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  • Janet Feldman
    I have started blogging about The Includer at the PBS website http://www.pbs.org/idealab/ I m writing it like a serial novel. I hope it makes for a story, a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2008
      I have started blogging about The Includer at the PBS website
      I'm writing it like a serial novel. I hope it makes for a story, a novel,
      after one year.  We'll see.

      I will be blogging my rough drafts at
      And I will be working on my ideas for blog posts at our wiki

      I invite all of us to send ideas, texts, information about inclusion
      and/or the Includer.  I will draw from them.  The blog is a great
      opportunity to link to our people and our websites.  It shows up, for
      example, on Google News. More generally, anything that you think the media
      doesn't cover but should, please let us know, and we'll think of a way to
      link it to inclusion and to the Includer, and certainly, to you.

      I ask for lots of photos, especially from our African participants.  I
      assume that they are in the Public Domain so that they are copyright-free
      and all can share and use them freely without any restriction.

      My parents sent me one month of support ($2,500), and I expect another
      three months of support ($7,100) from the Knight Foundation in the next
      month or so.  This means that I can and will go to Lithuania on October
      14.  I will work from there until the New Year and then see what work I
      might find.

      Thank you to Robert Mostyn, John Rogers, Benoit Couture, Chuck Learned,
      John Waters, for very meaningful letters about "meaningful dialogue" at
      Cyfranogi http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/messages/

      My own dialogue with us all and with my parents has helped me find my way
      these next few months, not simply in terms of what "I need", but rather
      what "we want".  I ask us - I challenge us - to think how we can be there
      for each other as we would like to, for that is a foundation for a real

      I think of Tom Ochuka - rather than simply donations for Christine, can we
      think through work or research that the deaf community might do for us all
      to earn such money.

      I think of Peter Ongele - can we think through what a mobile phone
      recharging business might look like and what kind of loan or arrangement
      could get it started?  Peter, thank you for your great news that Graham
      Knight's DIY Solar Panel is working fine.  This is research - the
      verification of a helpful fact - a great value for the $100 which I sent
      you - which I have already benefited from in engaging prospects such as
      Stephen Wolfram - and dependent on the personal integrity which you have
      demonstrated in your letters.  I ask now, please write us your thoughts
      and observations, and think through what a business might look like - what
      would people pay? what might a person earn? what persons might be like to
      pursue such a business?  and what is the amount of money and kind of
      support needed to start such a business? what is a reasonable time in
      which to return that money?  Your answers will make this project a great
      success for us and may open up many opportunities.  We should also think
      hard with Peter Burgess, what research you might do to study malaria
      bednet usage, what is the smallest project we might start with?  Perhaps
      even the deaf can help if they think with their eyes and not their ears,
      they may see things more objectively.  I simply challenge your

      I think of Marcin Jakubowski and his crowdsourcing strategy for Factor E
      Farm - how might we work together, research together and invest in each

      I think of myself - who would like to invest themselves in establishing a
      help center or other projects and how might we share resources?  who might
      I turn to if I need help or credit four months from now? and who can I and
      others help in the meanwhile?

      Ricardo, thank you for your ideas and letters. It's great to think out
      loud, and then to feel out loud, do the ideas spark anybody amongst us?

      This is all "learning to be family" in David Ellison-Bey's words.



      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345

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