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Uyoga At 4th April ALGAF VII SESSION III At Tanzania Global Development Learning Center

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    Dear all, Today it has been an interesting learning day at Tanzania Global Development Learning Center ALGAF VII SESSION III video conference Seminar session
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      Dear all,
      Today it has been an interesting learning day at Tanzania Global Development  Learning Center ALGAF VII SESSION III video conference Seminar session Uyoga was represented by three members namely Josephat Ndibalema,Lugemwa Primson and Abinel Emmanuel and the paper was presented by Mohamed Halfan,Officer- in-Charge,Urban Development Branch United Nations Human Settlement Programme.
      As a matter of understanding African Local Government Action Forum is a process which brings together local government practioners,civil societies and individuals from seven countries (Tanzania,Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Ghana,Zimbabwe and Ethiopia) every month through a videoconferencing.The theme of ALGAF VII SESSION III was Operational Principles in Revenue and Expenditure Planning.
      The session started around 11:00 up to 14:00 EAT,the presenter started by introducing a theme that; A distinct frontier is emerging in the African continent,a convergence political reforms,economic transformation and social changes has triggered a need to revisit some of the conventional assumptions and practices in the area of governance and development management.As new relationships are being forged btn the public realm,the private sector and civil society,corresponding reforms are also initiated on how key societal decisions are made,priorities are determined,resources are allocated and how public goods and services are delivered and accessed.
      But more interesting about the theme is where revenue and expenditure planning is viewed as a potent tool for resource management,the discussion revealed that within African context,the issue of revenue and expenditure is the most challenging and extremely volatile.Finantial scarcity presents difficulties in determining priorities and sometimes it generates tention and conflict.It triggers corruption,becomes a basis for potential abuse of office causes instability.Also was argued that citizens participation in the budgetary process consolidates the much desired peace and stability in the African continent.On the other hand  there are those who have even convincingly argued that the state of revenue and expenditure in the continent,and more critically at the local level,among other things,represents a certain degree of governance and management dysfunction.More can be learned here http://www.tgdlc.go.tz
      Uyoga members have been learning special experiencies shared through ALGAF Session seminars since the year 2007.
      Report by
      Josephat Ndibalema-General Secretary of Uyoga Steering Committee
      Dar es salaam

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