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Re: [learningfromeachother] The value of drama

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  • Pamela McLean
    I love Sam s email [learningfromeachother] Thinkimg Sam! (copied below) about school drama and thinking. I think drama is wonderful - right from the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2008
      I love Sam's email [learningfromeachother] Thinkimg Sam! (copied below) about school drama and thinking.

      I think drama is wonderful - right from the first "let's pretend" games of young children (playing
      "mothers and fathers" with supporting roles of big sister, crying baby and so on)  through improvisation in teenage drama groups (with the benefits of confidence building, communication skill building and considering situations from various viewpoints) to theatre groups presenting ideas and situations to audiences.

      Acting things out is a great way to check understanding, and communicate ideas - and much more fun than emails ;-)

      Some of you may be interested in the performance that children put on at the launch of the Children's Parliament
      at Fantsuam. I quote from a blog about the day written by VSO Cecliy
      The next part was the play excellently enacted by the Fantsuam's children's drama club under the tutelage of Sheyi and Bala. The story was of a distraught mother weeping to a friend, devastated by the news that her daughter Blessing had tested positive for HIV and indeed had been diagnosed with full blown AIDS. Her friend immediately pointed the finger at the local child Mercy, who the parish minister had already identified as a witch and responsible for a whole host of illnesses and disasters within the community. The next scene showed an educated member of the community who, on hearing the news, decreed that not only should the child be punished by being burnt with an iron, but she should be killed to save the community from further ills.

      The unfortunate Mercy was brought in front of the grieving mother who blamed her for causing all the problems. The mother and educated man then fetched an iron and, having tied Mercy up with the cord, proceeded to 'iron' her skin. The child's screaming draws the attention of other members of the community who demand that the torture be stopped and the matter referred to the appropriate authorities. Young Mercy is released and the group leave, with hope in their hearts that Mercy will be saved.

      All guests were silent during the presentation and none took any notice of me as I snapped away. For me the faces in the audience tell the story: this is not some sort of rural myth. This is the reality right here, right now. Only some communities have not had the advocacy to understand that this isn't, and could never be, the child's fault.
      To see photos and a full report of the launch of the Children's Parliament see


      2008/12/15 Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...>

      Hello all,
      When i was a young boy at our local and prosperous
      Primary School. I did enggage in end term concerts and
      drama! I used to recite poems and acted drama
      organized by our late teacher James. I did several of
      these and found out that thinking and doing makes one
      a great actor.
      I read about Simon Makonde, Simple Sam and acted,
      recited On a famous court case between Njuguna Nyiri
      and Kamau Kinuthia. These were thrilling books from
      Jomo Kenyatta Foundation publishers (safari books
      series), pupils nicknamed me (Simple Sam,Pino the
      thriller, Pindu etc). I did not want to become 'Simple
      Sam' but wanted to become 'a wonderful Sam'.
      When Janet Feldman, Andrius, Maria Agnese, Ricardo and
      others introduced me to 'thinking' MS Lab and
      independent thinker (leader), my hidden character
      remained and is still thrilled in thinking', i've been
      consumed in community development thinking, my social
      life has been consumed in thinking. As i am thinking
      of hosting a consortium next year on sustainable local
      tourism and agriculture in July 1-3rd 2009. I am
      looking for partners, funders, donors, well-wishers to
      help make me' a wonderful thinking Sam but not 'young
      Simple Sam'
      I will visit Tom Ochuka in Kisumu in February to
      finalize the arrangement. Join me and stay thinking!


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