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Report of the meeting in Kisumu

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Meeting of Samwel Kongere and Maria Agnese Giraudo with Benter Oballa Bwana, Bernadette Otieno, Charles Aboge, - Kisumu, Kenya, on 14th August 2006
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      Meeting of  Samwel Kongere and Maria Agnese Giraudo with  Benter Oballa  Bwana, Bernadette Otieno, Charles  Aboge,  -  Kisumu, Kenya,   on  14th August 2006
      Bernadette Otieno is the Coordinator of  St.Rita Community Based Orphan Care – Kisumu 
      ST Rita CBOC started in 1998 in Dunga,  Kisumu dedicated to her last sister lost tragically. After such  events of her family she resigned  from job as Psycologist and  started  the project.
      Members: 12 mothers of the community.
      To empower  Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)  at risk and affected  of HIV/AIDS and their caregivers with skills. To work with community to improve their life level, using local resources for sustainable development.
      The main aim is to help OVC   to run a normal life  in a  friendly and caring  family  environment:
      providing house where to live
      taking to school
      paying school fees
      providing treatments
      providing assistance by volunteers
      St Rita CBO foresee a community where OVC are provided with right of survive, protection in an environment where they can realize their talents in society.
      Orphan children   130
      Orphans in Secondary school 19
      Other new  3 St.Rita  centers are operating:
      Vyoma, Bomdo District
      Kitmikayi, Kisumu
      Nyabomdo, Nyando District
      The World’s Children Prize  for the Rights of the Child 2005- Sweden
      contact  +254.057.2023106
      Unfortunately we couldn’t visit St Rita CBO. We hope to have the chance to visit it next time we will together in Kenya.
      Charles Aboge  is the founder and director of the project ”KISUMU Children Center and School” Kisumu, Kenya
      Journalist for 25 years in governmental and  independent newspapers, experienced in many fields.
      The project stated in 1996 to provide education to orphans and vulnerable children, in 1997 Kisumu City Council donated  the nursery school building with 6 teachers paid   by Government.
      Children  180 from 3 to 10 year old. After that age they go to City Council School where they get free education on the agreement  with the City Council of the 1997.
      The organization starting implementing a feeding program, clothing, shelter, and healthcare services to the children. Actually no all these  programs  keep on. The Children Center and School got many   visitors  from Government, UNICEF, US Ambassador, etc.
      Charles Aboge  got from the President of Rep of Kenya  personal award
      International awards ( for more information contact  Charles Aboge)
      The  Government has given Charles Aboge  a plot next provincial hospital of 3 he already fenced. His intention is to develop a school for professional learning training on self-sustainable activities
      We visited the center around  5,30 pm. Therefore we  couldn’t meet the children. We asked Charles for refurbishing the center rooms and he accepted our advice.

      Benter Oballa Bwana  - Kwogo Women Group

      The organization, registered by government,   started in 1997,  by 7 ladies:
      Aims: to improve the standard  of life of the community in Kajulu est, Winam division, Kisumu District., 10 km from Kisumu town.  The area presents different problems due to squatters without land, water and latrines, proximity to town, high rate of unemployment, prostitution and risk of HIV/AIDS transmission. Presence of many orphans and widows.



      1. HBC for the community

      Training of members and relatives of sick people
      Referring to hospital S. Monica Catholic hospital, District Hospital


      2. Nutrition

      In particular in the management of HIV/AIDS,  intakes of herbs and vegetables:
      Moringa, tropical plant
      There are scientific evidences of the benefits of integrating the  nutrition of  vulnerable populations  with micronutrient-rich foods  such as the leaves Moringa oleifera
      (with an high content  of vitamins (total and  beta-carotene and ascorbic acid) and minerals. (calcium, phosphorus and iron) and other components, such  as  flavonoids etc.
      Medical properties: “use for  prevention of respiratory disorders.. sexual disorder, high bood pressure etc.(1).
      The results in the community, after three years  of intake,  show the property of “immune booster” of Moringa leaves.
      *Rosella tea (Hibiscus heterophyllus)  nutritive value in amino acids,  minerals and vitamins and medical properties: “diuretic, cholerectic febrifugal and hypotensive…”

      Local vegetables:

      They encourage the  local community to cultivate “their kitchen garden”, beside their kitchen. Foods are also dried and sold.
       *Grain Amaranth  “..with high protein, as well as a high fat content…”

      3. Business

       Production and selling  of  avocado, neeme (I ‘m not sure of  spelling, and I would like to get more information on it) soaps
      4. Children and Women  Rights
      Paralegal action
       5. Girls
      Occasionally they buy sanitary towels for girls, who during their menstruation  miss the school and risk infections. In the plan it is to start a project for girls.
      6. Education of the Community
      Barazas (a meeting, term used in East  Africa), 1 each year,  about children  and women rights, Child labor, etc.
      Unfortunately we couldn’t visit Kwogo Women Group and explore that area, near Kisumu.
      (1) Seshadei S., Nambiar VS   Kanjero (Digera arvensis) and Drumstick leaves (Moringa oleifera): nutrient profile and potential for human consumption. World Rev Nutr Diet 2003;91:41-59

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