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Re: [holistichelping] Happy Actwid Kongadzem

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    Hi Andrius and all, Immense thanks for your response to our email. All its contents are understood. Yes, we will continue to work happily in Actwid
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2008
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      Hi Andrius and all,
      Immense thanks for your response to our email. All its
      contents are understood.
      Yes, we will continue to work happily in Actwid
      kongadzem.The Letter of support will surely come
      before sunday. As there is heavy down pour here now,
      electricity usage is not consistent as we often have
      lights off for several hours repeatedly in a day and
      that makes connections difficult.But we will make sure
      that the letter of support reaches you soonest
      Best Regards from Wendi and members of A.K.in
      --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      > Wendi and all, Thank you for your kind letter.
      > Yes let's continue working (happily!)
      > Please respond promptly (by Sunday morning) to my
      > letter which I will send
      > very soon. Please fill out and send me your Letter
      > of Support that you
      > will find. That will be a great help for our
      > proposal.
      > My plan is to send you two flash drives but I
      > haven't written about that
      > because I will wait until we do.
      > I don't know if the digital picture frame will have
      > any use to you but
      > certainly not unless we work together. I apologize
      > for neglecting you. I
      > learned that I'm willing to break my promises if
      > there's no point in
      > keeping them. Please don't have me make any
      > promises! Hold me to the
      > truth and not my word. I now prepare my other
      > letter. Peace, Andrius
      > Kulikauskas
      > -----------------------------
      > To Holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      > CC kaippg@...
      > Bcc ms@...
      > Response to the African innovation challenge grant
      > ------------------------
      > Dear Janet, Andrius and all.
      > Thank you all immensely for your wonderful
      > contribution in relation to the
      > African Innovation Challenge Grant discussed.
      > We have gone through all your letters and we all
      > wish to thank Janet for
      > her wonderful contribution written out on our behalf
      > which first read
      > exactly as if she was writing from our minds eyes.
      > It is wonderful that
      > you could read our minds directly as if you were
      > here with us. We all
      > read through your letter and that of Andrius and
      > others but we were
      > really moved from the bottom of our hearts that you
      > understood our
      > problems and have the know-how and an inside into
      > our NGOs works here
      > with all its challenges.
      > We will all like to appeal to Andrius to find a
      > space in his heart to
      > forgive us for anything we in all ACTWID KONGADZFM
      > NGO did that brought
      > an unhappy relationship between us. We did not mean
      > to hurt him or anyone
      > else in HH.
      > How can we imagine that a poor and marginalized
      > rural women and youth
      > national NGO working now for several years without
      > any financial support
      > or grant to effectively carryout our daily work
      > which is caring for our
      > families, infected women, men and children, with
      > little or no training for
      > jobs, with illiterates in the majority, still
      > considered as “prosperity”
      > or our husbands with lot of daily stresses and
      > challenges to cope with as
      > women still trying over several years to fulfill our
      > unmet desire to use
      > ICTs especially in our mitigation of HIV/AIDS and
      > Agricultural issues
      > despite all odds in struggling to meet up with daily
      > survival needs,
      > domestic violence, forceful marriages with large
      > number of children in
      > polygamous homes. We are all determined to go ahead.
      > Our hands have been
      > on the plough and there is no turning back. So we
      > will all like to sink
      > all differences that have been identified and we all
      > turn over a new page.
      > We are surly joining hands voluntarily with you all
      > in this new project
      > if you will include us as women and in Cameroon in
      > particular that
      > actually also need assistance in almost all the
      > items you have listed for
      > this project and we are sure that other African
      > countries like Tanzania,
      > Nigeria and others have similar development needs as
      > our selves.
      > Wendi shall continue to contribute for the MS Lab.
      > “My food story”
      > project and we all will also share our thoughts,
      > challenges, views and
      > values with others.
      > Immense thanks
      > Wendi and members of AK.in Cameroon.
      > My foodStory Contribution for the M.S. Lab.
      > Effect of Artemisia, a medicinal plant on
      > HIV-affected women in rural
      > areas of Cameroon
      > Wendi Losha Bernadette
      > Actwid Kongadzem, Cameroon
      > Many poor rural women do not have access to
      > antiretroviral or other drugs.
      > A scheme to provide treatment through the growing of
      > medicinal plants like
      > Artemisia is therefore highly welcomed, and can be a
      > lifesaver. The NGO
      > Actwid Kongadzem has been propagating and
      > distributing Artemisia through
      > its demonstration farm in Bamenda, Cameroon for its
      > members and also the
      > local community for some years. The process of
      > growing, harvesting, and
      > consuming Artemisia has been carefully studied and
      > observed throughout
      > each stage, and there is evidence that this plant in
      > tea form has had a
      > measurable impact on the symptoms associated with
      > HIV/AIDS and malaria.
      > The goal of our work is to give marginalized women
      > from rural areas of
      > Cameroon (and hopefully elsewhere) access to
      > effective treatment, where
      > there would otherwise be none. Many rural women and
      > youth affected by
      > HIV/AIDS have been able to continue their daily
      > activities and lives,
      > which has greatly reduced the loss of farming days
      > in the local
      > communities, has provided a source of income and
      > support – especially for
      > women – and has enhanced health, nutrition and
      > food security among people
      > living with HIV/AIDS. Artemisia is an inexpensive
      > and highly effective
      > agricultural resource, which can be integrated along
      > with the farming of
      > other crops. It can be grown elsewhere in the
      > tropics, thus having the
      > potential to be used widely to mitigate the effects
      > of HIV/AIDS.
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