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Re: [voiceful] Re: Helping information needed!/Mina: posting to HH again

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Mina, Rachel, and All, Hello and good to hear from you! I am posting this to HH, because I did not see it posted at the forum (though you indicate you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2008
      Dear Mina, Rachel, and All,
      Hello and good to hear from you!  I am posting this to HH, because I did not see it posted at the forum (though you indicate you sent it). Is this from you or from a student of yours?  I say that because I have gathered you to be an adult, and already having travelled to Mbita, as this is where your academy is located. Thanks for the clarifications!
      What does Jacob say, who runs the Academy?  Hopefully Sam Kongere can also give input, as he lives in Mbita.
      My own view is that waiting is probably a good idea, unless you have a specific plan in mind for what you want to do there--what you want to contribute time- and skills-wise, what you hope to accomplish, where you want to go--and to spend time online getting to know people, knowing abt the different areas of Kenya, perhaps brushing up on some skills you can then carry with you (asking first what is needed). There is much you can do to help online, and we all would welcome that.
      If this mail is from you and you are interested in seeing the work of your academy, that's a different story, as going now might be a good idea, rather than waiting another whole year.
      Thanks to Rachel for her questions, and to anyone for their advice. Because of so many pressing matters that Kenyans need to address now, it might be better to wait until our friends there have less of urgency to which they must attend, which will enable them to answer more questions and have more time with you.
      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet
      Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 9:00 AM
      Subject: [voiceful] Re: Helping information needed!

      Dear Sabrina,
      My name is Rachel and i would like to ask afew questions for clarity,
      1, is it that you are not in good health or you fear that you will get sick when you come to Kenya, as mention below the issue of Malaria, dust etc?
      2, you already know where you want to go an what you want to do, Is it that you have fear that the political unrest in Kenya hinders your work?
      3, or is it the personal insecurity?
      Also when do you plan to come to Kenya?
      Maybe from there i shall be able to advice you accordingly.
      Rachel Wambui
      Voluntary Youth Philanthropists
      P.O.Box 19705-0202
      +254 721 626389
      Nairobi Kenya
      On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Sabrina Jung <mina.academy@...> wrote:
      Dear people,

      I already wrote a message in the holisitichelping group.
      I wanna come to Kenya, but I have some doubts if I could carry out all my jobs there due to the health situation, the weather and the still not very safe and secure circumstances. I want to go to Mbita, but as well to travel to other cities and villages to get to know some of you because I am really interested in your engagements and I wanna contribute to that and get involved.
      Now i ask you to reply and give me an advice what I should do: Spending 1000 Euros and come there, not being able to carry out all the jobs I would have to do or coming next year in March when the situations have calmed down more (hopefully) and the weather situation is a bit better? Malaria, cholera and the worse traveling condition duet to the muddy streets and the fast riding busses...  I am a student, I donĀ“t have that much money, it would also be good to save that money and just postpone the works and try to do that jobs all via email.

      What is your opinion? I am really in need to get an answer as fast as possible, especially from the people knowing the situation in Mbita.

      Thank you so much. Kindly give me your contacts, where you are from and what your movement, activity or engagement is so that if I come I already know where to go.

      Thanks, amani na upendo,

      Mina from the Netherlands

      International Director of Nursery School and Orphan Project Mina Academy
      Mbita, Kisui Village
      Mobile: +31610495376

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