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Minciu Sodas, WorkNets interfaces, culture

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Happy New Year! Greetings from Sombor, Serbia, where I am staying with Sasha and Zdenka Mrkailo. This evening we went to the old town square and went to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2009
      Happy New Year! Greetings from Sombor, Serbia, where I am staying with
      Sasha and Zdenka Mrkailo. This evening we went to the old town square and
      went to Zdenka's favorite cafe Cafe Des Arts where we met the owner Miki
      who has brought together and catalyzed a wonderful group of artists, see
      their video:
      Also, Sasha filmed me explaining the Four Corners phonics flash cards to
      the children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3_vPm43Go
      I spoke also with Sasha and Zdenka about work that Sasha could do for our
      lab as a business representative promoting her handmade fashions (she is
      also interested in African textiles she could work with) and opening such
      opportunities for other craftspeople in our network. Also, Sasha will
      staff our chat room, especially to respond to people's interest in Linux,
      and he will help us look for business opportunities and funders and write
      proposals. He'll also help expand our Shop With Us ad network
      http://www.shopwithus.org and our Worknets network. I will pay him $100
      per month for two months and then hopefully more months in the future.

      Franz Nahrada and I had discussed our websites. Today I created a form
      for adding comments to any url on the Internet that we think is important,
      see: http://www.ms.lt/news.php I had looked at using existing technology
      but there was no open source technology that was lightweight and met this
      simple need. I tried out JS-Kit Comments http://www.js-kit.com but they
      store all the comments on their own server and we can only get part of the
      information out (through RSS) but not which comment replied to which
      (which is important context information) who is the author and any
      uploaded pictures. Also, after 25,000 page views per month they ask for
      $200+ per month which is too much. So I was able to code what I wanted in
      about four hours, which is faster than I expected. I made a very simple
      "comments" table and I can try to make it convenient to comment any letter
      or any wiki page or any url for that matter. Franz and all, I look
      forward to your feedback so I can improve the utility and satisfy your
      needs. As a next step I can present the comments in a way that would make
      it easy to generate a raw feed for newsletters.

      I need to fix our archiving of our YahooGroups letters and simplify the
      addition of more groups to our network. Then I look forward to more
      innovations. I invite our ideas. For example, I would like to use our
      wiki page names as "keywords" and to search for those keywords in all of
      our letters and wiki pages. Then for each keyword we can list all of the
      letters and wiki pages where it appears. We can also build an index that
      notes which keywords appear in the same letter or page. This makes for
      associations which we can show and navigate using TheBrain or TouchGraph.
      This might also help us in writing wiki pages that are more polished for
      particular key words. Such navigation might help us better organize
      ourselves to support our endeavors and see how they are interrelated and
      how we can help each other.

      I want to write a WorkNets charter that explains what the worknets culture
      is all about. I think of Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt as a base of
      independent thinkers, about 200 active and 2,000 supportive, which is my
      sole proprietorship from which I am trying to make a living while
      supporting our projects including my own. I think of WorkNets as the
      website (and web tools) for a culture of independent thinkers which in ten
      years might be 100,000 active and 1,000,000 supportive. I have taken the
      lead to organize such a culture which I identify with the kingdom of
      heaven which Jesus speaks of. I imagine it as thriving with independent
      thinkers of every outlook. I want to write a WorkNets charter which would
      explain my expectations for such a culture based on what I've learned
      these last ten years organizing independent thinkers. What expectations
      allow us to include everyone to "use their own best judgement"? I want to
      think through that with our lab's participants so that it is a document of
      expectations that works for our various perspectives. The charter would
      make clear what participation in the WorkNets culture means. It could be
      updated every year or so. I'm taking the initiative to start that but I
      imagine it evolving along with a popular governance. I imagine us showing
      our participation in the WorkNets culture by showing the WorkNets news
      feed at our websites (with Meet with us, Shop with us, Network with us,
      Chat with us). This would indicate our affirmation of the WorkNets
      culture, such as encouraging people to use their own best judgement,
      affirming that we contribute the larger part of our work to the Public
      Domain, and so on. I look forward to our help in shaping this so we might
      join together and yield fruit.

      I invite us to try out the comments page http://www.ms.lt/news.php and to
      share our ideas on what kind of online interfaces we'd like and why.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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