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I disagree how Africanews in Italy reports news of my trip in Kenya and Tanzania.

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Chelimo, I don t want to be polemic with you but I desagree completely with you in the way you are  reporting these news and also I have refused to write
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      Dear Chelimo,

      I don't want to be polemic with you but I desagree completely with you in the way you are  reporting these news and also I have refused to write any article or interview to Mr Piervincenzo Canale regarding my activity in Africa.

      I have tryed to involve Mr Piervincenzo Canale in emergency time in kenya  and I have provided him of all material i got from MSLab. I expected he were interested  in the way some   Kenyans cope with violence in that critical time. I have  put him  in contact with Chrise  and the community of Kenyans in Lecce, Italy. But Mr Canali seems interested only in what Italians do in Africa, with an approach that is of charity and assistance and eurocentric. Insead of knowing people there and interview ing who is  running projects there, like Tom, Dan, Samwel  he misuses (sorry Chelimo) these information. Chelimo, please learn how to make journalism by somebody else!

      Fred what about your report of our visit to Deft people in Kisumo? Our idea were that to help Tom project to have his content with the information  of their activities, the report of our travel and the picture. Where is the blog?

      Anyway I hope to share better emails with you!

      Maria Agnese

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      Subject: Africanews in Italy reports on Maria's Work in Kenya and Tanzania.
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      Date: Friday, 11 July, 2008, 2:00 PM

      Dear Maria,


      How have you been? I hope you had a nice journey from Mbita, Kisumu, Ahero, Nairobi to Dar es Salaam during your philanthropic working visit here. I would have wished to meet you but due to our varying schedules we could not.


      However, I was so impressed by your commitment to help in Mbita(women). Ahero(Deaf children) and your committment to help the Uyoga group. When we had a meeting in Mbita with Sam, Dan, Tom, David and myself, I was able to sample the good work you are doing for these groups. Please keep it up. Sam and Tom told me many good things about you and I was so touched.


      For your information, I write articles for AFRICANEWS.IT an online publication edited in Italy by a man called Piervencinzo Cannale. I write purely on voluntary basis as I am an enthusiast in writing articles for publications (I was once a journalist). Realizing that you were doing commendable charitable work in Kenya and Tanzania after meeting Tom and Sam, I was compelled to write an article for Italian people and the rest of the world to know of your great compassion to unfortunate in the society.


      Kindly visit www.africanews.it where you will find the story about your great work. Cannale was also so impressed and urged me to find more stories about Italians in East Africa.


      Allow me to sign off wishing you all the best in your endeavours. thanks


      Ken Chelimo

      Tel: +254 722 809 690 

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