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Re: [holistichelping] Ugunja CRC Peace Initiative

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Charles, Damas, Aggrey, Ken, and All, Immense thanks for your quick response and your invaluable work (Charles, Damas, and Aggrey), and to Ken for linking
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 20, 2008
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      Dear Charles, Damas, Aggrey, Ken, and All,

      Immense thanks for your quick response and your invaluable work (Charles,
      Damas, and Aggrey), and to Ken for linking us up!! This is so exciting and
      we will indeed check out the newsletters, as well as look for ways to spread
      news of your activities, and find ways to collaborate. I'm happy that Damas
      has signed up for Holistic Helping, the e-group I moderate--which is
      focusing on peace issues in Kenya during the past few months--and you and
      anyone else are most welcome, Charles.

      I am a trained mediator myself, so that when I see the similar approaches
      you are taking to conflict resolution, it is both inspiring and energizing.
      I would love to learn more about what you do and how you do it, and for all
      of us to find ways to support and aid this work. Sharing your
      peace-building model would be wonderful, and I and we can make sure that
      many others know about it too.

      As you say, areas of common interest might be: 1) IDPs 2) reconstruction
      and resettlement 3) mediation at the community level 4) healing from
      trauma. I would also add "community centers", as we have been discussing
      the idea of "peace centers" of some kind, linked in particular to existing
      telecenters, which would in part focus on skills-building for young people,
      as well as on peace-related issues. Would UCRC be interested in this? Ken
      has mentioned that KenTel is interested, and has suggested one or two
      possible participants/hosts already.

      I will send you the NRI info now, and hope it is helpful!

      Perhaps there could be a meeting of some kind in Kisumu (where you mention
      working now), among the interested parties? I would suggest in April, when
      there will be a children's peace summit, organized by Odyssey Arts Pioneers
      and other partners, hopefully including members of the Pyramid of Peace.

      Will close for now and look forward to many more fruitful conversations and
      activities! With all best wishes and greatest blessings, Janet

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      From: "Charles Oduor Ogada" <charlesogada@...>
      To: "Janet Feldman" <kaippg@...>;
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      Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 3:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Ugunja CRC Peace Initiative

      > Dear janet and All,
      > Thank you so much for always getting connected to our work and your
      > keeness to work with us. We really welcome sharing and working
      > togather, for more information about what the peace committees do and
      > how they help in the on going mediation process. You can refer to the
      > Siaya peace weekly online newsletter that is found in our website :
      > www.ugunja.org. Am collecting other reports which I will share with you
      > too.
      > I think we would like to work with the pyramid of peace on issues of
      > reconstruction and settlement of IDPs, we are also keen in helping and
      > working togather on issues of mediation at the community level. The
      > violence has led to many issues coming up and others quite traumatised,
      > this calls for the community centres like ours to help reach out and
      > help people go through the healing process. We are quite open to share
      > the peace building model we have used in helping easen tensiion in Siaya
      > district and now Kisumu. We would wish very much to share experiences
      > we have gone through and even learn on how to improve upon the model.
      > Regarding the national response initiative you are talking about, I may
      > say we have not put our application and we would love to put in our
      > request, please forward to me the neccessary information to help us put
      > an application.
      > Thanks and best of regards
      > Charles Ogada
      > UCRC
      > On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 15:55:42 -0600, "Janet Feldman"
      > <kaippg@...> said:
      >> Dear Ken, Aggrey, Charles, Damas, Andrius, and All,
      >> Immense thanks for the wonderful email, Ken, and indeed it would be
      >> wonderful to have a UCRC rep at Holistic Helping, and working with the
      >> Pyramid of Peace (www.pyramidofpeace.net) in some form.
      >> We have seen some of the invaluable work of UCRC as posted at UgaBYTES,
      >> and
      >> I have cc'd Damas, Charles Ogada, and Aggrey Omondi at a couple other
      >> points
      >> during the past few months, so perhaps they are aware of our work.
      >> For everyone at UCRC, I have another link to your work in that I am part
      >> of
      >> GRASSUP NOW, this as KAIPPG's international director.
      >> We in the Pyramid of Peace initiative would love to hear more from you
      >> about
      >> your peace-related activities, in particular the peace committees, work
      >> of
      >> your peace team, and your efforts to address the needs of youth and IDPs.
      >> How might be help you, how might we work with you--and you work with
      >> us--and
      >> do you think your particular approach or "model" for addressing issues
      >> and
      >> needs is something which can be replicated? It sounds like you have had
      >> great success in your approach, and I believe we could learn from you and
      >> emulate what you are doing elsewhere.
      >> One more thing for now: have you gotten, filled in, or submitted a
      >> National
      >> Response Initiative application? If not, please let me know and I will
      >> send
      >> you a sample. Your work fits right in with what the Initiative is looking
      >> for, and you seem to be a great candidate for some support from them. The
      >> applications are due "asap", though no particular deadline.
      >> With all best wishes and blessings, and we look forward to hearing from
      >> you
      >> and hopefully working together! Janet (Feldman, KAIPPG International and
      >> ActALIVE, kaippg@..., www.kaippg.org and www.actalive.org)
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      >> From: "Andrius Kulikauskas" <ms@...>
      >> To: "help group" <holistichelping@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Cc: "chelimo kenneth" <chelimoken@...>; <damasogwe@...>
      >> Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 8:22 AM
      >> Subject: [holistichelping] Ugunja CRC Peace Initiative
      >> > Kenneth Chelimo, Thank you for your news and recommendation. I invite
      >> > Damas to join us at Janet Feldman's working group Holistic Helping
      >> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ send a blank message to
      >> > holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or let me know and I will
      >> > sign
      >> > you up. Andrius
      >> > ------------------------------------------
      >> >
      >> > Dear Janet and Andrius,
      >> >
      >> > I hope you are fine and doing well in your good work. Iam writing this
      >> > Mail from Ugunja CRC where KenTel secretariat is located. After the
      >> > Kisumu meeting yesterday, I came to Ugunja for a day to check on KenTel
      >> > issues and find out about what Ugunja was doing in peace building,
      >> > healing and reconciliation in the post election violence period.
      >> >
      >> > I met the Director Aggrey Omondi and these people are doing a great job
      >> > in peace building. Through their initiative they have assisted in
      >> > setting up peace committees in 6 constituencies in Siaya and the
      >> > greater
      >> > kisumu districts. The committeees are involved in relief and social
      >> > welfare, security, advocacy and reconciliation.
      >> >
      >> > Ugunja UCRC peace team has also engaged the business community in the
      >> > area not to hike prices of essential commodities especially when there
      >> > are shortages. During the turbulent days, the team engaged the police
      >> > to
      >> > provide escort to transport basic commodities as major roads were
      >> > blocked by marauding youth.
      >> >
      >> > The same youth have also been identified in the process of peace
      >> > building and UCRC is encouraging them to develop their business
      >> > plans.
      >> > The programme targets youth who participated in the post election
      >> > violence. The centre is giving them stocks of Maize, beans,groundnuts,
      >> > charcoal etc to enable them set up small scale business as a way of
      >> > making them busy instead of idling and engaging in petty crimes. UCRC
      >> > prefers giving them stocks of commodities instead of money as the youth
      >> > will readily squander the money and remain with nothing immediately.
      >> >
      >> > The peace team has been mobilizing resources to donate to IDPs at Siaya
      >> > Police station. They have also beeen welcoming returneess evicted from
      >> > other areas in the country. They have been donating clothes, food and
      >> > other comodities to the IDPs since the violence broke out.
      >> >
      >> > UCRC has also been producing a weekly online newsletter called Siaya
      >> > Peace weekly (www.ugunja.org/news_current.php). The weekly discusses
      >> > peace issues and activities in the region.
      >> >
      >> > From my own observation this is a very inspiring peace building
      >> > initiative and UCRC needs our support. For more information on UCRC
      >> > peace initiative you can contact Damas Ogwe +254 721 605 082 E- Mail.:
      >> > damasogwe@.... Thanks and stay in peace
      >> >
      >> > Ken Chelimo
      >> >
      >> > ------------------------------------
      >> >
      >> > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HolisticHelping
      >> >
      >> > Please note our rule: Each letter sent to the Holistic Helping group
      >> > enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise. Thank
      >> > you! http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org
      >> >
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