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Re: [learningfromeachother] Partners for Wendi for DIY Solar, sanitary wear, positive blogging?/Cathy S!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Wendi, Andrius, Graham, and All, Immense thanks for these inspiring notes, and I would love to work in partnership with Actwid Kongadzem, with whom I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2008
      Dear Wendi, Andrius, Graham, and All,

      Immense thanks for these inspiring notes, and I would love to work in
      partnership with Actwid Kongadzem, with whom I have been working already for
      about four years. In addition, AK is an ActALIVE member, and our
      organization will be involved in the blogging project.

      Wendi, I can link you with Solana (RV) on the mapping project, and let's
      consider how the bloggers you are hoping to sign up can be involved with the
      Rising Voices forums and project.

      I think that there is great potential to address the issue of sanitary wear
      in both a "micro" (related to individuals and communities) and a "macro"
      (related to countries and regions) way, and hope we can starr discussing
      this early in the new year.

      I will try to respond to the full thread of conversation we have had about
      sanitary wear during the next week--including Cathy Stubington's inspiring
      posting (thanks Cathy and more to follow soon to you!!) --and would like to
      mention in the meantime that Cathy is also a member of ActALIVE, so there
      are some exciting creative linkages we can hopefully make and develop as we
      move along.

      How this connects to Graham is another interesting linkage: recently, he
      and Rachel met while she was in the UK, and Rachel is an ActALIVE member
      too, as are Andrius and Ken (as well as Dennis, George Onyango, and Fred
      Ouko of KCYP, with whom Graham has been working on a solar-panel fabrication
      project for some time).

      It would be very interesting to discuss if and how we might links solar
      power, sanitary wear, blogging, peace and development, health issues such as
      HIV/AIDS and malaria, and the arts! A tall order, perhaps, but I'm sure
      that--if anyone can do it--we can.

      Andrius, what are your ideas for "working together", ie what does that mean
      to you, in what circumstances do you envision some micro-funding for a
      project, et al?

      Thanks so much, all, and I look forward to discussing, dreaming, and "doing"
      together! Janet

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      Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Partners for Wendi for DIY Solar,
      sanitary wear, positive blogging?

      > Dear Andrius and all,
      > Thank you for accepting to work with us on the DIY
      > Solar project and the sanitary project. Yes the key
      > step as you said is to find the online partner in our
      > lab who will like to work with us.
      > We are waiting.
      > Sincerely Wendi and members
      > --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      >> Wendi, Yes I would like to do a $100 project with
      >> you and your group. The
      >> key step is to find an online partner in our lab for
      >> any of your projects
      >> who would work with you. Let's see who might be
      >> interested and then I
      >> would like to send you the $100 for you to work
      >> together. Andrius
      >> Kulikauskas, ms@...
      >> ---------------------------------
      >> Dear Solana,
      >> I just read about your positive bloggers from
      >> Andrius
      >> notes from the chat room of yesterday .Some of our
      >> members led b Brigit Fon and Prudentia with Ambijeh
      >> Theresare willing to share their experiences from
      >> here
      >> in Cameroon of living positively,so they asked me
      >> Wendi as their leader to ask you to include them.
      >> What
      >> do you think? Andius ,we also have spent some good
      >> time trying to send you a message from the chat room
      >> and it could not work now since we had no
      >> electricity
      >> here yesterday for 24 hours and so we could not join
      >> you.
      >> In this email we want to say that three of our
      >> members read about the solar powered battery project
      >> idea that you said Ricardo had successfully tried
      >> out
      >> in Kenya and were very interested to learn the
      >> technology involved i its usage and then try it out
      >> in
      >> three different villages here.
      >> Another point raised by some of our members after
      >> readin your notes on the 100dollar project was the
      >> idea that two of our youth members expressed that
      >> they are interested in the sanitary pads project and
      >> will like to go round and do a door to door
      >> education
      >> and then demonstration on the usage of the sanitary
      >> pads to matured girls in our communities here and
      >> even
      >> women who have otherwise not been able to have an
      >> opportunity to see these pads before even using them
      >> For the first project we proposed, we are still
      >> working on it to give you the answers later.
      >> Immnse thanks on this special feast of the
      >> Assumption
      >> of Mary into Heaven
      >> Wendi
      >> Thanks Wendi
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