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Re: [holistichelping] Issues that could help us build coherence.

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    Dear Franz, How are you? We hope you are well and all you are doing at GIVE as well as working with Andrius on many issues related to the M.S. lab such as
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      Dear Franz,
      How are you? We hope you are well and all you are
      doing at GIVE as well as working with Andrius on many
      issues related to the M.S. lab such as organising the
      Open Source Hardware activists alongside with the
      London meeting of January 2009; We here in ACTWID
      KONGADZEM are strongly feeling that organising such a
      meeting for creative activist or thinkers will go a
      long way to build sustainable ecosystems and will
      strengthen efforts already made in the field of Open
      cultures in diverse settings anywhere in the World; If
      this happens, it will be an opportunity for many
      African participants who are having long standing
      dreams to grow up to the highest levels in the open
      source and digital world so as to be able to close the
      wide gap gap of ignorance and phobia in the usage and
      control of ICTs especially women;
      Reflecting on all that you, Andrius and other experts
      in this field have been discussing, we see a very
      bright future for African women and youths who have
      nursing these interests in being trained all round on
      open sorce and its related fields usage;
      Thank you immensely for sharing;
      Sincerely Wendi , Killo Shang and other members of
      ACTWID in Cameroon
      --- Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada@...> wrote:

      > I am writing in response of Andrius crosspost and I
      > know this (the
      > crosspost) should be a tool we are to use more
      > consciently and
      > responsibly. (Andrius and I have worked out ideas on
      > that that I hope to
      > share in another mail, still waiting for him to come
      > up with a proposal)
      > But there is a very important point in Andriuses
      > mail that I want to
      > respond to, something that could really help us
      > increase the visibility
      > and the positioning of the whole lab. The fact that
      > Minciu Sodas is
      > engaged in the Communia process offers a lot of
      > opportunities to
      > strengthen our own ecosystem and the general
      > ecosystem of the Open Culture
      > we are part of.
      > Andrius Kulikauskas writes:
      > >We also have 4800 EUR to spend for travel to
      > COMMUNIA meetings. The next
      > >meeting is in London in January, 2009. We can use
      > the money to invite
      > >anybody we like, for our own purposes. However, it
      > would be good to also
      > >have a goal related to strengthening the Public
      > Domain. For example, we
      > >could organize Open Source Hardware activists. Is
      > that something we'd like
      > >to do? COMMUNIA might be a good venue for that
      > (we'd have to note that
      > >open source hardware is a "digital" matter, not a
      > "hardware" matter). It
      > >would be a way to bring Marcin, Jeff and others to
      > Europe if there is a
      > >point to that. Also, we can invite our African
      > participants, but we have
      > >had trouble getting visas. And we should consider,
      > what is our purpose?
      > so let us reflect.....
      > Its very clear that incredible things are happening,
      > especially fueled by
      > the sense of urgency facing the economic and
      > ecological crisis and the
      > widespread non-acceptance of the still dominating
      > bailout mentality. One
      > particular thread of networking and activities is
      > the OpenEverything
      > movement, that emerged out of the perception that
      > now is the time to mash
      > up and create a new culture. So far, four retreats
      > have taken place and
      > for the first time, this is like a spontaneus wave
      > of association that
      > spans around the globe.
      > While people at the forefront of the Intellectual
      > Commons like Marcin are
      > finally making headway in showing tangible results,
      > while more and more
      > companies are looking to quit the Intellectual
      > Property game, there is
      > broad recognition that there is a need to formulate
      > and enact new rules of
      > the game and present a viable alternative to an
      > increasingly disoriented
      > and frustrated public helplessly facing the
      > shameless burning of the last
      > holy assetts for half a years continuation of our
      > nightmare econoimics.
      > This is why people are drawn together, and there is
      > a broad feeling that
      > it is around the accord of the creative individuals
      > of this world that a
      > new culture crystallizes. It has always been as such
      > in history, but for
      > the first time the rule that we establish revolve
      > around the individual
      > and ints potential: Lets arrure the conditions that
      > everyone can be
      > creative and lets build our hope and our future on
      > the expecatation that
      > this potential of wealth and gifts will carry us
      > further than any old form
      > of social restriuctions and rationing. While the
      > traditional left is
      > reformulating its old anticreative Ideas in
      > constructs like Parecon, to
      > finally reach justice, equality and fair share, the
      > new movement is built
      > on enacting individual freedom at its extremes - but
      > not a selfish
      > individual freedom like in neoliberalism or even in
      > some parts of the 68
      > movement, but a freedom that unfolds in unforeseen
      > dimension of social
      > contributions, productive acts, problem solutions.
      > Thats at the core of the new process that has no
      > name, and OpenEverything
      > is just another attempt to grab and develop the
      > central concepts of this
      > culture. This weeks gathering will happen in London,
      > and we might want to
      > consider to create links and offer the communia
      > meeting as another step in
      > the development of this culture.
      > http://openeverything.net/
      > http://openeverything.wik.is/London
      > While OpenEverything is focusing on "things" (and
      > does that rightfully),
      > we should propose a followup meeting that is
      > focussing on people and their
      > creative potential. Actually, the core competence of
      > our lab is the
      > development of abilities and mentalities of people
      > sharing and
      > participating in Open Culture. There are so many
      > questions related to
      > this, but the central question is the shere material
      > survival. Still the
      > sad story of the Open Inventor that Vinay Gupta once
      > presented resonates
      > in my head. How can we really enact an economy of
      > giving everything away,
      > which is the kingdom of heaven for some and the free
      > association of
      > producers for others?
      > Marcin has recently brought a daring and compelling
      > perspective into
      > discussion that is so important for me that I cant
      > keep reiterating it.
      > Develop mechanisms of social shares that allow us to
      > deal with any size of
      > production on the base of p2p values. Have the
      > copernican shift happen
      > where the industry revolves around the creative
      > individual, not just a
      > support economy, but an economy commonly owned by
      > the stakeholders. Not as
      > an abstract state though, but on the base of
      > self-assigned social
      > enterprises. The main quality of these social
      > enterprises is that they
      > follow their own core values, that they are open for
      > meaningful
      > cooperation and that their asociation is built on
      > goals that are pursued
      > in free cooperation.
      > We feel this imminent change is around the corner,
      > but we cannot be sure,
      > we are part of the game and without us (as a
      > community of likeminded
      > individuals around the globe, not limited to Minciu
      > Sodas peoiple) this
      > change cannot happen. NO CHANGE WITHOUT US. Its
      > going to be interesting
      > times especially when Obama should be elected next
      > week.
      > So why not dedicate the communia meeting totally and
      > entirely to this
      > subject and make clear to the European commission
      > that this is the
      > all-deciding factor. People with a basic income
      > could be selfish as
      > parasites or hopelessly depressed as the native
      > Americans Frithjof Bergman
      > describes in his book - "they were like stumps of
      > trees slowly covered by
      > snow, motionless and numb, waiting for the postal
      > plane to bring their
      > social security paychecks" - or they can be
      > activated by the discovery
      > that a different fire of imagination burns in every
      > human being, and our
      > common dream can only be the resulty of nurturing
      > and supporting and
      > developing this fire. Given this potential, the
      > investment in people would
      > be a million times more productive than the bailout
      > for the survival of
      > allready rotten dead money.
      > Structures like the Help Room must be there to
      > nurture and support us in
      > what we bring out, and we must boldly ask for
      > support, showing more and
      > more examples of the potential that is accumulating
      > here. The communiy
      > meeting in London might be a good ground for this.
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