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10 to the 100th: Proposal Teams

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Kevin Parcell, Thank you for sharing with our Living By Truth group and I also share at Cyfranogi and other Minciu Sodas groups. Thank you also to Edward
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2008
      Kevin Parcell,

      Thank you for sharing with our Living By Truth group and I also share at
      Cyfranogi and other Minciu Sodas groups. Thank you also to Edward Cherlin
      of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/earthtreasury/ for your OLPC
      infrastructure (electricity generation) ideas. I wish you success and I
      invite all of us to share our best ideas with Google and openly with us

      I also invite us to join our networking site http://worknets.ning.com
      where we're setting up "groups" (actually, teams) to pursue such business
      proposals. I will write a proposal for an online "help room" where we can
      help each other, typically for free, but also provide paid services, and
      be ready for emergencies, as with our Pyramid of Peace
      http://www.pyramidofpeace.net and the Love Command
      http://www.lovecommand.org I will set up. I also invite us to work
      together for an Includer proposal, as Ricardo suggests. Let's work as
      teams and make our dreams come true!

      I note there are also proposals due on October 15th for HASTAC's Digital
      Media and Learning Competition (Participatory Learning) and a special
      contest for youth like Fred Kayiwa! Both great opportunities for our help

      October 20th is the deadline for Google's 10 to the 100th challenge

      November 1st is the deadline for the Knight News Challenge

      Thank you to David Sasaki and his Rising Voices group for alerting us

      I invite our letters

      P.S. Thanks to Stanko Blatnik, I am interviewing to work as a math
      professor in Bosnia for the year, which would work very well for me with
      setting up our help room, organizing Islamic independent thinkers, doing
      video bridges, and many other endeavors.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      > Andrius
      > I write to share my recent post at the Emergency Local Currency Yahoo
      > Group with Living By Truth, and with all of Mincio Sodas should you
      > feel that worthwhile. This note includes info on a funding source for
      > new ideas that I hope all of us will consider trying - deadline in 2
      > weeks. Learn more at http://www.project10tothe100.com/index.html
      > peace
      > Kevin Parcell
      > Post to Emergency Local Currency Yahoo Group:
      > I'm very sorry to report that our expectations of a coming global
      > economic collapse were not poorly founded. While nations devise short
      > term remedies, fundamental economic reorganization is now emerging as
      > the only true solution.
      > Emergency local currency is an obvious stopgap, even as local money
      > systems are a long overdue remedy, and yet do any of us expect our
      > political leadership to abandon business as usual while a single golden
      > parahute remains in the toobox?
      > Interestingly, Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving
      > away 10 million dollars - 10 to the 10th, pretty clever - to fund new
      > good ideas. Maybe they really are the do-no-evil guys. And naturally,
      > I'm submitting a proposal to fund the basic preferred local currency
      > strategy that I have been developing for 20 years and that gave birth
      > to the Birdshot initiative. Yes, the idea of creating local currencies
      > that are stronger than national currencies remains new, at least in the
      > sense that it is unknown to the general public and untried anywhere.
      > Here is the location of the current draft of my 10 the 10th proposal:
      > http://homepage.mac.com/forever.net/Sun/SunMoney102100th.html
      > I welcome your input at my private email address: forever.net at mac.com
      > Please get back to me soon - submissions close in 2 weeks.
      > Many of you are aware that EF Schumacher has a system called Berkshares
      > in place now that offers a 10% discount on purchases at participating
      > merchants. On the face of it, this sounds a lot like the proposal I'm
      > putting forward, and I sincerely applaud their good intent, I even sent
      > them money for a membership. However, their Berkshares are redeemable
      > for 90ยข on the dollar at local banks, which means that Berkshares are
      > LESS valuable than national currency, and consequently very few of the
      > more than 1 million Berkshares purchased at banks have not been
      > redeemed for dollars by those merchants, for who else wants them? I
      > continue to email EFS, encouraging them to use their progressive
      > community support to accomplish a discount on taxes with local money,
      > because then it would be much easier to find folks everywhere who will
      > gladly accept their scrip. Meanwhile, their system is effectively a
      > coupon redemption service, not a local marketplace...but will Google
      > comprehend the paradigmatic difference in these approaches?
      > Finally, bird flu is set to make it's annual rounds. Despite many
      > advances with vaccines this year, should pandemic start, we are less
      > prepared than ever, because the most endemic strains of the virus have
      > acquired immunity to the most popular treatments, thanks to poor health
      > management. This is why mortality continues to rise despite everything
      > and the kitchen sink too. On the other hand, 2008 saw a pronounced
      > drop in infections. Will this good trend continue? Is the virus
      > closer to pandemic? No one knows, but factory farms are still pumping
      > out new diseases, and now there's MRSA too.... Here's the address of
      > my slightly revised essay: The Unnecessary Pandemic
      > http://homepage.mac.com/forever.net/About/unnecessarypandemic.html
      > Okay, I'm sure that's more of me than you need this troubled year - lol.
      > Wishing you all the very best
      > Kevin
      > P.S. I'm sure some of these email addresses are now defunct and since
      > you've registered with screenames that I don't recognize I ask you to
      > please invite your associates to join us here. If funded, STROhalm and
      > I will need much help launching this initiative as quickly as possible.
      > Kevin Parcell
      > http://homepage.mac.com/forever.net

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345
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