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Response to Moses and Andrius

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Moses and All, It s fantastic to read about your wonderful endeavors with regards to ICTs in Zambia, and I m delighted that you know something abt the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26 12:01 AM
      Dear Moses and All,
      It's fantastic to read about your wonderful endeavors with regards to ICTs in Zambia, and I'm delighted that you know something abt the World Bank-Rotary project! Are you part of it now, or would you like to have a link to it?  I can hook you up with the person at the WB who is designing it, if you like. There is some great material I've gathered which I'll be happy to share, and some of my own Zambian contacts.
      I'd like to hear more about Schoolnet Zambia, and what you are doing in that project too. It would be good to connect with Sam in Kenya, with Actwid Kongadzem in Cameroon, and others here who may benefit from the ICTs discussion, and also community currencies discussion, in the African context.
      With many thanks and looking forward to hearing more, sharing, and learning together! All best wishes, Janet


      I am well thank you. I have not been contributing to the list but
      please be assured that I have been following the mail.

      In addition to my fulltime job in a public and busy office, In a
      small way, I have continued exploring ways in which ICTs can add
      value and improve the living standards of people in Zambia. Yes
      issues of education and ICT literacy are still key to this. I
      therefore have continued to promote SchoolNet Zambia. A number of
      schools now have computers but we still face the challenge of
      ensuring that the computers in these schools are utilised. On the OSS
      in schools and colleges, I have now acquired about 30 computers for a
      government college in Lusaka, which I would like to set up as a
      Zambia Open Source Software best practices centre not only for
      learning institutions but also for the business community, possibly
      to come and see and experience Open Source Software. I see this
      centre also acting as a repository to enable those interested but
      without Internet connectivity to come and get a copy from the centre.

      I have also continued with the eBrain Forum of Zambia advocating and
      lobbying for awareness raising in communities and promoting ICT
      information and knowledge sharing. There are challenges there to do
      with volunteerism vs. making money. It has been very interesting that
      you organise people to offer their time to help in communities but
      along the way, people expect to see opportunities where they can make
      money for themselves. As an NGO, how can you approach this? I have
      not carefully followed the concept of community currency but I wonder
      how this could relate to the volunteerism challenge?

      I have also been involved with youth community projects and lately,
      have been very much attracted to a Youth HIV/Aids ICT and
      entrepreneurship project whose aim is to train about 200 out of
      employment youth in ICT and entrepreneurship skills with a view to
      enabling these youth to apply the skills in the areas of HIV/Aids.
      This is the project being supported by the Rotary that Janet Feldman
      talked about in her email.


      Moses Mwale

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