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Raila and Kibaki don't deserve the LLDs ( reply to Odhiambo)

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  • George Nyongesa
    Mr. Odhiambo,   I am replying because I think you asked your questions in good faith.   To begin with, I have doubts about your presumption that Kenyans are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2008

      Mr. Odhiambo,
      I am replying because I think you asked your questions in good faith.
      To begin with, I have doubts about your presumption that Kenyans are indifferent about University of Nairobi awarding Kibaki and Raila honorary degrees they do not deserve.
      University of Nairobi is a public institution...funded by our taxes...no wonder all patriotic Kenyans have interest in what happens there. If you had read our news dailies in the last one week, I doubt you would have mad such sweeping presumptous remark.
      What do you think pushed Prof. Magoha to call a press conference to assuage public opinion on the (not so) honorary degrees a day before the graduation ceremony?
      I circulated the email you are responding to to other networks and the feedback I am receiving persuades me to believe that Kenyans are surely concerned. I share in there concern. That Raila and Kibaki do not deserve the degrees especially now that we see they flip-floping on implementation of Kriegler and Waki reports. The two cannot set our country on fire ( during general election) and get rewarded by our public insititution for putting out the fire they started. I know that email may never change anything but if someone is to kill you they should never rob you a right to scream. You must be very clear to show the murderer that you know they want to kill you and you are not happy.
      Mr. Odhiambo, we must begin to develop courage to challenge culture of impunity among our leaders. Why should we reward people who selfishly engineered a "brothers war" where people were raped and killed?  I also find it difficult to believe that Kenya is really at peace. What kind of peace? What peace can you have when cold and hungry in IDP camp tent?
      I am not yet qualified to be a  Vice Chancellor and I do not have a problem with Prof. Magoha seeking another term at the University of Nairobi. What I have problem with is Prof. George Magoha purchasing political support with honorary degrees. I find that to be nothing but corruption. Then my question, what else could he be corrupting?
      I have particular interest in our country and I am actively involved in the public affairs. I work on public initiatives to help raise public consciousness on happenings that sometimes we consider does not affect us...while if we had critically considered issues at hand we would realize otherwise. I am interested to input into public efforts that will build an informed citizenry...because I would like to see improved accountability among our leaders across the society and this is only possible if our people learnt to question any public affair they perceive suspicious.
      While I may not succesful convince you through this email I want to encourage you Mr. Odhiambo to join other Kenyans who are seeking accountable leaderhip in Kenya at all levels.
      Kind regards,
      George Nyongesa
      Bunge la Mwananchi

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      Subject: Re: [youngprofessionals_ke] Did Prof. George Magoha use honorary degrees to negotiate renewal of his term?
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      Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 11:16 AM

      On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 10:57 PM, George Nyongesa <grnyongesa@...>
      > Dear Comrades,
      > I am still disturbed over how President Kibaki's and Prime Minister
      > unpatriotic and selfish hunger for power-at-all-costs can be rewarded by
      > honorary doctorate degrees conferred by the University of Nairobi!
      > In old England, honorary degrees were awarded to, amongst others, subjects
      > who showed conspicuous merit or who had done extraordinary good service to
      > the state or the university. However, in the politics of honorary degrees
      > has increasingly become an open secret that honorary degrees are now
      > political goods for trade, as I suspect is the present case.
      > A degree honoris causa is literally conferred "for the sake of
      honour". What
      > honour can Kibaki and Raila possibly claim from the 1200 dead; the 350,000
      > IDPs and the billions of property pillaged as a result of their
      > political machinations?
      > What claim to public honour can Kibaki stake when the Kriegler report
      > confirmed plausible questions over the legitimacy of his presidency;
      > following the scary indictment of the Waki report that post elections
      > killings were planned at the State House and further in light of
      > that neither is Raila innocent for some of the crimes spawning in the post
      > election period?
      > What honour does the University of Nairobi find in these two acting in
      > characteristic selfishness, when "other forces" (read)
      Chinkororo, Mungiki,
      > Baghdad boys etc threatened to share or snatch power from their hands, by
      > quickly moving to put out the fire they started through signing the
      > "negative peace accord"?
      > What honour can Kenyans find in the grand coalition government's
      failure to
      > resettle thousands of IDPs who are stuck in IDP camps? What honour can the
      > President and Prime Minister claim from there pussy footing in resolving
      > agenda no. 4 issues: historical injustices, unemployment, land problems,
      > poverty, resource redistribution etc?  What honour can the two claim when
      > they have already started flip-flopping in the implementation of Kriegler
      > and Waki reports?
      > Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, Kenyans will give you honorary
      > in any field you want if you can give us a democratic and just
      > if you can resolve issues of agenda no. 4 in the peace accord; and if you
      > can implement Kriegler and Waki reports to the letter.
      > I firmly believe Kenya is a civilized country where no institution worth
      > salt should award such covetous honours as doctorate degrees to anyone for
      > the reckless and barbaric behaviour of engineering fights, killings,
      > looting, displacements among other evils for selfish ambition; otherwise
      > of us will begin fantasising about methods of fast tracking ourselves to
      > such honours.
      > The first honorary degree ever awarded, to Lionel Woodville by Oxford
      > University, made him a doctor of canon law in a blatant bid to win the
      > favour of a powerful man. Is it now sadly the case then that Prof. Magoha
      > likewise awarded the honorary degrees to Kibaki and Raila as negotiation
      > the renewal of his term as the Vice Chancellor of University of Nairobi?
      Hello Nyongesa,
      How does the renewal (or non-renewal) of Prof Magoha's term as VC of
      UoN affect your life personally?
      Are you interested in the position?
      Even if this is the case for the honorary doctorate degrees for the
      duo, you'll realize that most people have very little or no opposition
      to the awards as it's insignificant to their lives going forward. With
      or without the awards, we have the "peace" that is prevailing in
      at the moment, for which the two are being recognised.
      If you really feel pained by the awards, or the possibility of Prof
      Magoha getting a 3rd term as VC (isn't there a constitution that says
      how many terms one can have as VC, btw?) then this really isn't the
      forum for such a discussion ad you are NOT likely to stop any of the
      two incidents from happening.
      Best regards,
      Odhiambo WASHINGTON,
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      "Oh My God! They killed init! You Bastards!"
                              --from a /. post

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