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  • Samwel Kongere
    Hi all, I am in kisumu traveling back to Nairobi and will have a chat with Maria, Josphat, and William on Wednesday at 4pm EAT while in Nairobi. The next day
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15, 2008
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      Hi all,
       I am in kisumu traveling back to Nairobi and will have a chat with Maria, Josphat, and William on Wednesday at 4pm EAT while in Nairobi. The next  day Thursday I will chat with Ricardo at 11am  EAT on Uyoga, on  Mbita and personal issues regarding our growth and compatibility.  I hope all is done and understood.
      In the list people know the different projects undertaken and i feel more questions on presentations of community projects can only be for the new members in the forum not those with known endeavors. Putting a side the already existing thoughts and ideas tells us/me the way our content is being misused in general mails and meaning.
      I am not going to be misunderstood and the good work from the community must be understood and taken into consideration. If we are directing people, we are to be sure where they are going to work and with whom. We Know what Tom Ochuka is doing, Ken Owino, Dan Otedo, Ken Chelimo, David Mutua, Denis Kimambo, Fred Kayiwa, Rachel Wambugu and me etc, asking for community projects all the times; is like assuming the knowledge and our already known to all in the forum. We should not take ideas for others own gains????? nobody cannot do several projects of which most is done online without reality, while the problem still exist within the grass root set up. If you are always glued on the computers online, when do you people come out to reality??. I believe and sure that being some of these info online needs some screening! and if not so? I will not entertain online agreements. In our new Consortium which was launched in Mbita on 1st July 2008, we are going to put into category the plans and themes to be addressed not general emails endlessly!!! our focus is and still ICT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP development FOR THE LOCALS and hope to focus, Sustainable Tourism and Agriculture for the locals from July 2009. I am not going to be out swayed  again on more endless social generals interactions which does not address the real problem on the ground to the communities.. 
      Have a focused thinking and stick to develop it!!!
      William Wambura <wamburawilliam@...> wrote:
      Dear Sam
      I hope you arrived home safely and early too.
      We could not talk to understand each other regarding our interests in ICT,I hope we have more time for it.
      I would like to present to you,names of three young ladies.But the matter here is not just introducing them to you,but to share with us on how to build their expectations,each of these young ladies has experiences that needs to be suported and take care of.The women affairs in Uyoga are being handled by Theresea Mugoroba,who is very much interested with genders affairs.Am sharing with others on behalf of her,
      Merry Emanuel:
      18 years old
      A mother of 1 child(boy)
      Ended up form 1(in secondary sechool) after pregancy an never continue her studies.
      She is being forced to get maried to a muslim man(the father of her son)
      She is being forced to convert from Christian to Muslim so to have a proper mariege.
      She wants to help her self handle her curent stuations and the future of her son
      She needs to fullfill her dreams,to do small bussness to make small amount which might suport her studies.
      Getrude P. Msoka.
      16 years old
      Kandoto Science High School
      P.o.Box 352
      This is the mission school,where she is being to study free for the fee of 1.5milionTsh
      She was rejected by her relatives since her infancy becouse she was not ligitimate(Chagga's)
      She was taken by a woman to sell her body to earn a living in 2002-3,but she didnt utnil i met her(when i  met her)
      After i have met her,i took her to several gender instutions,she was trained for months(3)in decoration
      A student at Kandoto Science High School,a boarding school but she is living in dar with friends.
      No one to suport her living and studies during the holiday or schooling periods
      She is form three.She has no one to suport her studies.
      She has no specific place to live in Dar during the holiday.
      She has been Uyoga's member.
      She needs to share and find common interests to suport her.
      She is does sell sweet pipi and bisckuts to earn an income to suport her(but not allowed,if caught she will be explled from school)

      Getrude P. Msoka.
      16 years old
      Kandoto Science High School
      P.o.Box 352
      Celina Mgaya.
      20 years old
      A mother of  2 children with unknown fathers
      Ended up standard five(in primary school) after pregnacy
      Worked for five years as house maid,receiving 20,000Tsh per month
      She has stoped working as a house maid and looking for any suport she could get to keep her two children and later on continue with her studies.
      For the time being,we welcomed her to our house while we still sharing with other people.
      The problems of these ladies are very common everywhere,and their cases sre not so unique or strange to us.They have failed unknowningly share local oppotunities due to lack of exposure and the narrow right given to them at Micro financial institutions.
      Let us share with the rest of the world to encourage the "Sacrifice for Motivation"
      By William Wambura
                        On behalf of Theresea Mugoroba.

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