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Nafsi Acrobats Trip To Europe

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Dear Andrius, Pam, Janet, Maria and all,   It has been quite some time, i have been offline and making very minimal contributions. However, i have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2008

      Dear Andrius, Pam, Janet, Maria and all,
      It has been quite some time, i have been offline and making very minimal contributions.
      However, i have been happily following on the discussions keenly and i am impressed and inspired by all the worthy contributions.
      I thank you all for being good moderators and providing open public Domain spaces for public voices, learning and sharing.

      I just wanted to bring in to your attention that five members of Nafsi Africa Acrobats together with Samwel Kongere will tour Italy between 15th August to 16th September.
      Here is our intinerary;
      We will fly in through Milan and head to Turin- Perosa Argentina.
      In Turin we have been invited by Agape Ecumenico Center, from 16th Aug to 24th Aug for a Youth conference on Equitable politics, to share the Positive and Negative response of Kenyans to the Kenyan past Post Election Turmoil.
      We will also talk on Citizens, Migrations and Identities, the problems of Citizenship that is getting more complex, migrations, the lack of Social and Economical security, fragmented identities representing big challenges in the Globalised world.
      The Nation States that inspire us to define new Political coalitions and new priorities in the context of economic roots of migration, lack of and search for a citizenship.
      Through this international camp we will also annalyse the complexities,how we can act as active political subjects forced in a battle to face many different cultures, discriminations and identity claims.
      We will visit the stiff "Visa rules imposed by States and their impacts" issue that is currently generating complains, share experiences and knowledge, discuss possible strategies for construction of new political communities and imagine the right political lines for citizenship and migration in a globalisd economic context.
      We welcome all your profound  and worthy ideas.
      At the end of it all, Nafsi Acrobats will prepare a laboratory of Arts (Acrobatics, dance ,  drumming, and dance)
      After Torino, we have series of shows lined up in Tuscany (Sarzana) on 24th  Aug, Lecce 25th Aug to 29th Aug, Arona (Novara Province) on 30th-31st and there after free for any event performance opportunities around Italy.
      Also we anticipate shows (yet to be confirmed) in Bologna, Rome and Sardina.
      If you happen to know of any performance opportunities please tip us by linking us up and we will greatly appreciate.
      We are catching our plane back to Kenya on 16th of Sept.
      However me, i have an extended Denmark Schegen visa of up to 5th October 2008.
      I have been invited further to Denmark, i will be flying from Milan on 17th September to Denmark and back to Nairobi again through Milan on 5th Oct 2008.
      I have been invited by Frontloberne (www.frontloberne.dk) a creative Youth environment office and Klank Efterskole a boarding school interested in interacting with foreign cultures. 
      I will be there to share ways of working connections and ideas, offer Acrobatics, drumming and dance lessons.
      And also to learn the practical sides of managing projects to help Nafsi Africa Acrobats develop itself and our programme of teaching children in the Slums further to being self sustainable.
      Also worth noting, James Njunge will be making it the opposite far south.
      He is travelling to South Africa on 22nd August on a Sarakasi Trust based programme, to share ideas and offer trainings to the Zip- Zap Circus (which Janet or Benoit once shared about).
      Janet, we will highly appreciate if you provide us with connections that you may have in the three countries (Italy, Denmark and South Africa)
      Our priority is always being open to sharing, learning from diverse cultures and expanding our networks for worthy future collaborations, as reflected by Minciu Sodas Lab (Orchard of "Growth") agenda.
      I hope to hear from you soon, please find my Italian number below.
      I wish you all abundant blessings and positive light,

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats

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