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Peter Ongele engages us

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Peter Ongele, Thank you for your letters which are very honest and so I share more widely. Minciu Sodas is a private business which I started in 1998 when I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008
      Peter Ongele,

      Thank you for your letters which are very honest and so I share more widely.

      Minciu Sodas is a private business which I started in 1998 when I moved to
      Lithuania. The purpose if this business is that I be able to make a
      living. The mission of this business is to serve and organize independent
      thinkers around the world.

      We have many wonderful participants in Africa. This is not central to our
      purpose, but its understandable because as independent thinkers we are
      ever cherishing the widest variety of independent thinkers, reaching out
      to include the hard to reach, providing a way for people to show their
      integrity and personal growth, accepting each other as equals and
      responding accordingly.

      This means that I and Minciu Sodas are engaging and responding to
      individuals, not groups or communities. You are interesting to me and
      others because you are Peter, not because you can help an African
      community. Because we engage you as Peter, we can care about you, we can
      support your dreams, we can help you grow strong - if you show us yourself
      as a person, how you are growing, how our help can be helpful. I don't
      care too much about you earning more money, or about you helping your
      neighbors - but I do care about your growth as evidenced by your
      thoughtful letters which you share with us as you tackle your own life's

      We have seen that by making individuals such as Samwel Kongere, Fred
      Kayiwa, Kennedy Owino real to us as people we know, then we are naturally
      supportive over time. We see them grow strong with our help - and us grow
      with theirs - personally, spiritually, mentally and also financially. As
      a consequence, their communities are lifted because as they grow strong
      and positive, they will influence their surroundings accordingly. And
      also, we encourage them to reach out further and include others who they

      This is not about helping people who are the poorest of the poor, or about
      sharing resources equally. This is all about demanding the greatest
      integrity from ourselves and leveraging that integrity in a human chain
      with others like ourselves who allow resources to flow back and forth
      effectively. We're not the people at the ends of the chain - we are the
      people at the middle of the chain - and therefore we are brothers and
      sisters and not rich and poor.

      As we include you, if this is useful for you, then surely you can include
      those further out and it might be useful for them. If it's not useful for
      you, then why should we trouble those who are worse off than you. But if
      we can be interested in you as a person - your interests, your values,
      your questions, your endeavors - then we will grow to care about you.
      Your letters are indeed interesting, but mostly because they reveal you to
      us, not primarily because of those people you write about. They are
      secondary and if you are interesting to us, and we are helpful to you,
      then you will indeed reach out and include them as well.

      Others here may think very differently. But I share you my view, which is
      that our individual relationships are much more relevant than communities.

      Personally, I am most skeptical of those activities led by participants
      who don't write about themselves, but simply write about others whom they
      are helping. Our laboratory is structured so that we can see the
      integrity of people like you (or me) based on your (my) ability to show
      your (my) inner life - your values, your investigations, your endeavors,
      your accountability to yourself, and mine likewise. How can we know the
      integrity of what you or I are doing locally? But if you show the
      integrity in your own personal growth, then at least we know that you will
      act with integrity with our relationship to you. And vice versa. And if
      we reach out and include the people we know locally, then our local
      activity will become transparent, too.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345

      Hi Andrius and All,
      I would take this opportunity to explain my illiterate thoughts and
      observations which leaves me with traumer and at times get stigmatised
      with the culture of the forum (Mincius Sodas Lab).
      Public Domain....culture of sharing interests, achievements,
      failures,indepedent thoughts/ ideas.etc...of one culture of language
      expressions, feelings, actions etc in public to encourage, console,
      help, togatherness etc with minimal misunderstandings. Unlike here...
      the word OWN and MY dominates the characteristics of the public domain
      per my understanding....inspite of known leadership...most discussions
      go away with everdays events...this opens door for looters of ideas,
      technologies, friendship betrayal and confussions. You can not tell
      who is who and actually what does he/ she do... interests. It has
      become for me difficult to understand impacts of community projects
      run by different people being represented in the forum here. Sometimes
      back I exclaimed for a culture of community public accountability and
      transperency believing we were of one family...I wanted to get ground
      to start from, with our community youth group..wanted to get right
      report statements from other community group projects which I could as
      well marry to our group...reach away of giving side story of our group
      projects...how we do things ...to create that culture of publicly sharing
      whatever we have publicly.
      When the above met unbreakable culture of the long stayed
      independent thinkers I really got discouraged and discomfort. Later
      I became morely impressed and encouraged with ANDRIUS
      question..."what do we truely want?" Still very few people said
      where they are with their projects (I call them elite projects),
      where they have come from and where they are going with the
      When we talk of helping African community in socio_economic and
      innovative research projects...do we really understand where the common
      man of Africa is on these agenders?...Let us get to know that more than
      80% of African communities live below poverty level despite the all
      efforts donors have given out to improve their
      lifes._______________Those who are gone to school, those who can write
      and read, those who are political activits, those who are leaders in
      churches, those who are rich etc have been blessed with the African
      commuties situation of being below poverty line. All that is there is
      to write proposals, making friends and connections from developed
      countries in the name looking for community developers but ends up
      creating wealth for themselves. ...__________There is sad true story
      I'll never forget in my life as long as I would existing in life
      whether on earth or in Heaven....late 1990s when campaign of HIV/AIDS
      was stepped up in
      Kenya....The Director, a lady called Syporah Gitony awarded herself
      salary of Ksh. 2.4 m per month out of the money donors gave for those
      inffected by HIV/AIDS...Tell me, what could you expect to be taking place
      before reaching the people on the ground? I'm telling you, people were
      being burried everyday with even fear of it to be contigious disease.
      .... Andrius is this what you are up for...why don't you organise
      yourself for the forum to be an instution of based virtue of conduct,
      virtue of accountability and transperency with community projects...
      such that we do not keep on talking of hanging things without proper
      grounds....Surely Andrius whom do you work for, who really benefits in
      this forum most_____________sitting down everyday reading and writing
      like this is really suprising. The other time I was really socked when
      you were saying you spent over $100,000 in making up the lab. please can
      you tell me what you were projecting if its not for money the way you
      disclaim from your letter below....what I know everything one does in
      life is to benefit him/her in one way or other...one time I was a heavy
      alcoholic druckard, I never believed there is God or life after death
      until when I met the Saviour Jesus Christ in the year 2005 May (Thanks
      to God), this has taught me to volunteer, to be a
      servant, to luck for the sake of the needy etc believing i'm going to
      enjoy my life in heaven... for i believe one has to do work to harvest
      what he/ she to sit down and enjoy.________________Andrius can we talk
      here of Heavenly Discipleship...don't you see this models people into
      selfishness and greedyness, and these kind of people are not for heaven.
      I know, I really bore you up with this but it contains points i may not
      know to up well and in short, but since you don't want private letters
      i'm just to put it here.
      Its my prayer before you wage on African community innovative and
      socio_economic projects, please stream line the organisation in a
      institutionalised forum with culture of systematic community
      accountancy and transperency with good and bleesed intention to the
      intended communities.

      "Peter, Graham, what is the status of our DIY Solar project in Kenya?
      Did the solar kit arrive?"
      .... No the kit has not arrived. I and Graham have been
      vigillantly waiting for the kit to arrive but unfotunately it has
      not arrived. Sometime back, I proposed to him if he could send
      another kit through the courrier but he was reluctant and has
      just sent another one through the airmail again last week.
      About the Biochar project, Graham had mentioned it to me before...its
      really interesting method of farming. I hope we would do a trial with
      him in our horticulture farming at home..... Graham ones you are ready,
      tell me to prepare a plot for this at my place along the lake for a
      trial. I've talked with your friend Torress who has been in Kenya here
      doing the Biochar innovative research and he has agreed to be of some
      help. He is now back at home but would be coming back to Kenya in
      Jan.2009....I hope he would be able to reach our place to estabilish
      this project as we have agreed with him but with your permission. I hope
      we are togather.
      Thank you all, stay blessed.

      Dear all,
      I had put this request before...so far nobody has ever come up for my
      help. This is personal request and appeal which is to go for anybody
      who may have personal feeling to help me, for this period upto Feb.
      2009 when I'll finish to pay back my heavy loans I had taken towards my
      training course.
      Andrius otherwise you still remain the my Mincius Sodas Lab. father
      anything small would be able to get to me, I'll still appreciate.
      I welcome you all and wish you the best.
      Peter Ongele.

      Dear All,

      I've just come accross a paper here which Iwould like to share togather
      and can have a look at.... "Unforeseen misuse of bed nets in fishing
      villages a long lake victoria__its by Noboro Minakawa et al;lincensee
      BioMed Central Ltd."

      inline attachment...

      The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the Roll Back of
      Malaria(RBM) movement in 1998, with the goal to decrease malaria
      deaths by half by 2010....several ITNs trials have shown effective
      reduction of deaths related to malaria in sub-Sahara Africa and
      INTs thus have become the major too in RBM in Kenya.
      "......To combat malaria in kenya, ministry of health and
      nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) have distributed ITNs for use
      over beds, with coverage for children under five years of age. Never
      the less, the residents of fishing villages have started to use these
      bed nets for drying fish and fishing in lake victoria. This study was
      to investigate the extend bed nets are being misused by fish
      villagers. In conclussion, many fish villagers are not convinced of
      the effectiveness of INTs for malaria preventions...." This shows
      something is wrong somewhere...is it by the Social Scientist,
      cordination in distribution of these bed nets, understanding of the
      community on malaria....at a time any study is done,.. how do the
      field questionaires handle the subject on malaria with the community?
      I foresee one thing here...what has been there, may be most of
      studies which have been carried in the region has been always in the
      interest to publish papers but
      not with the objective and goal to help the communities to understand
      malaria as a disease. No transperent ability for community accountancy on
      the roll back of malaria...this is the one thing which has to be broken
      through...to advice, train and make the community to be the main and
      instutional heart for Roll Back of Malaria with no external in put
      Two, from the above paper I read corruption and discrimination of the
      bed net distributions....not everybody is a fisherman. ..the quantity
      of net needed for drying fish and fishing is too large....how many does
      a fisherman dealer acquires for this purpose and how many does those
      who are not fish dealers acquire. One group of these people must suffer
      to some extend in acquiring the bed nets.... I HOPE from my Bed Net
      study this would come out clearly and would give right decissions for
      progress in Rolling Back Malaria by the community groups.
      Thank you, wish you the best.
      Peter Ongele.
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