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Tobias (Kabissa): Fantastic abt Rising Voices Chat!/perhaps ongoing collaboration?

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Tobias and All, Wonderful to hear from you, and what a terrific idea! I will say, rather sheepishly, that while I am a Kabissa member, I have never
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008
      Dear Tobias and All,

      Wonderful to hear from you, and what a terrific idea! I will say, rather
      sheepishly, that while I am a Kabissa member, I have never posted before, so
      I did sign in and created a blog page with the chat news. Is that how it's

      If not, I'd love some tips (and perhaps help, since time is so short)! It
      would be invaluable to put this news into a special mailing, but I wonder if
      there is time to network it properly?

      That leads me to suggest that there would be some excellent "on-going"
      synergies and collaborative opportunities between Kabissa and Rising Voices,
      in particular with the "Blogging Positively" project we hope will develop
      from this chat and other recent discussions.

      In other words, many more chances for your member-bloggers to become
      involved, if the timing of this particular news and event does not allow
      your extensive network to be adequately informed.

      If you think a special mailing could go out Tuesday, that would be
      fantastic! Otherwise, if the event posting could at least get into the right
      spaces, that would be an exciting start.

      Hopefully we can all carry on this conversation soon, and I am posting this
      to the Rising Voices forum (in addition to the Minciu Sodas forums, Learning
      From Each Other and Holistic Helping, the latter of which I moderate) for
      that purpose.

      Do you and David Sasaki know each other? If not, let the intros begin :))).
      And please consider subscribing to the RV forum:

      Thanks immensely, Tobias, and very best wishes, Janet

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      From: "Tobias Eigen" <tobiaseigen@...>
      To: <learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 5:32 PM
      Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Rising Voices WAD 2008 Chat (Dec 3):
      Citizen Media and HIV/AIDS

      Hello Janet,

      This sounds terrific! Could you please post this to the kabissa blog,
      so the 1300 african orgs in our network can find out about this global
      chat? We could also do a special mailing - see



      On 11/29/08, Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > In commemoration of World AIDS Day, Rising Voices
      > (http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org) will be hosting a live chat on
      > Wednesday, December 3rd at the 3 p.m. Nairobi time:
      > 7am (New York, EST)
      > 10am (Buenos Aires)
      > 12pm (London, GMT)
      > 2 pm (Cape Town, Beirut)
      > 3pm (Nairobi, Moscow)
      > 5.30pm (New Delhi)
      > 8pm (Beijing, Manila)
      > 9pm (Tokyo)
      > 11pm (Sydney)
      > To participate please go to: http://www.worknets.org/chat.
      > Login instructions: Login using your name and then select the room you
      > want
      > to join by clicking enter. Once in the room, select a font color on the
      > left
      > side of the screen, then join the chat.
      > The chat will be facilitated by Serina Kalande and Daudi Were and the
      > discussion will build on a similar chat that Serina and Daudi organized
      > back
      > in April of this year which asked the following question: "how can citizen
      > media be used to supplement and improve the mainstream media's coverage of
      > the AIDS epidemic?
      > This chat will start out focusing on two Rising Voices grantee projects,
      > REPACTED in Nakuru, Kenya and AIDS Rights Congo based in Brazzaville. We
      > will learn how both organizations have implemented blogging and video
      > outreach programs to spread awareness about their initiatives in AIDS
      > prevention and advocating for the rights of HIV-positive individuals.
      > http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/projects/repacted-kenya and
      > http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/projects/aids-rights-congo/
      > Other discussion topics include: What are the factors to weigh when
      > HIV-positive bloggers go public about their status? How can blogging
      > support
      > networks form online? What about online forums? What are other new media
      > tools, such as mapping mashups, that can be used effectively?
      > If there are other topics that you would like to discuss during the chat,
      > please respond with your ideas. I hope that as many of you as possible can
      > make it.
      > As a primer to the conversation I encourage you all to take a look at a
      > recent post written by Juliana Rincón on Global Voices about AIDS
      > awareness
      > through video. Especially fascinating is a video podcast produced by
      > QAFBeijing, which interviews South African grand justice Edwin Cameron,
      > the
      > country's only government official who has gone public about his HIV
      > status.
      > http://globalvoicesonline.org/2008/11/27/aids-awareness-through-video/
      > And here is a video of a fascinating conversation among the members of the
      > Breaking the Silence in Kwa Mashu project about the fear of discussing HIV
      > status in their community.
      > http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/projects/breaking-the-silence-in-kwa-mashu/
      > All the best,
      > David Sasaki
      > Rising Voices
      > osopecoso@...

      Tobias Eigen

      Senior Steward - IT
      Global Action Networks-Net (GAN-Net)

      Executive Director
      Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa


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