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Global Villages possible point of focus

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut everyone, At the end of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/message/3770 Franz wrote:   You ended with:   waiting for enlightened replies So
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2008
      Salut everyone,
      Franz wrote:
      You ended with:
      "waiting for enlightened replies"
      So I engaged with:
      To do so, I suggest that we get on with establishing the order of questions and answers that will fuel our quest...
      To me, the first question for Global Villagers is
      As individuals, how do we tune into the universal starting point of genuine conversion that fits from personal to communal, scaling up in the natural spiritual growth from within and amongst us all from the micro to the macro fulfilment, in the connectivity from local to global justice-peace-joy on earth by The Spirit of Life?
      My personal answer is:
      "...going from the spiritual division of human DNA to the experience of spiritual unity..."
       "...steering the movement upon the evolution of Health-Education-Correction to bring on personal and communal fulfilment of Justice-Peace-Joy..."
      "...establishing the socio-economic sustainability by applying the Ministry of        Reconciliation into the cultural-political decision making, developing life-style conversion streams by learning to invest the resources that go into the war on drugs and to lead follow up by building the Recovery Road from self-destruction to
      self-control and community self-government..."
      In practical support of what I write, I am now going through a Court appointed time of "Anger management".
      I just ended my first weekend of 3 and I see great possibilities to engage the class I am with, into the idea of getting on to build the 24/7 community centre that could grow from the core alliance between Restorative Justice and Community Mental Health.
      The Court that has us all together in that class is the Alberta's Queen Bench.  Two weeks ago, the Alberta health Minister came out with the study that says that 600,000 people suffer from mental affliction of one kind or another...and that is only what is known!!!
      Officially, that means that one out of 5 citizens are mentally hurting in Alberta.
      The relief of such a condition is what the community centre would grow, clearing the path of sustained socio-cultural regeneration...
      ...after all, anger management is a large part of the universal skills that need genuine conversion, if the dream of Global Villages is ever to come true...
      Regarding my current situation with the Alberta Courts of the Queen's Bench, I pray that my family and the group with whom I am appointed get to be guided into the apprenticing to manage anger right to its core generation, and that we may be ignited to spread such manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven...
      ...Amen to God's Yes in us all...

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