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News from Surya Rao Maturu in India

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Surya, I share my letter with Rajiv Sangal as you recommend to alert him to our online laboratory Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt for independent thinkers.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2006
      Surya, I share my letter with Rajiv Sangal as you recommend to alert him
      to our online laboratory Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt for independent
      thinkers. Perhaps we might work together with his pioneering institute
      http://www.iiit.net/ in Hyderabad. Andrius

      Dear Surya,

      It's great to hear from you! I will sign you up soon for
      or please simply send a blank message to
      Also, please consider joining our groups:
      As you see, our lab is growing! Samwel Kongere has added eighteen
      colleagues that he met at Africa Source II in Uganda. I am in the
      process of signing them up for our Holistic Helping working group.

      I am glad to hear of your remarkable recovery. Thank you for your great
      energy! I look forward to working together and some day meeting. I
      share your letters. Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., http://www.ms.lt

      Surya Rao Maturu wrote:

      My Dear Andrius,
      I chanced upon you all again, via Google.
      My "rediffmail" email-account was closed down by them
      ,while I was recuperating from my accident.
      As I think I told you, I had a brain injury, after a
      fall; for 40 days I was continuing with life...
      After 20 days, handwriting went awry, after 30 days---
      walk got wonky, on 40th day My right side was
      paralysed....only then ,I went to a doctor, got MRI
      done.He told---massive haemorrahge+blood clotting
      was pressing my feeble brain!Emergency surgery =they
      drilled three holes ,sawed it into a slot, on both
      right & left & removed the blood clots.
      After six months, I recovered.I went to Vizianagaram,
      & could not go to a cybercafe...All my free-email
      accounts got wound up & I lost all my connections.
      In fact, surfing from an indian cybercafe, is rather
      humiliating ....I have some 400 floppies of data
      storage, but they are corrupting & I lose my data.
      Most cybercafes don't have a CD-writer.
      Now ,I do store on CDs.
      There are documents in India on Palmyra-leaf &
      Tal-patras ,which remain true even after thousands
      of years...Even paper is good for a few hundred years;
      but, electronic storage is dicey!
      Now, can you please readmit me to your group?
      I know ,I am a cyber-barbarian, but I felt that I too
      was a part of your family,in the hyperspace!
      CHANGE MY EMAIL ID TO: suryaraom@...

      My nephew1 ,Kartik Polepalli,has done his B.Tech
      from IIIT(Indian Instt. Of
      info.Technology)Hyderabad.It is a poineer instt. & you
      can email Rajiv Sangal,Director...
      They are doing great work & can sponsor some mutually
      common interest projects.(sangal@...)
      He left a job with Infosys, & is now in Noida with
      <kritikalsolutions.com>, doingComputerVisionProjects.

      My nephew2, Siddharth Kalla, is doing B.Tech(I
      year,Mechanical Engg.)at IITGauwahati,Assam

      Just a week ago, my B.Tech(IITKanpur 1972)
      batchmates have connected to me via their yahoogroup.
      They are many bigshots, some in SiliconValley.
      Even bigger are my IIMB'lore MBA, batchmates---
      like Bhaskar Pramanick, whi is a Vice President at
      Silicon Graphics etc..
      I was telling my buddies, that the world is on a SOS
      call; and ALL of us must join ,HEARTS & heads, and DO
      something GOOD!
      See ,www.practicalhippie.org...........

      What is the URL of your site?

      Do call me(011-25275863, 6 to 10 AM ,or 7to11PM)
      and DO NOT FAIL to visit me ,when you are in Delhi.
      I have a humble 3-room apartment ,in West Delhi...

      Love to you all there,

      SuryaRao Maturu
      93A, block A2B
      Paschim Vihar
      New Delhi-110063, India
      p.s.1 FREE-IDEA:
      Why cannot, these big Email companies(yahoo/rediffmail
      etc) download all our mail onto a few CDs ,and only
      then close & erase our free-email accounts.They can
      mail these & collect payment from us?I would have paid
      10$ per CD!
      Corporates ,may smile & smile,and use ever fancier
      words; yet-------they are as Villianous as
      p.s.2 Pls email me some of your recent
      articles ,after Dyd02


      >Note: forwarded message attached.
      >read my email.
      >Can you pls readmit me to your esteemed Lab?
      >I admit ,i could not interact ,due to personal
      >problems ,earlier in 2002-2003.
      >I have been getting in touch with several great
      >guys...more in my emails.
      > There is a Govt. of India Ordinance,
      >banning Common Salt & making it Compulsory for all
      >indian citizens to eat only Iodised Salt, now on.
      >This is a conspiracy by the Iodisedsalt mafia ,
      >comprising of WHO+MNCs(like Cargill,USA who tried &
      >failed to set up a giant automated salt plant in
      >Gujarat)local bigBiz like Tatas Birlas etc+Medical
      >Doctors & Health Nutritionists &Professors etc+Govt
      >Bureaucrats+ even some NGOS!like Common Cause----
      >all of whom stand to GAIN from such
      >arbitrary/dangerous/unfair legislation
      >On the internet too, 99% of material promotes
      >unilaterally Iodised Salt ,but is silent on the
      >dangers & problems of Iodised salt to those NOT
      >needing it.Only some, 20% of population is
      >iodine-deficient; the rest 80% just don't need it.
      >In India, there is an onslaught by the Govt.+system of
      >Industry etc stealing their living habitat/exiling
      >them to wastelands/No compensation/Police Bullets/
      >Killing and so.You must have read about the long
      >Narmada Bachao Andolan ,by Medha Patkar et al; which
      >finally was defeated by our Supreme Court.Now, again
      >in the globalisationModernisation wave, Forests are
      >being felled/Dams constructed/Mines opened up in
      >Orissa/Chattisgarh/Jharkand/AndhraPradesh etc. The
      >poor have Zero mOney Zero Defence Half are poorest
      >tribals, who live in ecological,harmony with nature...
      >ANY comments?Any suggestions, on How the Poor can
      >Fight?In India, the poor are as helpless as children &
      >are political babies.Not the Latin america type....
      >My IITKanpur 1972 B.Tech ,batchmates have after
      >1972,now reconnected to me via yahoogroups........
      >Many are bigshots in IT & Computer industry.
      >Some wish to join Mincius sodas Laboratory.I have sent
      >an email about YOU!
      >Hope you get more of your TRIBE!
      >Pls reconnect to me
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