group
      as is the case now.We contribute shares to stay online
      in groups of fives for women and youths at a time for
      five hours and we still contribute money to scan our
      photos and put on projects or print out since we lack
      a printer and scan as well as a photocopier.

      Do you have a USB flash drive? or other storage media?
      What do you use
      them for? Yes we have. We use them to dowload large
      files from the internet to go and read in our office
      since it is too expensive to read online directly.

      What kind of materials, letters, texts, photos, music,
      videos do you
      create offline?We also write letters offline and copy
      on flask sticks to send at the cyber cafe now with
      other materials.

      What kind of files do you share with others when you
      are offline? Information and announcements files.

      8. What kind of technology would you like to have and
      how would you use it? We will like to have as a group
      an internat cafe with about 30 computers or more if
      possible. These will be preferably p4s that are still
      new or fairly used. We will also appreciate it if we
      can have a scanner, a photocopier, a printer and a net
      phone attached to our internet cafe here as we had
      long identified this project and really need it for
      our rural women and youths to reduce the phobia of
      computer usage in our poor rural women and also the
      rural exodus in youths here in Cameroon.

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