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Re: [holistichelping] Greetings from Oslo/Sweden

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    Dear All, It is an incredible experience to meet people with whom we have had online contact for a long time, to match the posts with the faces as it makes it
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2008
      Dear All,

      It is an incredible experience to meet people with whom we have had online contact for a long time, to match the posts with the faces as it makes it so real. I am back to Sweden, safe and sound.

      Thank you Andrius and your team for making the debates a success and for taking good care of us while in Vilnius. This should just be the beginning of such events to foster cultural understanding between Eastern European countries and Africa, I guess a lot need to be done in this area.

      I thank everyone who physically participated in the debates, Janet and Sasha who had an audio and video bridge and all those who offered one form of support or another.

      Thank you all.

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      Hi all,

      This is just a quick note to greet you and share with you the amazing
      experiences am going through here.

      Am back in Oslo from Riga-Latvia, had a wonderful moment in Lithuania.
      I can't summarize it in a day or a mail but overally it was an
      opportunity beyond meeting Andrius, Pamela, Marcus, Maria, Erick
      Wanjama, Thomas Chepatis, Theresa, and the Lithuanians, it was an
      oppoertunity of meeting up with the forum that has been instrumental
      in articulating our aspirations, dreams, hopes and nurturing our
      I gained knowledge, learnt my inner self more and understood the
      M.S.L culture deeply.
      I will wrap this in a comprehensive report once am back home.
      Lithuania is a beautiful state but a complex society, it was an
      effort breaking through to feel within the social circles.
      Anyway there was a community for us-the LithuaniaKenya, and Andrius
      and his community played great deeds hosting us and making us feel at
      We shared alot, much of which am still synthesising.
      I feel blessed to have had the chance to visit and participate in the
      European Union thematic network workshops.
      Tom Ochuka, we have a story to share with you once am back, there is
      a link that you should follow up on between deaf impact and a certain
      deaf children center in Lithuania.
      I will give you more insight and share with you more on this later.

      We are in Oslo, the weather here is undescribably cold.
      Oslo is a great beauty hidden within the cold and an open sociaety
      where all races are accomodated.
      We had our rehearsals yesterday and looking forward to a great Artist
      galla T.V performance tommorow-an event meant to fund raise towards
      Red cross worthy cause.
      We will appear in Good morning Norway T.V programme, and also appear
      in a live T.V talk show, to highlight our work with the children in
      Kenya, the past turmo il in Kenya and our peace activities.

      Thank you Rachel, Dennis and all for flying on the flag and for your
      wonderful postings, am trying to catch up though i have very limited

      See you soon,

      Ken Owino
      nafsi Africa Acrobats

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