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Youth Entrepreneurship An Empowerment Tool For creating Jobs

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Thanks Josephat for the debriefing, I am looking forward to marry our initial efforts as I grow old with thinking. I am also focusing on other things but will
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 1940
      Thanks Josephat for the debriefing, I am looking forward to marry our initial efforts as I grow old with thinking. I am also focusing on other things but will make everybody here feel most welcome for ideas!. I have to do much for my family this year because my eldest child Mary will join Seconadry school next year, I have to do much on personal issues to help them have education.
      I am always with you because UYOGA never 'grow old'. We are bond together.

      Uyoga community <uyogacdg@...> wrote:
      Uyoga is conducting a five days training course in leadership,business studies and entrepreneurship for youth and adult people,the training started on monday 4th of august and will end on friday 8th this week.Paticipants on the this short training are 25 youth and 7 adult of which make the total of 32 participants, among participants Uyoga has 8 members participanting ,17 youth from three districts namely Kinondoni,Temeke, Ilala in Dar es sa;laam region and other 7 participants are the disabled adult,,the class starts as early as 08:00 eat everyday to 10:30 eat this time participants are offered ahalf an hour to get a brekfast prepared by UYOGA .After breakfast all participants get back to class at 11:00 eat they stay in class up to 12:30 eat. We have 14 women participants in the training 4 of which are Uyoga members.Uyoga members paricipating in the course are Josephat Ndibalema,Abinel Emmanuel,Mwanahid Abdallar,William Wambura,Marry Emmanuel,Layford Mkama,Sarah Joseph and Primson Lugemwa.
      Our facilitator for this training is Ramadhan Ahungu a director of a non-profit organisation working in Tanzania it is called "Advancement for Small Micro-entreprise" abbreviated (ASMET) Mr. Ramadhan has worked with other reputable companies and organisations internatinal and national based for example he has worked with Tanzania Cigarette company as a manager for seventeen years and also worked with Care International in east africa with offices based in Nairobi Kenya where he has worked for three years as a project manager.
      .It was in May this year when William Wambura a member of Uyoga met Mr Ramadhan at Tanzania Global Development Center (TGDLC) where Uyoga members since julay 2007 used to attend video conferencing seminars about local governance and accountability, seminar sessions are always conducted on first the Friday of every month.On the day he met William Mr.Ramadhan was the one who was presenting the paper during the video confrencing seminar comprising participants from 6 countries namely Zimbabwe,Kenya, Uganda,Rwanda, Ghana,Tanzania including Woshington DC . Mr. Ramadhan agreed to facilitate Uyoga group as to provide Entrepreneurship training and assist on preparation of Uyoga costitution for registration as non-profit corporation before the end of this year.The facilitator had a chance to meet Maria Agnese Giraudo while was in Tanzania during the past month of Julay and exchanged ideas with some Uyoga members including individual peopke on how to let things going for Uyoga,the declaration was passed to raise strategies that will ensure Uyoga is strengthened and sustained.The meeting for all Uyoga was held to discuss ways to that reflect on youth empoerment the arrangements for the course started after the meeting.
      On monday before the facilitator introduced himself to participants Uyoga had the first chance of welcoming participants Josephat Thobias Ndibalema Uyoga secretary on behalf of Uyoga members welcomed and thanked everyone for coming ,also gave a brief history of the group Uyoga and what future plans for the group before turning the class to the facilitator Mr.Ramadhan Ahungu,
      The Aim of this short training;
      The aim is to introduce "Entrepreneurship Concept" to the Uyoga members and other participants of the training.
      The training is a part of Youth Empowerment Program which was developed by Uyoga in March 2008 with the main goal of to build basic skills,encouraging and guiding youth in making positive choices about their future.March 2008 program session recruited 26 youth from Dar es salaam primary and secondary school for Basic computer Application three weeks training starting 10th to 29th of March 2008 the trainer was Kiyavilo Msekwa.
      The facilitator started the class by the topic "Starting and Managing an Organisation" first defined an organisation as (the persons(or committeesor departments etc.) with common goals who make up a body for the purpose od administering something) forms of organisations business and non-profit organisation, leadership and team building etc.Today participants have discussed the advantanges and disadvantages between an entrepreneur and an employee,the correct definition of an entrepreneur and a business man,preparedness of an entrepreneur to become innovator,also the facilitator will discuss traits that can make a business person to be successful |"entrepreneur" other related topics incude Business planning,Cost and benefit of business,budget preparation and how to write a proposal
      "Above all,entrepreneurs are people who have high energy and spirit,have self-confidence, and set long-term goals, and view time,money and financial security as a measure of accomplishment and piece of mind.They are persistent in solving their problems,take risks,learn from failures (their own and from others),take innitiatives, accept personal resonsibility and use all available resources time and others) to achieve their success" this statement was said by Mr.Ramadhan Ahungu on Monday during the opening of the training.
      Thanks to Samuel Kongere and Maria Agnese for who keep encouraging Tanzania youth to make right decisions for the future,special thanks to Maria who funded this course and also played an important role through sharing ideas and knowledge on empowering youth who are currently facing unmployment challenge your support will always be appriciated. Thanks to Ricardo Uyoga members feel you a lot for kind support you have help UYOGA own potential assets like computers,scanner, printers, photocopier etc these assets are helpful in our YOUTH EMPOERMENT PROGRAM during trainings we are able to produce copies and printing material to distribute to participants.
      Report by
      Josephat Thobias Ndibalema-Uyoga Group Secretary

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