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Hon. Kalonzo: Why can't Kenyans seek international community's help on Waki report implementation?

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  • George Nyongesa
     Hon. Kalonzo: Why can t Kenyans seek international community s help on Waki report implementation? Vice President Kalonzo¢s claim, while hosting the British
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008

       Hon. Kalonzo: Why can't Kenyans seek international community's help on Waki report implementation?

      Vice President Kalonzo’s claim, while hosting the British envoys, that Kenya is not a failed state and therefore not requiring the help of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is laughable. This is especially so considering that in January of this same year, partners of the grand coalition told Kenyans and the World that they do not have faith in Kenya’s judicial system and could not therefore dissuade their supporters from using violence to arbitrate the electoral dispute. Further, it is worrying that Kalonzo’s argument was followed by a claim that the Waki report’s implementation timeline is unworkable since Parliament will soon break for Christmas which means they will not have had enough time to enact the requisite laws to implement the report’s recommendations. However, I would like to remind Hon Kalonzo that we have seen laws that favour members of parliament such as salary increase laws passed in less than thirty minutes in the past. That notwithstanding, the inadequacy of time argument is not acceptable since the politicians have wasted so much time in attempts to disparage the report. Previously, Hon Kalonzo has asserted that the international community should not be involved in the debate over the implementation of the Waki report, claiming that Kenyan problems need Kenyan solutions. Considering that in the ongoing economic crisis the US, a super power, has reached out to other nations to help it sort out the mess, it is a confirmation that there is no one country in the World that can claim independence of the rest. Further, post election violence is by no means a uniquely Kenyan problem. Currently, Zimbabwe is embroiled in similar crisis, the effect of which is being felt around the world with an increase in Zimbabwean immigrants. It is therefore not a stretch of the imagination to project that any solution reached at the ICC following prosecutions based on the Waki report, would benefit other world areas that experience post election violence. Again, I would like to remind Hon Kalozo that when political big fish could not agree on how best to loot Kenyans; they called on international community to intervene. What then are these double standards when Wanjiku seeks the international community’s help in her own predicament against the political class?  


      George Nyongesa

      Bunge la Mwananchi


      +254 720 451 235

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