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Here are My comments Maria,

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  • nafsiafricaacro
    HI Maria, I got your idea and sold it to my friends. We shared and brain stormed, and you know what? they bought it. I am more than willing to join your
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      HI Maria,
      I got your idea and sold it to my friends.

      We shared and brain stormed, and you know what? they bought it.

      I am more than willing to join your working group and provide a
      collaboration link between you, Andrius, MSN, Nafsi acrobats, and
      the community.

      I am also sharing your idea of introducing more friends to be
      included in these forum.

      About your intended project, i think it's a marvelous idea
      especially with your focus of working with the younger generation
      especially youth.

      Lack of employment in Kenya as driven youths towards creative
      thinking and devising other avenues of self employment.

      THey gain knowledge from forums and set up groups.

      Our GRoup is extending it's arms in having programmes that would not
      only keep the younger generation off the streets but that would also
      empower youths towards sustainable livelihoods.

      WE are planning to send some of our members for a community capacity
      development training so as to become a sustainable project partner
      able to support programmes that would enlighten youths to start
      living instead of existing.

      We just attended a microfinance and small entreprise course and
      garnered enough skills, come November with the availability of funds
      we may go for an inhoused two weeks corse on financial management
      and resourse mobilization.

      I bet in the slum settings of Nairobi, our group would be a good
      vehicle to use in reaching out to youths with ideas that would
      provide economical, social, intellectual,and spiritual growth.

      The website,i would have done it on my own with the basic graphics
      knowledge that i have.

      I can also update it once it's set(with the paltry website design
      kowledge i ganered from the course of microsoft office that i did
      some two years ago), but my desire was to have the website done by a
      professional and i bet Bruno is the right expert for the job.

      You have been so kind to us Maria.

      You said your aim is to develop local skills, Angie may be coming to
      Nairobi probably this year(i haven't confirmed it out ), i may work
      along with her in finishing up the website.

      Or, alternatively, i have a number of friends who i may approach
      and convince them to collaborate with you in presenting a finished

      I.C.T,website updating and stuff like that are like goldmines
      nowadays, people are clamouring for I.C.T with the world growing
      globalised day by day.

      Its everyones desire to gain I.C.T knowledge but with the limited
      resourses it becomes impossible to young people with poor financial
      endowment from developing countries like Kenya.

      I must confess i have a very limited educational background;Odinary

      (o -levels/secondary education),then dropping out of college after a
      one year stint.

      To enhance myself intellectually, i have been taking advantage of
      workshops and seminary courses and also learning from friends and

      I have a very basic I.C.T training(microsoft office applications
      only) and would wish to be empowered to gain more in this field.

      I am accessed to a school where i would do a refresher course and
      learn more.

      I say you have challenged me into thinking in the perspective of
      collaborating with you in having the website finished.

      So what's my bit, and what's my role? am ready for that challenge of
      working with you towards having a finished product probably before

      I sometimes sit and wonder how best i'd give back to all your

      I promise to work hard to make your dream of having a project in
      Africa come true.

      So where do i stand, and where do i start from?

      My question is,suppose i join your working group, what would you
      like me to do for you?

      And your project? what kind of research would you like me to do for

      What kind of reports would you like to get from me?

      I have to go, i hope Sam briefed you and forwarded his full
      travelling budget to you.

      From Nairobi to Daresalam is aprroximately between 27euros(at least)
      and 32euros(atmost).

      What is left is forSam to arrange with me for early booking(he has
      just told me he is travelling in November), I wish him all the best,
      i hope he will get the opportunity of meeting with your family too.

      Oh i just down loaded those pics. of you in Mbita, they are very

      I will talk to you later, ciao, love you.

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