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M.S.Lab Base in Nairobi

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Kennedy, Thank you for your letter below, which I share with our groups, as we discussed. If all goes well, I will earn a bit of money here as a math teacher
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20 6:03 AM
      Kennedy, Thank you for your letter below, which I share with our groups,
      as we discussed. If all goes well, I will earn a bit of money here as a
      math teacher in Bosnia to repay some of my debts. Actually, I would
      refinance some of them and invest the money in our culture with the
      understanding that it would be available when I need it. Similarly, more
      of us might want to share resources. So I encourage our discussion.
      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@...

      Hi Andrius,

      I am many things but above all i am happy and back to the normal stream of
      Am sorry we have been out of touch, but glad at the progress in the forum,
      spirited efforts and ever activeness is giving us great vitality.
      I am impressed at your enthusiasm to overcome challenges - travelling
      miles to seek what would enrich us more.
      My appreciation also for the enveloped that you sent me with an enclosed

      Some months ago, I asked for your help to maintaining the house i had
      occupied for
      myself and our planned/proposed Minciu Sodas Lab Nairobi base.
      I had taken a two bedroomed house with a big living quaters serving also
      as our
      The house has so far hosted my fellow comrades as Maria, Fred Kayiwa,
      Kiyavillo, Sam
      and Dan (who are at the moment sojourning with me).
      The house is in Kibera next to the slums in a plot with other two similar
      My dream is that one day Minciu Sodas own the whole plot- This would be
      great and
      beneficial to our Lab.
      I will be living here and maintaining this place untill we bring our
      dreams closer
      to reality.

      My main reason for mailing you- Which we would discuss more at some point
      later- is
      some difficulty coming on my side.
      I may be forced to vaccate this house if i wont be able to raise house
      rent for the
      next Three Months (i have been paying it single handedly for the past five
      I discussed with you some months ago if we could cost share with the Lab the
      expenses of Rent and Utilities.
      I am still asking you if this would be a possibility.
      I know you are hard pressed now with debts to pay and the world economic
      crisis negatively imapcting on everybody in all corners.
      However, we are here to help each other grow, perhaps we can marshal our
      muscles and
      influence to pool funds towards this cause.
      Suppose i manage to come out of this difficult situation, then my focuss and
      importance of our many related endeavours will be met and appreciated.
      This will also be a progress step to making our dream projects for Kibera
      like; The
      includer, Ghetto Youths empowerment through Arts e.t.c
      In all our travels i do make appropriate contacts that would in future
      bring our
      plans closer
      to reality.
      I highly hope you will get back to me soon on this.

      Anyway, we had great time in Europe (Denmark and Italy); explored, shared
      our ideas
      and expanded our networks and knowledge.
      I was particularly touched by the plight of illegal immigrants in Europe
      and wished
      that God help me to fully sustain myself while in my country.
      We are back to roost with full drive to implementing.
      Sam , me and my Brother Kenneth have bought a piece of land in Rusinga
      Island and
      now searching deep into our pockets to launch programmes that will
      eventually lead
      me to my dream (orphan and disadvantaged children artistic and educational
      We are also scouting for Sponsor Organisations interested in Sustainable
      Agriculture, Ecotourism, and Children Empowerment.
      Thanks for the Proposal you wrote to Food and Agricultural Organisation,
      let us hope
      it will receive positive attention.

      I am taking a break from travelling for atleast a half a year to foccuss
      all my
      attention on achieving my goals, and in the mean time looking for a Job
      that will
      help sustain me and my endeavours.
      Meanwhile i am also working with Ghetto Arts Collectives in a Project
      aimed at
      helping young mothers and raising funds through the sale of our paintings
      to buy
      sanitary pads for Ghetto Adolescents.
      Please if you know of any links, individuals or galleries that may be
      interested in
      our works let us know.
      The link to our Painting collections is

      For sure, i have gained a huge amount of motivation and encouragement from
      you, that
      even with the minimal education i have, i can still make it in life and be
      an agent
      of change to our decaying societies.
      You habour alot and you are a great and productive asset to humankind.

      Keep up your blessed energy amd dynamism,

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats
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