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Fw: [lovingGod] Olympics and the potential for launching global policy of reconciliation

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut everyone,   I am sending this to groups of Minciu Sodas, hoping to behold the emrgence of our well exercised global citizenship...   Benoit ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2008
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      Salut everyone,
      I am sending this to groups of Minciu Sodas, hoping to behold the emrgence of our well exercised global citizenship...

      --- On Fri, 8/8/08, Benoit <benoitctr@...> wrote:
      From: Benoit <benoitctr@...>
      Subject: [lovingGod] Olympics and the potential for launching global policy of reconciliation
      To: lovingGod@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, August 8, 2008, 9:59 AM

      I write the following to Value Networks and Minciu Sodas, because I
      trust that the membership of both is made of people who are driven by
      the search for genuine solutions, to genuine problems that humanity
      faces, without compromising progress.

      So for the sake of transparency, here's the truth about my paralysed
      state of affairs.

      As a stay-at-home- dad, the problem I have in starting up into an
      internet business, is my accumulated bad credit; built over many
      years, on several fronts of the financial systems, ie banks, credit
      cards, 4 levels of Canadian governments, family and friends.
      When it comes to money, the trust of my existance is not worth any
      credit, because I gave up many years ago, on the promise of a better
      future, at the cost of sacrificing today's well being.

      I am well aware that my financial state is enough to demonstrate
      unstable emotional and/or mental health. The crisis brought on by
      such condition, is the opportunity I hope to exploit, implementing a
      scaling up momentum of healthy human resources from out of the
      unstable mental conditions that plagues much of the world population.

      The niche of activity that I found since 9/11/01's official launch of
      terror-anti- terror's campaign, is in producung content for the
      Internet, aimed at counter-acting that campaign.
      That content has recently started to be translated in many languages
      by peers of the Internet.

      Could I propose to Value Networks and to Minciu Sodas to explore with
      my content and our strategizing, how to pioneer trails of marketing
      renewal, raising the various start up capitals by motivating the
      average joe philantropy ecosystem?

      In the West, that system is called taxes.

      The pioneer trails of marketing renewal I speak of, are to come from
      the emergence of people who need to move from self-destruction to
      self-control and community self-government.

      The value in this, is that ultimately, community self-government is
      one way to describe the holy grail of democracy's dream!

      As a start up idea on how to seise the moment in order to improvise
      upon the currencies of time, let's consider the Dalai Lama's hand
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/fightingpe acefully/ message/925

      As an example of the potential I see in the China Olympics, I
      described to a contact from India by offering a scene that might be
      of value to strategize the embodiment of a global policy of

      Pasred from:
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/minciu_ sodas_en/ message/6972
      "Regarding Tibet, I think that the strategy for peace lies with the
      Dali Lama, with the help of his supporters from the "free world", and
      our demonstrating how to gain the victory over strees and the high
      tensions of the human compulsive nature and how to retire in

      Again, the Olympics in China are such a wonderful opportunity to
      stage a genuine activation of the universal political will to live
      with our roots in justice and how to progress in peace, away from

      In my mind, (and please understand that I am day dreaming here)
      I see the power of communication thechnology focusing on a meeting
      between the Frenchman in exile in his own country, completely
      immersed in English, and the wise Tibetan in exile, who seeks out the
      liberty of home.
      Together they march from their meeting to make of the planet, a
      resort for humanity's retirement into the confinement of sanctity and
      Their point of meeting is in their offer to China, for the historical
      mapping to the live movement from closed to open, starting from the
      unique stand that She took, when She was the only one to refuse to
      attend the funeral of the last Pope.
      She did not show up, supposedly because of the disagreement over
      Taiwan, but when we consider that China has its own State Catholic
      Church, then the view deepens dramatically.
      So the picture of the Frenchman in exile in his own country of Roman
      Catholic ancestry and the wise Tibetan in exile can suddenly capture
      all of Hollywood, Bombaywwod, Hong Kongwood and so on...into a live
      movement of masses from out of the grip of the entity of terror-anti-
      terror and into the possible delight of mutual pleasure that life is
      made to be all about."

      So back to Value Networks and Minciu Sodas, could we view the closing
      ceremonies of the Olympics in China and the Dalai Lama's hand shake
      campaign,as an ideal time and place to facilitate the emergence of a
      trail of marketing renewal for the sake of extending the attention
      span of humanity, by carrying on the focal strength to where and when
      the dream of a mature people of all people becomes the beacon of
      faith and hope for the powers that be assemble from out the spiritual
      division of human DNA to the organic experience of spiritual unity,
      in support for all who are in need?

      Are we ready to be contracted by the eternal womb, so as to
      contemplate the reconciling Head of inner justice, peace and joy,
      moving humanity from deceitful virtuality to fulfilling reality?

      ...may all blessings be with us all...

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