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Re: Drumming in the Spring (today and tomorrow): Thanks to Ken, Charles, Wendi and Actwid Kongadzem, Ed/anyone else?

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Hi Wendi, Janet and all, Splendid indeed, i do share too that in a small way we contributed to the echos of the Drums that captured the world on Thursday
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      Hi Wendi, Janet and all,
      Splendid indeed, i do share too that in a small way we contributed to the echos of the Drums that captured the world on Thursday evening, eve of a Good Friday.
      However our's was far away from the City frontiers, we are pithching camp in the Amboseli National park, holidaying, performing series of shows, seeking internal/mental stability and rehearsing in preparation to an upcoming performance.
      Our heart beats.. i mean drum beats not only drew the elephants and zebras closer to the fence of the lodge but also invited the lodge staff to join us in the peaceful songs accompanied by drums that captivated and warmed the hearts of many.
      The cries, squeeks, chirps, howls and barks of the wildlife  accompanied our beats.
      Am glad that others (People) too tapped some cords in solidarity to the Global Earth Day.
      Ours was turned into christian hymns ushering in the easter festives, it was really exhilarating , fusing this with the African and Kenyan folk songs that promotes National intergration.
      The mood shifted through energy and low moments, with songs reminding us of the blood we shed, the freedom we painfully fought to get, and encouraging peaceful, brotherly, neighbourly, sisterly,fatherly and motherly co-existance.
      We are now sited here after a tiring day of tumbling, diving through hoops, and climbing on and off  each others necks, shoulders  and heads not fighting , but building human Pyramids that is a symbol of "united we stand divided we fall", that is always our guiding principle Nafsi Afrika wich means the soul of Africa, the souls of each other..
      We are watching elephants making love, not war and the grass bearing the brunt or do we say joy(just an anecdote, this isn't my line, i quote Koffi Annan the great Peace maker)
      Enjoy your Easter,
      Ken Owino
      Nafsi africa Acrobats    

      Ours  --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, ACTWID KONGADZEM <actwid_k@...> wrote:
      > Dear Janet and all,
      > We just wish to share the experience we had drumming
      > from 7.00pm to 8.30pm yesterday.I was really wonderful
      > and exciting. Many of our neighbours in our office
      > facility came around to find out what the drumming was
      > all about. We first explained that it was to encourage
      > peace and end war. This was really shared among our
      > community members as every one who came said the idea
      > of peace is very neccessary for all as they too in
      > Cameroon experienced violence with killings that were
      > all leading to a war if  some measures were not taken.
      > In that
      peaceful light, many  just wanted to touch our
      > drums to at least make their own sounds heard. Two
      > women who got excited with the drumming thought us an
      > old song that was sang by our fore fathers in the
      > early days if ever they heard the sound of the drum in
      > the night saying that as they sat at their homes and
      > our drumming long sounds echoed into their houses and
      > they had to follow up to find out what was happening
      > since the gongman or town crier had not made any
      > statement.
      > It was really nice and those of us present there were
      > 28 and we actually felt some inner peace built around
      > us.
      > This was our second time to join the drumming as we
      > did too three years ago but this one of yesterday
      > brought in so man people who are seeing this global
      > earth day idea as a good thing to remember yearly and
      > send World peaceful messages  through out
      the whole
      > world as all need peace and not war.
      > Best Regards to you all at Holistichelpings and happy
      > Easter 2008.
      > --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      > > Dear Friends,
      > >
      > > This is just a quick reminder that global drumming
      > > will be taking place tonight and tomorrow, to usher
      > > in the first day of Spring, as well as to encourage
      > > peace and an end to war. People in the USA will be
      > > drumming from 7-8:30pm tonight, which will be
      > > "tomorrow" in many places.
      > >
      > > Charles Aboge, Wendi and Actwid Kongadzem, Ken
      > > Owino, and Ed Cherlin have answered the call, and it
      > > would be great if others can drum too...fingers on
      > > tabletops acceptable, as well as all manner of other
      > > drums, drumming, and drummers!
      > >
      > > Hopefully Ken and friends at Sarakasi Trust
      > > Nairobi will organize a global drumming event later
      > > this year, and perhaps One World Beat too. In the
      > > meantime, let drums for peace sound in our hearts,
      > > minds, and spirits, and here's to making some
      > > beautiful music together! Janet
      > >
      > >
      > > ***********************************************
      > > Please Pass The Word:
      > > 3 years ago we held a worldwide drumming event on
      > > March 20th to celebrate International Earth Day and
      > > the spring equinox. We also wanted to point out the
      > > effect that the war is having on the earth. Now 5
      > > years into the war in Iraq we will drum again.
      > >
      > > On March 20, 2008, in celebration of International
      > > Earth Day, Spring Equinox, Alban Eilir, Eostar,
      > > Eostre, Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed  Virgin
      > > Mary, Festival of Trees,
      Lady Day, NawRuz , No Ruz,
      > > Ostara, The Return of the Sun Serpent, Ostra, Rites
      > > of Spring, Setsubun, and the Vernal Equinox. We are
      > > asking you to join us once again, uniting our drums
      > > around the world for Hope and Renewal
      > >
      > > If you would like to take part in the event you will
      > > need to drum from 7:00 until 8:30pm on March 20th.
      > >
      > > Call your friends, make a party out of it... It's
      > > time to Drum for Hope and Renewal.
      > >
      > > Please write me at upkentucky@... if you are
      > > going to take part so we can keep track of how far
      > > the drums sounded.
      > >
      > > Please Join the New Morning Drums for Peace
      > > yahoogroup at
      > >
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/New-Morning-Drums-for-Peace/
      > >
      > > Your in Hope and Renewal
      > > Jerry
      > > New Morning Drums for Peace
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > 
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > 
      > >
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