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Re: [holistichelping] Maria Agnese and Samwel Venture/Pioneers of Change

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Sam, Maria, Ken, Andrius, Helen, Lenny, William, and All, Great to see things evolving from the first meeting of Maria and our members in Kenya and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Hello Dear Sam, Maria, Ken, Andrius, Helen, Lenny, William, and All,
      Great to see things evolving from the first meeting of Maria and our members in Kenya and Tanzania! I hope that the others in Kenya who were networked in during that time will also become forum members, or that we will include them in some way above and beyond the networking being done here. I will cycle back to them myself as soon as I can, and believe Maria and Sam may have invited them too.
      And Ken, it will be terrific to have you involved in the ICTs project, as well as bringing your work in the arts into the mix. These are near and dear to my own heart, and can be included in an integrative project involving a number of elements:  education, ICTs, arts, publishing, income-generation, sustainable development.
      I think it's good to have linkages well-established between efforts in the two countries, and Lenny should be involved too, though I believe he may be in Canada through early December?  His work on ICTs can be so valuable to the whole, and delighted that Helen and William will be an integral part of the network being built.  The trips and meetings sound terrific, and this "f2f" contact will surely help to grow and build whatever happens in the aftermath.
      I have networked with the Tanzanian National ICTs Coordinator, so can contact him if and as needed, and have other contacts in both countries we can add to the net/work as we grow.  I have also been working with the Kenyan rep for Telecentre.org (www.telecentre.org) lately, and plans are afoot for the development of a network throughout E. Africa, to include Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. In fact, he gave me the email addresses of those in Tanzania who are working on development of the telecenter network there, so FYI for the future!
      Speaking of arts and networking, Andrius, I am a member of the "arts" list of Pioneers of Change, and have worked with--and given feedback and contacts to--other members on art and social-change projects. So I'm delighted that you're helping with their website development, and hope we can create stronger working links between them and our MS-affiliated forums and friends. And bring ActALIVE (www.actalive.org) into that loop as well, as this is how they know me, and there would be some wonderful arts/creative synergy between us all.
      I may pick up some good info during Global Learn Day (Oct 8th), as one of the presenters will be a university in Cape Town, discussing their use of "open courseware". Hope Pam and others will be joining OVF, myself, and some in our extended family of friends and colleagues.
      With all best wishes and blessings for the success of these exciting endeavors, and let myself and HH members know how we can be helpful and when, and what is needed!  Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Maria Agnese and Samwel Venture

      Dear Pamela, Andrius, Janet and Maria Agnese, Jeff and All,
      My schedule has been very busy with many issues in the grassroots, and could not immediately thank everybody for the good collaboration seen to have Mbita on the limelight of our Lab Minciu-Sodas. Maria Agnese came and visited us successfully. I have been unable to keep up with the mails and read from the list and this has made me have more slow communication trends.
      We had discussed a great deal with Maria Agnese agreeing to be collaborators and partner up for Information Communication Technology empowerment for our communities both In Kenya and Tanzania . The far most arrangement is to meet the Tanzania team in November and discuss the possible initiation of an ICT project there and Maria will organize some possibilities for the success of our meeting.
      Maria Agnese is a serious lady and need more serious people to partner up with. From the list and in our agreement, we both need support on open content management which will help us to be competent Web designers and help communities we are working with to have sites for their own information handling. This in itself will give more balanced information and sharing of the activities. The Dar meeting in November will open a way for another Telecenter Gateway in Dar. We both need Pamela, Andrius and everybody’s in put concerning this move With Maria Agnese. We foresee a possibility of coming together as a team from MS Lab to implement an ICT project in Dar and Rusinga Island where Udogo youth development group operates its activities. In Dar es salaam we are going to partner up with interested youth groups or women groups to join Helen Mahoo and William Wambura.
      This meeting will take place in the third week of November 2006 in Dar es salaam . I am planning to arrive in Dar es salaam in the week end of second week and plan a meeting together with William and Helen to find the possibility of forming a steering committee and way forward. I am going to send a specific date after getting the feedback from William and Helen. We need regional and international volunteers to come up with information regarding Tanzania and ICT policies, to make this move successful.
      We agreed with Maria on a possible trip to Europe to promote what we do together and hope Andrius will organize this for next year and hope to meet a few people for more partnerships and collaborations for the betterment of the global villages.
      Thanks for everybody’s in put and to me and Udogo youth development group.

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