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October 16 Deadline: art'ishake Issue 4 (arts and MDGs journal)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Friends: We would like to remind you of the upcoming submission deadline for the next issue of art ishake, the arts and development journal. Please find
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Dear Friends:

      We would like to remind you of the upcoming submission deadline for the
      next issue of art'ishake, the arts and development journal. Please find
      below submission details and if you need further information please visit
      our website: http://www.art4development.net/artishake.html .

      We welcome participants to submit papers, articles, news, images of
      artworks, and announcements on arts and development issues. We invite
      individuals and organizations to share and explore together the value
      created, and help inspire each other particularly to address the needs of
      our global society and overcome the challenges of underdevelopment. The
      journal aims to provide an outlet for interdisciplinary and international
      exploration of the concepts and practices of creative and arts-infused
      development projects.

      Submission Areas:

      -News, Experiences, and Opinions on Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] in
      tandem with arts.
      -Research and white-papers on arts, human development, as well as the
      impact within the local, national, and international community
      [theoretical, methodological, economic, international and intercultural
      approaches to and perspectives on arts and development, and more - text to
      be max. 2000 words].
      -Auto-story by artists who create artworks and/or conduct workshops aiming
      for social impact, particularly those that relate to MDGs [text to be max.
      1500 words].
      -Auto-story by non-profit and/or for-profit organizations who utilize arts
      to create change and improve community [text to be max. 1500 words].
      -Announcements on support material and partnership opportunities such as
      funding possibilities, awards, grants, fellowships, cause-
      related arts exhibitions and benefit events, workshops, trainings,
      -Artworks and brief concept paragraphs [jpeg images of any type and style
      of artworks, material used, titles, purpose/ theme, artist's
      short bio statement in 150 words].
      -Poetry, scripts, and short stories [max. 1200 words] related to arts and
      MDGs, cultural heritage and diversity; youth empowerment,
      conflict resolution and peace building, health and HIV/AIDS, and more.

      Submission Deadline: October 16, 2006
      Sent submission material to: artishake@...

      The purpose of art'ishake is to provide an open, collaborative, and
      learning approach to creative and development sector, share
      experiences and views from different perspectives, present 'how-tos'
      through the exchange of best-practice examples, inspire, and
      add 'knowledge-based' value to the positive-creative change process!

      NOTE: art'ishake no.3 issue is out! art'ishake is an e-publication on arts,
      culture, social change and development. It intends to address
      interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral issues in tandem with arts and

      If you are interested in receiving the latest complimentary issue, please
      send an email to artishake@.... To contribute for the next
      issue please find the submission requirements under
      http://www.art4development.net/artishake.html . If you have any questions
      or comments, please do not hesitate to contact info@... .
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