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  • Rachel Kungu
    Dear Edwin, I totally agree on what you have discussed here below, i would also like to add that money is not everything and after meeting the people on the
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 3, 2008
      Dear Edwin,

      I totally agree on what you have discussed here below, i would also like to add that money is not everything and after meeting the people on the ground with the support of POP , i would like to encourage the spirit of volunteerism, lets not look at POP as a bank but as a means to our achievement by working with minimal resource as possible, and when it is absolutely needed.

      I have given contacts for training going on in Kisumu and i will continue doing that in other areas but take an initiative of being in the meeting to beneit from the training so that you can help others. Edwin am still trying to get a training to combine Kericho Nandi Hills and Sotik, however lets build relationship with the groups and people we have already met.

      We had a discussion with Andrius and agreed that for now what is required is trainings on healing and reconciliation, i hope we can achieve that as the time goes by for a long term relationship.

      It has always been a debate of how we can measure the impact of peace on the ground since it is more of attitude and behaviour which is not measure, or it takes time, thus your issue not very strange but lets see what each one of us can be able to achieve.

      Bye for now


      On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 3:49 PM, edmixsound <edmixsound@...> wrote:

      Andrius, Janet, Ricaldo,Pam, Rachel, Ken, David, Dennis, Chelimo, Were
      and all my beloved friends.

      Reconciliation takes time, not money.

      People really reconcile quickly. Relationship takes time to establish
      and strengthen.
      Reconciliation cannot be done for the communities which have divided.
      They need to want to rebuild their relationship. PoP therefore may
      find they need to invest a lot of time in providing opportunities for

      It is important to consider what kind of activities to carry out
      within the community we have managed to reach. If the activities are
      expensive or long term, then external funding may be difficult to
      find, because the impact will not happen quickly or be easy to
      measure. However, many reconciliation initiatives can be low cost as
      we are doing.

      Funds eventually run out, but there are many non-limiting resources
      that PoP and local communities posses that are useful and even vital
      for encouraging reconciliation. These resources do not run out as they

      LOVE: The bible tells us to love our neighbor and our enemy. There
      are many different ways of showing love to others- even simply
      spending time with other people.

      PRAYER: Prayer should underlie any development work we do, because we
      are dependent on God.

      SKILLS: In addition to using skills, they can also be shared through
      training-those trained can pass what has been learnt to others and
      nothing is lost in doing so.

      KNOWLEDGE: PoP, Local organization or churches can share knowledge
      about a situation or how to solve a problem. Often, this knowledge is
      gained through past experience.

      Another thing is i want to suggest that from what i have realized from
      the children I have seen through out the camps, it's important to
      recognize that following the violent conflict, some of them might be
      suffering from trauma.
      Trauma being a psychological illness due to shock of witnessing or
      experiencing physical harm. It can happen immediately after an event
      or months after, they are particularly at risk.
      It's important that children suffering from trauma are helped as soon
      as possible after the symptoms occur. If left untreated, trauma can
      read to depression to this kids and lead to serious future problems.

      To finish up its important to remember to continue to build trust
      between the community's so as to bridge the gap which has been made by
      post elections.
      The truth is communities from different ethnic background will start
      to communicate with each other and already they have; they might not
      be able to trust each other. Trust is an important element in any
      relationship. Without trust, it's difficult to value and act upon what
      other people say. People may find it's a harder to "agree to disagree"
      on difficult issues, and intent to allow the issue to become barrier
      in the relationship
      PoP can build trust within communities by running workshops, starting
      development projects or do follow ups for the efforts they have made
      for the areas they have done groundbreaking of what's happening on the
      communities. These communities require groups to work together as to
      build that lost trust, as i had quoted in my Sotik report.

      Working together strengthens understanding and brings reconciliations.

      Have a nice time and let God strenthen you guys for the work you are

      With a lot of love and peace
      Edwine Nyandisi
      +254 722 587 836

      God bless.

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