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Re: [holistichelping] Fwd: Letter to Peacebuilders/Rachel: your trainings and Caravan activities

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Rachel and All, Hello and immense thanks for this Letter to Peacebuilders ! I have looked at the site and signed up as a member. Some excellent
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2008
      Dear Rachel and All,
      Hello and immense thanks for this "Letter to Peacebuilders"!  I have looked at the site and signed up as a member. Some excellent ideas-resources-potential partners there!
      I wanted to write a note too about your own amazing peace-building efforts, and to ask if you will be doing a follow-up report of some kind on the activities below, which we would love to see. How did things go in Molo, Naivasha, and with the teachers' trainings?
      Also, could you as a trainer go to Sotik to do some peace-building activities with the youth there, as Charles Kilel has suggested?
      The other big and important subject is the Peace Caravan!  We need to start enlisting POP members, as you say, and to have discussions here in the forum about how we (individually and collectively) will be able to contribute to the Caravan events of May and September.
      Has any other POP member committed to being involved with the Caravan?  For everyone, a grant proposal has been written to include REPACTED and Nafsi Afrika Acrobats in art activities linked to the Caravan, but will Nakuru also be a host community?
      Please let us know your thoughts on how to proceed on the Caravan organizing and implementation--as members and in these forums--Rachel, and what you need from us to make this as successful as it can be!
      With love and blessings, Janet
      From Rachel:
      > VYP will be organising for the above mentioned meeting in Molo on
      > Monday the 24th to bring together the Kikuyu and the
      Kalenjin to speak
      > out on the way forward after the violence in Kenya for
      > co-existence.
      > We shall be working closely with
      Achami and i hope we shall achieve
      > our objective.
      > On
      Wednesday 26th Voluntary Youth Philanthropists shall be training
      > the
      Naivasha youth on Peace building and conflict Management
      > On
      Saturday 29th VYP will be organising a students teachers training
      workshop on peace building and conflict management.
      > I am
      calling upon POP members in this areas to be part of the training
      > and
      mobilisation part. This trainings by VYP are in preparation for
      > the
      Peace Caravan which is just around the corner.
      > Lets also think
      of how to start organising the Peace Caravan
      > activities in your
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      Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 11:05 AM
      Subject: [holistichelping] Fwd: Letter to Peacebuilders

      Dear friends,

      Greetings. If your work and interest is focussed on peaceful change, under whatever heading, the Letter to Peacebuilders is meant for you.

      We believe there is, at this moment, a window of opportunity for transformative peacebuilding to come of age, to be taken seriously by governments, social movements and business alike. While many injustices and conflicts across the world continue to resist conventional, often militarised solutions, environmental factors are introducing an additional and increasingly devastating new element for the future. There is a clear and urgcent need for fresh approaches. However, the international peace and development community is in our view not currently capable of taking this opportunity. It is not simply a question of size or resources. Despite all the achievements to date, we believe much well intentioned work may be largely irrelevant to the change that is needed, at both local and global levels.
      The Letter sets out the situation as we see it. It is informed by our own, varied experience and the voices and views of many organisations and colleagues we have worked with in different parts of the world. While we make a number of practical proposals as to what can be done, we are aware how limited these inevitably are. We hope that this Letter will stimulate conversations and encourage new and imaginative thinking, out of which fresh initiatives will come.

      The article is available at http://
      lettertopeacebuilders.ning.com. Please take time to read it, and to discuss it with colleagues. We hope you will send it on to others who may be interested. We invite you to leave your comments on the website, or write us at lettertopeacebuilders@.... Please tell us if anything you write should be treated in confidence.

      Would you be interested in taking some of this thinking further, and turning aspects of it into action?

      With warm wishes,

      Simon Fisher and Lada Zimina

      March 2008


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