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Re: Seeing is Believing/Ken-Tom-George-All: STARS Foundation (UK) grant due late Nov (disabilities a focus)

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut Ken, Wendy, Janet, Andrius and all,   Thanks Ken for raising the topic of your marathon and the context in which it was being organized.   
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 29 3:56 PM
      Salut Ken, Wendy, Janet, Andrius and all,
      Thanks Ken for raising the topic of your marathon and the context in which it was being organized. 
      Thanks Wendy for being hands-on in helping out the way you do.
      Thanks Janet for using the expression "differently abled" people as opposed to disabled.
      I am grateful to the 3 of you because we are the parents of a 23 years old daughter who was born without the use of her legs as well as no control regarding her bathroom needs.  Gravity, personal living assistance and Traditional Chinese Medicine Heb's are needed for her to have a fine existence.  
      When she was first born, we were immediately rushed to the hospital by the mid-wives who were assisting Debbie, my wife, in the delivery. 
      24 hours later, she had been operated on surgically and we were told of what the situation was about and what we needed to prepare for, for the rest of her life. 
      Upon hearing of the details of her condition and of what it was going to mean for the rest of her and our lives, I replied:
      "Well, those are her handicaps and I have mine and we all each have our own short
      "Differently abled", makes it even more grasp-ABLE; thanks again Janet!
      As a husband and as a dad, so far, I have failed to capture and to channel the inspiration that she is to all who know her.
      When we die, we want to leave her to be cared for "the family way", as opposed to the "intitutionalised way". 
       All of our efforts to get the funding needed is left to a system that considers us as a "conflict of interests", over our Daugherty's well being. 
      Such a state of affair demonstrates very well how much democracy is still in its infant hood stages, struggling to stop hitting itself with the right and the left divisions, instead of realising that both, right and left are complementary to one another.
      I have also failed to generate the interest needed amongst her own brothers and friends.
      I take full responsibility for our collective failure to gel as a unit toward the future and I pray that we may guided out of such a state of paralysis, mentally, emotionally and physically.
      Our family dynamic is built around the desire to do all that she needs, while making sure that no one gets to be left behind nor neglected in any regards. 
      The trail has been difficult enough that we have been in a deep crisis regarding one of our sons for the last year and a half.
      We hope to find the opportunity that such crisis offers, so that our blossom gets to radiate as far and for as many people as possible during the rest of our years on earth.
      In case you might be interested, here is a project from a couple of years ago, which did not take off but for which we are remaining open to activate anytime that the doors get to open:
      After a year, seeing that this was going nowhere, we tried to carry on with:
      So reading your thoughts here below do help me a lot in terms of not allowing myself to stay discouraged as I have been for much too long. 
      Thank you all for fighting the good fight!

      --- On Wed, 10/29/08, ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...> wrote:
      From: ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...>
      Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: [holistichelping] Seeing is Believing/Ken-Tom-George-All: STARS Foundation (UK) grant due late Nov (disabilities a focus)
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 11:59 AM

      Dear Janet, Andrius and all,
      Thanks for your emails.We are encouraged to learn from
      others and share too with our own members here.
      Yes just as you mentioned Janet,we have infected
      people as well as some people too with disabilities
      that we all work with here so if we can do a joint
      project proposal with Sam and others it will be
      good.. We too were happy to read what George Onyango
      put down as his success.We are praying that Andrius
      should also succeed in his project which will go a
      long way to include many of us in African countries.
      Once more thank you all immensely for sharing.
      Sincerely Wendi and ACTWIID members in Cameroon.
      --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:

      > Hello Dear Ken and All,
      > It is wonderful to hear from you and to know more of
      > your thoughts, dreams, and work on behalf of others!
      > I am hoping to have more time in upcoming months
      > (winter should give me more "space" for my own work,
      > because there is less for me to do related to family
      > and home) to pick up on the threads of our earlier
      > conversations, and also to be more active at HH and
      > related forums.
      > Two areas of great mutual interest are arts and
      > media used for social-change and humanitarian
      > purposes, and working with and for people who are
      > "differently abled". It is so heartening to know the
      > latter is much on your mind too: this is both
      > "insightful" and "foresight-full" , as I think there
      > is more awareness and activism growing and building
      > (though still so much more is needed) on this
      > subject, which will hopefully translate into more
      > programs and greater general inclusion (in thought
      > and deed) for people with disabilities.
      > It's great that you not only rose to the marathon
      > occasion, but went beyond what you thought possible
      > for yourself, accomplishing something previously
      > thought impossible, or highly unlikely. People with
      > disabilities do this every day: not only
      > challenging themselves and overcoming all odds, but
      > challenging us all to overcome the shortsightedness
      > that has kept us from including them in our
      > thoughts, plans, projects, designs, and dreams.
      > In this case "seeing" involves more than our
      > physical sight, and "believing" allows our faith in
      > the transcendent to take flight.
      > I have run across an exciting entry related to
      > people with disabilities at the STARS (UK)
      > Foundation site:
      http://www.starsfou ndation.org. uk/recipients/ health-award/ .
      > There are grants in several categories we might
      > apply for, and the current cycle ends in abt a
      > month, so there would be time to submit something.
      > Hopefully we can talk about if and how we might
      > approach them. It would be great if you, Tom, and
      > others in Kenya and elsewhere (Pam and Wendi have
      > both mentioned some connection to or awareness of
      > people with disabilities in Nigeria and Cameroon)
      > might be included.
      > We have among us a recent awardee too!!! George
      > Onyango (a very close friend) of SIDAREC (Nairobi)
      > has written to say that they have won a STARS grant,
      > and he has offered to give tips or feedback on ideas
      > anyone applying might need. BF George, huge
      > congrats on your own award, and hopefully you can be
      > of assistance here. Might there even be linkages
      > made to SIDAREC with another grant? Or do you think
      > it would be better not to do that (because you've
      > already gotten one)?
      > I look forward to many more conversations and
      > activities along these lines, and--as
      > always--immense thanks for your caring, courage, and
      > inspiration! With love and blessings, Janet
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Kennedy Owino
      > To: holistic helping ; learning from each other ;
      > mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com ; nafsi Afrika acrobats
      > Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 2:12 AM
      > Subject: [holistichelping] Seeing is Believing
      > Hi all,
      > I am happy to share with you this.
      > For the first time in Kenya, many People
      > thronged Kenyan roads to witness and cheer up the
      > Atheletes in one of the greatest and toughest race
      > in the world.
      > It is deemed the toughest because it boasts
      > the highest altitude, celebrated and great
      > Atheletes.
      > The theme of the Race was "Seeing is
      > believing" aimed at raising awareness and sparking
      > efforts to give someone the power of sight.
      > I participated in the 42 km race (my first
      > time) to test my power of perserverence and
      > endurance and also to lend my heart towards the
      > cause.
      > This was a great opportunity for me to miss
      > and the challenge proved alot to me.
      > During the race i was pe-occupied by so many
      > thoughts that kept on darting about in my mind.
      > I am thus compelled to generate a Question
      > of, How can we actively and positively impact on the
      > empowerment of the blind, Deaf and other physically
      > challenged people?
      > In the race i managed an impressive 58
      > position with a personal record of 3 hours 4minutes
      > against the new record placed by yesterdays winner
      > (2 hours 10minutes).
      > I won myself a certificate and a medal for
      > finishing but more than that i was able to prove
      > myself that atleast i can "talk and run not just
      > walk".
      > I am glad to have played a role in the
      > "seeing is believing" Standard Chartered Bank
      > Marathon.
      > I could not believe i would have crossed the
      > finishing line.
      > Have a Positive and energised marathon day,
      > Ken Owino
      > Nafsi Africa Acrobats
      > www.nafsiafrica. org
      > +254723568251

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