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Re: [mendenyo] Re: Laptop trading by Uyoga

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  • helen mahoo
    Dear Maria Andrius and all I would like to say thanks very much to Maria for good idea of starting Uyoga in Tanzania we can see good improvment,thanks
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2008
      Dear Maria Andrius  and all
      I would like to say thanks very much to Maria for good idea of starting Uyoga in Tanzania we can see  good improvment,thanks Ricardo too for your good support he has given to us i have been out of the page for sometimes now,am studying at the same time i have job so am so tight here,but still am Uyoga member and Minciu sodas.What we need now through ICT is to connect different societies from different places on different issues facing our worlds todays like HIV aids and so on,we have just started here with UYOGA  in Dar es salaam but later on we need to be out of Dar,I havent here people from Tanga,Mwanza,Moshi Bukoba and other region sharing something on our Lab its means they dont internet there?Thanks Kim for good job your doing to UYOGA  we didint expert tthat in Arusha we can get such bright person as your now on IT we need to get others from  different place in Tanzania and Africa and we can make good on ICT,lets us  connect our  friends so we can learn different things from them as we have learn from You Kiyavilo when you speak out is when we know what you have inside you heart.
      Helen Mahoo

      Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo@...> wrote:
      Dear Fred, Prosper, Josephat, Ricardo and all,
      I would like  to recognize that all what is going on in ICT the MSLab is for the great contribution of Ricardo. I consider Ricardo not only an expert but also a manager of these issues and I appreciate him because he designs some idea then  suddenly  he put it  in practice  in detail. As I told  him I'm very available to collaborate (as a secretary)  in this ICT group in with Ricardo, Kims, UYOGA people, Fred, Samwel, Francis from Nigeria/Italy, at the moment...then everybody is welcome!
      Maria Agnese

      fdkayiwa <fdkayiwa@yahoo. com> ha scritto:
      --Thanks Sam for the nice remarks
      I too appreciate the works that Maria and Ricardo does
      Maria hope to chat with you soon.and Ricardo

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