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Friday Chat to help Zimbabweans

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Masimba Biriwisha is back home in Zimbabwe. We invite everybody to chat with us this Friday at 19:00 Nairobi time, 18:00 Harare time, 16:00 London time, 10:00
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2008
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      Masimba Biriwisha is back home in Zimbabwe. We invite everybody to chat
      with us this Friday at 19:00 Nairobi time, 18:00 Harare time, 16:00 London
      time, 10:00 Chicago time. Come to http://www.helproom.org (which leads us
      to our WorkNets chat room).

      Please join us! Masimba leads the collection of books for Zimbabwe. I'd
      like to support distribution of "print-on-demand" books by our
      participants and thereby build relationships. Also, I'd like to
      experiment with community currency in Zimbabwe (which has a huge inflation
      rate), for example, in the form of women's pads, possibly as a way to park
      money. I share our chat. Andrius


      Hi Masimba, how are you? I am showing Helen how to use Skype. May I call you?
      29:44 Andrius: bye!
      30:25 Masimba: i dont have headsets
      30:30 Masimba: how are yu
      30:39 Andrius: I am in Bosnia teaching math this school year
      30:43 Andrius: how are you back in Zimbabwe?
      30:50 Andrius: how can we help?
      30:59 Masimba: its hot, literallly n otherwise
      31:42 Andrius: I'm working a full-time job but I would be interested
      in small projects with our global teams
      31:56 Andrius: for example, we could do a weekly chat at our help room
      32:27 Andrius: to generate ideas, interest people and coordinate help
      33:02 Masimba: i have started the book project here
      33:08 Masimba: and could do with some help
      33:42 Masimba: to roll it out
      33:43 Andrius: do you have a link for it?
      34:04 Masimba: www.zimbablog.com
      35:03 Andrius: Are you on the Internet a lot?
      35:13 Masimba: yes
      35:35 Masimba: and my own blog is http://zivizo.com
      35:53 Andrius: would it be useful to have regular chats?
      36:02 Andrius: we could start with one chat
      36:31 Masimba: i will visit the link
      36:35 Masimba: yes
      37:06 Masimba: http://inside.org.au/2008/11
      37:35 Masimba: i have an article: surviving zimbabwe
      40:17 Andrius: I am reading it - interesting
      40:28 Andrius: what day and time would be good for a chat?
      40:33 Masimba: thanks
      40:38 Andrius: are you free on Saturday?
      40:38 Masimba: Fridays
      40:41 Andrius: Fridays
      40:47 Masimba: ye
      40:53 Andrius: is the evening ok?
      40:58 Andrius: what hours?
      40:58 Masimba: yes
      41:03 Masimba: like now
      41:39 Andrius: I am traveling but could start around 5:00 or just
      after that would be in 1 hour and 20 minutes
      41:43 Andrius: what time is it in Zimbabwe?
      41:50 Andrius: what time now?
      43:58 Andrius: You are an excellent writer - I forgot that you are an
      44:34 Andrius: it is 3:44pm here in Bosnia and 4:44 pm in Harare
      44:50 Andrius: could we try 6:00 pm Friday Harare time?
      53:56 Masimba: yes
      Masimba: thats good
      Andrius: then lets do that this Friday and see wht happens
      Andrius: if I am late it is because I am traveling from Tuzla to Sarajevo
      Masimba: ok
      54:35 Andrius: but I expect to be on time
      54:40 Andrius: I will write a letter to our groups
      54:44 Masimba: i am coming to France
      54:46 Andrius: and we go to
      54:50 Masimba: i would to visit you
      54:51 Andrius: http://www.helproom.org
      54:54 Andrius: when are you going?
      16 Masimba: december
      35 Andrius: let's keep in touch
      40 Andrius: it would be great to work together
      46 Masimba: thanks
      55 Andrius: will you be in Europe in January?
      56:26 Masimba: yes
      57:10 Andrius: we have a COMMUNIA meeting in London in January
      57:13 Andrius: perhaps we can meet there
      57:18 Andrius: we could fly you to London from Europe
      57:26 Masimba: that would be great
      57:27 Masimba: keep me updated
      57:34 Andrius: yes I will check the details
      57:39 Masimba: lets do that
      57:42 Andrius: peace and see you Friday
      57:49 Andrius: and how can we help with your book program?
      57:56 Masimba: great
      58:08 Andrius: Also, would it make sense to start a community currency
      in Zimbabwe?
      58:14 Andrius: that would be a good project for our lab
      58:16 Masimba: collect books and you can send them to me in europe
      58:27 Masimba: start collecting children's books
      58:39 Andrius: in English?
      58:46 Masimba: yes
      58:49 Masimba: mainly
      59:23 Andrius: also we might be interested in publishing our own books
      for distribution in Zimbabwe and Africa
      59:40 Andrius: because we have many writers on various topics
      59:45 Masimba: let talk more about it
      59:52 Masimba: great
      59:54 Andrius: and so we could encourage publishing and that would be
      a more personal connection
      59:59 Andrius: and we could "print on demand"
      00:07 Andrius: especially if there were definite readers
      00:12 Andrius: we could make a catalog of writings
      00:15 Masimba: that would be great
      00:17 Andrius: and print them out as requested at libraries
      00:20 Masimba: POD is the way to go
      02 Andrius: yes I imagine because 1) shipping books is expensive 2)
      books offered are often not relevant 3) POD could make for personal
      relationships 4) POD encourages the "authors" for long term relationshps
      and investments so for our lab it might be great
      14 Masimba: i agree
      41 Masimba: iv just tested the helproom
      44 Masimba: its good
      52 Andrius: also we might invest in a community currency (like perhaps
      women's hygiene wear
      05:10 Masimba: ltes talk more friday
      06:09 Andrius: ok great
      06:10 Andrius: bye

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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