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Re: [holistichelping] Dear Friends.

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  • Jeff Buderer
    Sondra, I was just reading some of postings and I was wondering what you see as the properly mathematical strategy. Good point about the issues of free
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      I was just reading some of postings and I was wondering what you see as the properly mathematical strategy.

      Good point about the issues of free movement in a global society. A major issues is the massive bureaucracy that is global in scope and in place at the national level that makes the sharing of perspectives and experiences quite difficult.

      Indeed it is a great paradox and some might say hypocrisy of globalization to see that as the economy has liberalized that controls on immigration and travel have actually increased.

      Of course one of the greatest under-recognized benefits of this is that it helps us common folk understand each other and to see that despite the pontifications of our so called national leaders that seems to indicate otherwise we are all part of one species and must learn to live together in peace.


      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 1:22 AM, Jared Ondieki <akama80@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends,


      I must say that I am glad to be in this network and for the last few months I have been following Keenly some of the brilliant and great thoughts and Ideas being Posted here.
      It makes me feel at Home to learn of other great Kenyans here who are making a difference in our great land and touching lives as well.I am glad to learn equally of wonderful friends abroad who are making things happen.

      It's Samuels thoughts which makes me make my first Contribution here,and the fact is that due to the economic inequality in some parts of the world and more so due to the fact that some regions are disadvantaged,authoritarian Immigration Policies prodded Violation of an essential Human Right of Freedom of movement all in the name of Visas and Travel restriction's,Such that I can not wake up one morning and decided to Visit you Andrius if I like or My sister Janet(thanks for this Forum) the way I want all due to the visa and travel embergos!

      The way forward,as suggested here before is to came up with a Proper mathematical strategy to ensure that we came to an end to this Economic disadvantages so that we can eventually open up the gates of the Continents and and ensure that the world become one.
      In fact we do not need the goodwill of our Leaders,we need our heart and the Zeal.

      This year we shall be re-launching Our Interdependence Day on 12/9.
      I hope those who are from Kenya and in this Forum will join me as we make this day a success by attending the Meeting.The ideology behind Interdependence and according to The mother of Interdependence Ms Sondra Myers( Was great hosting her here together with CAPITAL YOUTH CAUCUS ASSOCIATION,this year  in Nairobi) is that we need each other to live,hence the need to love each other and Co-excite Peacefully and united.For those who live in United State and could like to attend or hear more from her she can be reached through the following Contacts:

      Sondra Myers
      The University Of Scranton.
      Senior Fellow For International.
      Civic,and Cultural Projects.
      Scranton,Pennsylvania 18510-4635

      Tel: (570) 941 4089

      She lives in Pennsylvania.

      Once again,I am happy to be associated with you all and my hope is that we shall be an agent of Change in our Communities,Lets keep up the spirit and for sure we shall accomplish Our Purpose in Live.

      Love,Light and Peace to you

      With Warm regards,

      Jared Akama Ondieki

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