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Re: [holistichelping] Re: Sotik follow up/Edwine and Charles/young people and peace-building

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  • Edmix Sounds
    Hi Charles, Janet and all! Hope you all are doing great, thanks to the almighty for the grace and a life he has given to see this beautiful day. i appreciate
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 15, 2008
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      Hi Charles, Janet and all!
      Hope you all are doing great, thanks to the almighty for the grace and a life he has given to see this beautiful day.
      i appreciate for all the emails and good comments everyone is making.
      hopeful the issue of sotik is still being considered.
      by the way the last two days have been mayhem in the city because of the mungiki, they have been rioting and harassing innocent people and also targeting certain tribes, i believe they are using some excuses to take advantage of that.
      there some people i know were killed by Mungiki.between Sunday night and yesterday night.
      am just believing the police will work fast to end this killings .
      in the place where i stay it was not business as usual, shops and others business were closed because of the rioting in the city.
      i hope we are working towards where we want to see this country belong.
      of late most of the young people of sotik have been calling me alot to ask about us going there again, and have been telling them we will go, Charles can you have this number of the area councillor because he has also been concerned about the programmed which i started when i went there. He is called Councillor big five 0720678498.
      just called him too and let him know that we are still working on going to sotik again.
      i think he is like feeling bad because i had told him i will go back as soon as possible after i went the first time.
      he has also being calling me to ask me when we will be going because the young people have been pressurising him.
      kindly do the calling, i think it will make more sense if another pary does the calling also.
      i will stop there for now and have a great day all.

      Do all things lovingly. That is the secret to quality and excellence"

      charles kilel <charleskilel@...> wrote:
      Hi Edmix,
      Thank you very much for your complements on the work we do down here. Yes there has been tension and some demonstrations were reported in Kebera area of Nairobi which the constituency of the Prime Minister designate and Kisumu city also his strong hold. Apparently he did not spread to other areas and we hope it will remain that way
      My Cell phone no +254727281419 I will also SMS the same to the number you provided.
      Looking forward to continued collaboration.

      Edmix Sounds <edmixsound@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi Janet, Charles,Reachal and all.

      i have been reading this emails and i am grad for all your input on the sotik  follow up. and also keep ti up chalrles for the good work you are working down there in kericho, by the way how are things down there? am asking this about how the nogotiations are going on at the moment down here.
      i have heard that there are some areas where tension is very high and i have aslo repots that there has been demostration in some towns.its not looking that good.
      Charles can you give me your number please, i lots my sim card, sms to 0722587836.

       will keep in touch soo.

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Dear Charles and All,
      Excellent letters, and yes, now I recall your work on vaccines...is the support network you mention linked with KAVI (I believe it's called)?  You and Stan have worked together on this, right?...I actually knew you more in connection to the ActALIVE chapter Stan wanted to start in Nakuru!
      It's great to know of your interest and involvement with peace-related endeavors, and I agree with you completely:  for research to thrive, and to prevent HIV/AIDS in the first place, there must be peace (as even with peace, there are challenges to these goals!).
      I also agree about young people and peace-building:  there are so many disadvantaged young people--and idle ones too--which is why we envision the use of ICTs (in "peace centers") to help address this issue.
      You make an important point about the way we frame things with our words, thoughts, and characterizations, and indeed we need to realize--as much as possible--that "peace is every step" (a Buddhist belief).
      Let's further discuss how we want to proceed with Sotik and more (I believe Rachel has indicated that she and VYP might be able to get there for trainings), and I/we look forward to doing that together!
      With all best wishes and greatest blessings, Janet
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 9:57 AM
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Re: Sotik follow up/Edwine and Charles

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for your mail. I hope Edwine will factor in those suggestions and yes I would be available and we have resourceful people like Rachel who can help out. I am in Kericho working for a research organisation through Rift Valley vaccine Support Network ( I am sure you have heard of this) which is trying with others to develop an AIDS vaccine. So being involved in community work I am in touch with many Community based organizations.  Peace is also critical for research to thrive.
       Let all pool our efforts in this endevor to" build peace"

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Dear Edwine, Charles, and All,
      Immense thanks for this great update and the important suggestion by Charles!  Edwine, what would it take to include peacebuilding and CR materials and skills-building into this other program? And Charles, can you do this type of work yourself (ie can you join Edwine in part to add the peacebuilding component)?
      How are you now, Charles, and what are you working on? 
      Will close with greatest blessings and all best wishes, and look forward to discussing and planning further! Janet
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      Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 9:42 AM
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Re: Sotik follow up

      I find the planned intervention for Sotik really interesting. I however think that it would be of help to if the retreat is used to give the youth skills in peace building and conflict resolution to make them ambasadors of peace.
      I would be itersted to join Edwin during his intervention since I come from the local community and may be of help to him. I however appreciate the efforts he has made since Sotik/ Borobu area has been very volatile.
      May peace  be realised in our nation.
      Charles Kilel

      Edwine Nyandisi <edmixsound@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Dear Janet,Rachel, Andrius,Pam, Maria,Dennis and all

      Starting of small business.

      What am going to do exactly at least have sessions of giving them
      ideas and motivating them of starting small business which can
      generate small incomes for themselves, I know I an do better of this
      because I am an enterprenuer, I started my business like four years
      ago and I have made it through, this I can be a challenge to them
      because am an evidence.

      they youth in the area fear to start business because they think there
      business will never make it. am here to work with them to have
      confidence in themselves and to believe in themselves.

      we will also try to figure out together how restructuring of the
      affected small business and how to bring together young people from
      different communities & cultures.

      lastly on the business part I will need everyone to write down what
      kind of business they want to start and why, this will help me know
      who have original ideas( creative) who are copying who are not sure of
      there ideas and see where to start from there and know how to get and
      idea of forming of groups.

      Peace discussions
      I am also looking forward to plan for Peace dialogues with them and
      other communities, and to initiate and implement together structures
      of peace so as to find a lasting solution.

      through this session I will choose and appoint one of there own
      representative from the community, so that they can work as this
      project is there own responsibility driven. this will help them to be
      responsible of the task that they have been given.

      another step is organize and encourage them to form groups where they
      can be working in brainstorming of ideas regarding business ideas,
      community related issues and what they will love to do to improve
      there lives in the community.

      Also this will help us as pyramid of peace to keep a good follow up
      and know who is in charge in that area and who we can contact in case
      of anything.

      this will also work well in terms of them to work on the problems the
      are facing on the ground,addressing this issue with them will go a
      long way because they will work to reach to all young people in the area.

      Young Peoples Retreat
      I have also thought it will work well to organize one day retreat with
      them with time for the young leaders where key issues are to be
      addressed and also find ways of the young people to channel there
      problems and grievances when they have challenges times in the community.
      We must have a unified and comprehensive solution to the crisis;
      The voice of the young people must be heard.
      Civil education
      this trip is also to build that trust again, I believe most of the
      places we have managed to go to four times at least SOTIK people to
      see us as serious people and that we keep our word & even do follow
      ups on the activities on the ground. Not just to pop in and never to
      be seen again, we started it we are supposed to see it through it to
      the end and see good results and achievements of the work well by the

      TRANSPORT – 5000/=
      AIRTIME-3000/ =
      BEDDING-4000/ =
      REFRESHMENTS- 3000/=
      MATERIALS -4000/=- This are materials for small business of starting
      business and how to generate ideas of how to start business.they are
      going to be made out as handouts.
      TOTAL COST USD $ 400

      i wish every one to have a nice time and God bless you all.

      +254 722 587 836

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