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Thoughts regarding Copyright and Public Domain

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  • Benoit
    Salut everyone, Here are some thoughts from the chat line between Sasha, Surya and I, written during and after COMMUNIA: Benoit: Here is a thought regarding
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008
      Salut everyone,

      Here are some thoughts from the chat line between Sasha, Surya and I,
      written during and after COMMUNIA:

      Benoit: Here is a thought regarding copyright. Because of the
      unlimited capacity to record any and all use of digital material, why
      not bring the Public Domain and Copyright in a complementary position
      to one another. This way, the Public Domain could access all the
      benefitss of knowledge and when profit begins, the owners of the
      Copyrights could get their due. Google is on its way to produce such
      poss :: possibility. Thank you.

      Sasha: now I think , isnt copyrighted material just a special case of
      public domain? :: but now the processes going on are developing in
      the direction that pblic domain is just a special case of
      copyright :: even more true, by todays law public domain is almost
      not posible to create and cherish (eg everything you wrote or draw is
      automaticly in copyrighted domain)

      Benoit: Yes Sasha. Until a framework can be accepted, it will remain
      quite confusing. :: I think that the framework should make use of
      Cpyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain. :: I like the analogy
      of Andrius when he said: Copyright is like hard liquor, Creative
      Commons is like beer or wine and Public Domain is like water. :: No
      beer, wine nor hard liquor without good, pure water to start with and
      to finish with.

      Sasha: exactly :: but now "they " want us all to use and buy only
      hard liquors :: its like few decades ago, the cigarretes commercial
      sugested that its good to smoke cigaretes :: I feel we have a
      political economimcal lobby which is pushing the copyright agenda ::
      and the public is to slow and inert to react more actively

      Benoit: The public is in fact, an artificial entity, made to serve
      the private interest that hold the capital power to decide and to do
      as they please. :: The common denominator upon which private and
      public interest can join, is the personal interest that serves both,
      private and public with the clarity of transparency, where high-trust
      can grow freely. :: By eliminating the possibility of misuse, then
      distrust vanishes. :: To me, that is the number one role and duty of
      communication and the thecnology that can contribute to such
      potential of the Open Source :: That is why I write to see the
      emergence of The Personal Sector from out the Official Secrecy of the
      Public Sector and from out of The Codes of Silence of The Private
      Sector. Then we shall see the end of decisions getting made in back
      rooms deals amongst those few people who control official secrecy and
      the codes of silence. :: ...at the expense of the masses! :: The
      sooner that we learn to live for what we need as humans, the sooner
      that we will be free from the conflicting differences of what we
      want ::

      Suryaprakashvinjamuri: I had opportunity to view few proceedings and
      I felt it's a good beginning.:: Need to draw some parallels and also
      draw similar experiences and come back again.

      Benoit: Yes Surya, like a refinig process of mind interaction::
      Andrius used the word cahotic but I think that it might have been
      more from his own apprehension as he is very perfectionist :: I
      thought it was very orderly.

      Suryaprakashvinjamuri: from my side if we had participants profile
      and the proceedings schedule it would help us to understand the
      context with less effort.

      Benoit: There is, I think, the possibility to tap into a thought
      interaction that becomes so intimately personal, that we can become
      free from individualism.

      I would like to clarify that what I mean by being free from
      individualism does not mean that the individual becomes eliminated,
      but on the contrary, it means that the individual finds her/his own
      completion of relationship and relevancy to such extent, that the
      limits of indivudualism are no longer hindrances to personal growth
      and participation.
      This is how and what I understand to be the deep accomplishment being
      sought by what the word COMMUNIA intends to mean.

      With hope,
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