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Writing proposals for Minciu Sodas

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    Jeff Buderer, Thank you for your letter! Peter Ongele wrote earlier and I want to clarify my policy at our Minciu Sodas laboratory. Everybody is welcome to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2008
      Jeff Buderer, Thank you for your letter!

      Peter Ongele wrote earlier and I want to clarify my policy at our Minciu
      Sodas laboratory. Everybody is welcome to engage each other for paid work
      and to work on proposals and projects and to lead them. I encourage you
      to do so publicly. The organizer is the leader and can decide how much
      money to seek and how to divide it. I believe that the hardest part of
      the work is getting the job and getting paid, so I think whatever that
      person earns is fair. There can be competing leaders or teams working
      publicly towards the same proposals, but of course we can try to work
      together where we can. As you know I am also leading various business
      proposals and when I do I expect to earn extra as the leader.

      These next two months I will be in Chicago writing proposals.

      I am making excellent theoretical progress with Stephen Wolfram's cellular
      automata and so I will write a proposal to him asking for 12,000 USD for
      six months of research.

      I will also likely write an additional proposal to him for creating tools
      to encourage and illustrate "mathematical thinking" in social networks,
      and from there towards global villages.

      I want to write a proposal from Minciu Sodas to be a center for support
      for African innovators due September 1, see below.

      I want to write a proposal to help Lithuania in Afghanistan with marginal
      Internet access, that is due in the early fall as well and we need to make
      contacts there.

      More proposals?



      Call for funding

      Second RIU Call for Proposals - Innovation Challenge Fund: Phase 2 Africa

      The purpose of the African Innovation Challenge Fund (African ICF) is to
      provide financial support to teams so they can take promising research,
      funded by DFID, to the next stage of use. The selected initiatives will
      contribute to RIU's purpose by delivering significant use of RNRRS and other
      natural resources research outputs for the benefit (direct or indirect) of
      poor men and women in different contexts.

      The first RIU call issued in 2007 focused on target countries in S and S.E.
      Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam) and the response
      demonstrated that there were many entry points for scaling up RNRRS research
      knowledge. However the subsequent lesson learning study on the Asian
      challenge fund process indicated that, the scope of the call may have been
      too broad, creating wide expectations which the challenge fund was unable to

      The RIU management team have therefore decided to focus the Africa call on
      two key elements which we feel are critical in getting research into use and
      from which lessons can be drawn for decision makers. These two elements are
      1) novel communication methods and 2) public-private partnerships which can
      stimulate the use of natural resource technologies and processes produced by
      DFID research activities for the benefit of large numbers of people.

      More information on these focal areas and the context of the African ICF can
      be found in the guidance notes (available in English and in French)

      The RIU Innovation Challenge Fund Africa will focus on the following
      countries in sub Saharan Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of
      Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, S.Africa plus three Francophone countries-
      Senegal, Mali and Niger (Total 10 countries).

      Other countries in Africa e.g. Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia,
      Malawi and Nigeria are involved in RIU country programmes under another RIU
      component -component 1.2- Enhancing Demand. To avoid duplication of effort
      these six countries are not the primary focus of the African ICF. They may
      be considered for funding where regional initiatives exist but we stress
      that in this call we wish to focus on the ten countries which have been
      highlighted above.

      The guidance notes and application forms are available in English and
      French, although we kindly request that applications are submitted in
      English to assist selection procedures.

      Any questions or queries should be directed to the RIU Grants and Policy
      co-ordinator Lucy Nickoll L.nickoll@...

      Closing date for submission of Concept Notes: Monday, 1st September, 12 noon

      If you are interested in this call, please view the following documents:

      1. Concept Note Application Form (English)

      2. Concept Note Application Form (French)

      3. Guidance Notes (English)


      4. Guidance Notes (French)


      5. Natural Resources Knowledge Database

      6. RIU Logframe

      7. RIU Data Management Guideline

      Please also see our website; www.researchintouse.com



      I am wondering if you could explain the specific goal of all this.

      One of my goals is to promote practical philosophy in the sense that the
      ideas and concepts are clearly linked to our everyday lives.

      This is in reaction to society in general but specifically in relation to
      how I see Paolo Soleri as moving his work so that it is increasingly
      distanced from everyday life both in terms of the mainstream society and
      also Arcosanti itself.

      Thus my thought is that we could design a holistic education program that
      could both explain a set of theories like put forward by Club of Budapest
      and what you put forward here about the changes our world is going through
      and a practical way to empowers ourselves and others to become an active
      part of that revolution in thinking.

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