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Re: [holistichelping] Tom and all in Kisumu/Andrius: note "Luo"!/March meetings

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  • Hannington Otieno
    Hi Hezekiah,Ronald,Tom and others. I admit the urgent need to tackle the Kisumu issue and I couldnt agree better on the fact that the time is now that these
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      Hi Hezekiah,Ronald,Tom and others.
      I admit the urgent need to tackle the Kisumu issue and I couldnt agree better on the fact that the time is now that these issues need to be looked into with the involvement of the wider community. I still remember with sadness the destruction that befell our regional capital - Kisumu, and the wider Nyanza province as buildings went up in flames.
      Im available for the meetings and any form of discussion on the issues.
      My telephone number is 0721533985.
      Lets keep this discussion going and deliberate the issues soberly bearing in mind Political machinations and the place of elders in the luo culture.
      The future belongs to us and any positive change that will come to our community should start with us - the youth, as it will greatly benefit us in our later lives and those of our children.
      Lastly my gratitude to the entire PoP family for pouring out your hearts to Kenya in our greatest time of need we are not yet there but we can see light at the end of the tunnel. May God reward the great hearts, Minds and Souls that are part of this great Group and enable us to continue embracing these great yet noble assignments as indipendent thinkers.

      Hezekiah Nyaranga <reachout5@...> wrote:
      Dear Ronald,Hannington, Tom.
      we as the youths have a duty to ensure that we do not
      engage in activities that can put our lives and the
      lives of other kenyans at risk.This meeting to me
      looks like a good starting point and it will help to
      create an avenue for healing process.
      We need to reach out to several corners of the
      province and be able to involve as many youths as
      possible.I know it will be difficult if we dont have
      enough funds to do networking but still we can do the
      Am available for any meeting and would like input from
      all concerned members of this forum.In my community
      alone 29 houses were burnt down and there is need to
      bring the families affected to accept the situation
      and forge ahead.
      We have work to do and we must do it now.
      My telephone contact is mobile 0724068282, office

      --- Hannington Otieno <tonnydulo@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > Hi Ronald,
      > My name is Hannington, not a coonstant distributor
      > but nevertheless a keen follower of activities of
      > PoP and part of the PoP family. I have been
      > following the discussions on Kisumu meetings with
      > keen interest and im just asking myself what the
      > people down there who were displaced and now have no
      > jobs - especially the youth are planning to engage
      > in.
      > Maybe you should start introducing the idea of
      > entrepreneurship in your discussions and help them
      > start thinking of starting small businesses.
      > I know the goverment has a youth fund for young
      > people to do businesses with and i know of people
      > who have managed to change their lives after making
      > use of those funds. What do you think???
      > Food for thought..... ......... ......
      > Hannington
      > ronald omondi <obobo2002@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > Hello Tom
      > Its very good for the work that you have done for
      > Kisumu so far. Its alos very encouraging by the
      > groups of people who you have managed to bring on
      > board and those who have assisted you during the
      > most difficult times in of the turmoil of our
      > beloved city to this time that we are now
      > celebrating the deal that has been reached .
      > I would wish to make you aware that Kisumu is the
      > capital of Nyanza Province and that should be taken
      > into consideration when we plan for this Luo council
      > meeting,if we dont get people from other regions of
      > far and wide like Southern part of Nyanza where Sam
      > Kongere, Jacktone Arija and DAn Otedo come from
      > then PoP might miss out on the larger grassroot
      > capture that the peace initiative is supposed to
      > take, Siaya and Bondo should also be incorporated
      > and we have a full house of the Luo council Meeting.
      > LEt me know the day that you have set aside for the
      > planning meeting where all this issues can be
      > addressed.
      > I must say that at last we have seen the hand of God
      > in kenya and Peace once again shall return to our
      > land
      > Blessings
      > tom ochuka <tomochuka@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > Kisumu ha agood number of ..orgs and
      > individuals. .we
      > ahe had Hezekiah leading us..he is already
      > ready..Tom
      > Obiero.I called last evening he is too willing o
      > join
      > us..Benedete will lead the ladies side.
      > Thanks we shall add more like he fish group,ODDESY
      > Arts of wison ouko..this is apupet group etc.
      > Its easier to work here so if its march we must
      > get
      > one sitabl day.like wednessday and plan ahead.
      > We can oo extend to areas of SIAYA.Etc.
      > Thanks
      > TOM
      > --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      > > Dear Tom and All,
      > >
      > > Marvelous news, and I'll network you with a few
      > > others who can help there in
      > > Kisumu, some of whom you may already know. Will
      > do
      > > that this week, and it
      > > will hopefully also be helpful to Joy and OVF
      > folks.
      > > It would be great to
      > > involve also Hezekiah and Tom Obiero too (who you
      > > know), and how abt
      > > Bernadette Otieno of St Rita's, who has also
      > > expressed interest?
      > >
      > > There is a women's fishery nonprofit, WIFIP, who
      > we
      > > should include as well.
      > > I can think of others who fit the description
      > > Andrius is giving for
      > > attendence, from artists to scientists. I will be
      > in
      > > touch w/them, and
      > > network them with you.
      > >
      > > This is such an encouraging message and move
      > towards
      > > peace, and it couldn't
      > > come at a more-needed time, what with the
      > suspension
      > > of mediation once
      > > again. We pray all parties will return to the
      > table
      > > soon!
      > >
      > > Andrius, thanks for your encouragement and
      > support.
      > > The idea of a meeting or
      > > Congress in March is good. My suggestion would be
      > > for meetings to take place
      > > in several locations, by which I mean something
      > > smaller and more informal,
      > > so that people don't feel pressure time-wise and
      > > financially abt travelling
      > > to one place (ie such as Kisumu or Nakuru for a
      > > "grand meeting").
      > >
      > > These could be linked via some ICTs-related means
      > > for part of a day--so that
      > > people at meetings across Kenya can communicate
      > with
      > > one another from
      > > wherever they are--with the other part of the day
      > > reserved for local
      > > organizing (f2f with others at the meetings).
      > >
      > > Locations could include Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru,
      > > Nairobi, and elsewhere as
      > > interest and need determine. Those who want to or
      > > are able to travel can
      > > attend any meeting they desire...this is for the
      > > larger numbers who might
      > > want to go somewhere to be with others, but
      > cannot
      > > travel longer distances.
      > >
      > > Finally, for now (Andrius): the tribe you refer
      > to
      > > is "Luo" (not "Lou"). I
      > > had been thinking this was probably a typo on
      > your
      > > part until this mail
      > > today, when the word was used a number of times.
      > >
      > > With thanks and greatest blessings, Janet
      > >
      > >
      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > From: "Andrius Kulikauskas" <ms@...>
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      > > <fightingpeacefully@ yahoogroups. com>;
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      > > Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 12:04 PM
      > > Subject: [mendenyo] Re: Wild youg men.....say no
      > to
      > > Demos in kisumu
      > >
      > >
      > > > Tom, Fantastic work. Kisumu will now become a
      > > priority because Kennedy
      > > > Owino has agreed to serve as our Leader of the
      > Lou
      > > tribe for our Pyramid
      > > > of Peace. We will organize the Lou tribe and
      > have
      > > a Congress in Kisumu
      > > > in March made of those Independent Thinkers who
      > > love the Lou tribe.
      > > > Please help us find them: dancers, singers,
      > > artists, actors, musicians,
      > > > athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, priests,
      > > activists, ecologists.. .
      > > > The Congress will be the voice of the Lou tribe
      > > and declare the vision
      > > > for the tribe, set and reset the traditions,
      > and
      > > be able to come to
      > > > agreement with whoever is in government. We
      > will
      > > also send our
      > > > peacemakers to the many villages to address
      > their
      > > elders and ask them if
      > > > they would like to give allegiance to the
      > Pyramid
      > > of Peace or not.
      > > > Those who do will appoint a Messenger,
      > typically a
      > > youth with ICT skills
      > > > who we will train and further support so we can
      > > stay in touch with the
      > > > elders. The village will organize a volunteer
      > > security team with white
      > > > armbands who will keep order in the village and
      > > keep the villagers from
      > > > participating in the civil war which we are
      > > expecting. They will also
      > > > be ready to participate in Pyramid of Peace
      > > operations.
      > > >
      > > > Asif, Yes. Who might lead with your idea to
      > > collect and send used cell
      > > > phones?
      > > >
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