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Peter Ongele proposes malaria bednet study

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hi Andrius, I have not heard of you for sometime back in the forum. How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I m also fine. I ve just missed to read from you
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2008
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      Hi Andrius,
      I have not heard of you for sometime back in the forum. How are you
      doing? I hope you are fine. I'm also fine. I've just missed to read from
      you for sometime, even your contributtion in mendenyo group has died.
      Andrius, we discussed at long length with Samwel Kongere reading in
      between lines about the history of MS Lab. you gave, I would first give
      you my sincere thanks for starting world observative programme like
      this. This is wonderful programme and more so your good heart socially,
      economically, politically and scientifically.
      I've one thing here, I feel this would fit in MS.Lab. public domain.
      There has been quite a number of donations of Bed Nets to different
      communities in the world. These bed nets has been used for long but
      still there is so many cases of Malaria Disease being reported all
      through the continet. You find despite the usage of bed nets, there is
      still death reports caused by malaria. Why do you think this is
      happening? I've sat down, looked at the matter keenly, my brain stopped
      at a little point. I've worked with different communities and I've
      insight of communities behaviour, cultures, tradition and physiology, I
      feel MS. Lab. can do very beatiful studies on the usage of these
      provided Bed Nets , do mathematical statistical analysey across the
      continet and can tell the world the impact roll of the bed nets in
      relationship with malaria infection in the continet. I've tried to lay
      out the quetioneire which can be fit for this kind of survey, tried it
      arround and I've got it and can be analysed without problem.
      Do you think we can get a health survey sponsorer who can sponsor and
      pay us for this job? I feel this would be wonderful survey which would
      give health ministries an idea on the impact of bed nets. Whether to
      continue to donate bed nets and what should be done next. If you may
      know of one, we can put this in proposal. This would be as well
      healthy for me since you know, I had taken high loans for my study and
      due to reduction of these loans I now get nothing from my salary. I
      feel very hard and this kind of a project can really help me if I can
      get side payment for this work.
      This is all that I've for today. God bless you.
      Peter Ongele.


      I think your study is a great idea. I note you are in western Kenya. I
      think Peter Burgess in particular would be interested because of his work
      in malaria and also community impact accountancy. Perhaps he can think of
      possible funders. This is also a good example of a project for applying
      and illustrating "mathematical thinking" in a variety of ways. Malaria is
      a big problem that requires coordination of many solutions and so it also
      may be a good problem to think in terms of cellular automata and other
      computational algorithms that allow for a wide variety of local situations
      or "states", not simply a "silver bullet".

      Peter, I also agree with your concern for transparency. Ricardo has kept
      me informed about excellent, practical progress being made by our trader
      group. But in the long run, I am concerned that we develop an ethic of
      expectations to work openly. Why do or should we favor "our people" over
      "other people"? Our Minciu Sodas laboratory has always been inclusive of
      everybody and we have managed to function by having a set of expectations
      (work for free, publicly, in the Public Domain, on your own projects) that
      help us know why we should support people and hold us to an ever higher
      standard. I myself will focus on working with those who participate
      publicly, and I hope that others will more and more see the value of
      working towards such a world.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345
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