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Rushed Resettlement Programme(RRP)

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  • Rachel Kungu
    ... Re: Rushed Resettlement Program (RRP) It was very disillusioning when we walked to the IDP camp, (Molo Stadium) hardly had any amongst us achieved a
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      Re: Rushed Resettlement Program (RRP)


      It was  very disillusioning when we walked to the IDP camp, (Molo Stadium) hardly had any amongst us achieved a resolve apart from the anticipated cold response of strike from the IDPs, thanks God VYP moved in to neutralize the situation in question. The advantage was that not everybody knew what was at stake, but the collectivity which ensued ensured containment not of only the situation, but handling of appending commotion.


      Greatest appreciation to the noble arrangement made available by VYP and the entire Peace Caravan entourage, a reflection of the past, proved to be a learning process where we could not only borrow from the past experiences as of a Kedong but we also had tap into the current experience of existence.


      The Peace Caravan in Molo was timely, but with mixed emotions when we entered the Molo Stadium where the planned and implemented foregoing program kicked off with the most solicited-for local mobilization which proved to be a success when we had attention not only from the IDPs but also from the hosting opinion leaders and the communities whom we had met in our pre-caravan dialogue forums , and had come to participate in thematic peace dialogues; and as a blessing in disguise, the D.C–Molo- had to call upon them to hurriedly go and ascertain the substantiveness of  an alleged rumor "that one of the roads to the IDP farms (Karirikania) had be barricaded"; in addition to these, foreign attraction as of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) who were collecting data on environmental conservation of Mau Forest and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) who had problem intervention analysis as well couldn't be ignored.


      The Peace Caravan had introduction/pleasantries from participants and then group discussions and thematic presentations through dialogue, which elicited emotional reactions, as insecurity concerns, anger, confusion-when the Red Cross insisted on them leaving without the tents only for an identified persons to move into the said tents. Additionally situational uncertainty could be felt. The concern on accommodative restitution took a centre stage when the IDPs couldn't trust their initial socialization process to be any accommodating.


      Majority who had left yesterday, made it back due to the aforementioned emotional reactions and the fact that they didn't have the basic necessities since their belongings had been reduced to debris and thus being left in the open. At varied points they were dropped at; calls were made back to express discontentment, despair, and dilemma to the awaiting-to-be departed IDPs.


      The arrays of circumstances which had the IDPs complying with the foretasted Rushed Resettlement Program (RRP) were mentioned by the concerned authority to be; a yearn for recognition as an IDP amongst the concerned, disillusionment, due consideration for restitution, inefficient security network and an unresponsive communal acceptance. The statutory law enforcement agency's efforts to contain these were unappreciated when a designated residential unit at Mulima in Total (Molo) was reportedly torched prior to their coming to assist in restoration of law and order.


      In a nutshell the observation made so far is that the majorities of IDPs are contented with Formidably Proactive Restitution Program (FPRP) especially through dialoguing for compromise and reconciliation  nevertheless, pre-maturely, the gun is jumped and without immediate simultaneous dialogue intervention the situation is awaiting time bomb and thus kindly receive our highest consideration and appreciation for any deemed action.


      Yours in service


      Rachel Kung'u.


      Voluntary Youth Philanthropists (VYP),

      For National Peace Caravan Participants,

      P.O.Box 19705-0202,

      Tel# +254 721 62 63 89/ +254 20 23 67689.



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