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Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust and Kenyatta University Film project!

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  • George Nyongesa
    Dear All, Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust (Film and Media department) and Kenyatta University (Theatre, Culture and Arts Department) are collaborating on a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2008
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      Dear All,
      Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust (Film and Media department) and Kenyatta University (Theatre, Culture and Arts Department) are collaborating on a film project aimed at initiating healing and reconciliation among different ethnic communities following the recent post-elections conflict in Kenya.
      The feature film will be used as an alternative and complementary peace-building initiative, generate analytic debate on womenÂ’s role and rights in the run up to and during the crisis; and also initiate community level dialogue across the country to demystify, redefine ethnic differences and encourage positive stereotyping through audio-visual media.
      The feature film is based on a University Student Leadership election campaign and will seek to highlight fundamental issues, environmental and other factors that led to the post election violence through a fictional story of a female student called "Comrade Taka" who is contesting for a top student leadership position. The film which is scheduled to premier in Zanzibar Film Festival in July 2008 has attracted on board among others Kenya Broadcasting (KBC) and is estimated to reach over 45% Kenyan population after translation into several ethnic languages.
      The film which is already being filmed in different locations accross the country is experiencing cash crunch ( requires more funding) and the project team ( Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust and Kenyatta University) are scouting for leads to a potential donor for film production and dissemination. Please give us link if you know or have any contacts to a potential sponsor.
      Kind regards,
      George Nyongesa
      Program Officer,
      Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust & Kenyatta University Film Project
      +254 720 451 235
      Dr. John Mugubi Kenyatta University (Chairman, Theatre, Arts and Culture Dept.)
      Ms. Anne Muinga, HSC, Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust ( Founder Chairperson, Film-Maker and Producer)
      Ms. Bernadette Nzioki, OGW, Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Trust ( Director, Board) 

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