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Fwd: [Vuma Peace] Peace Radio Update

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  • John Barbieri
    Feedback and input from POP Kenyan leaders and others needed... ... From: Inbal Alon Date: Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 4:08 PM Subject: [Vuma
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      Feedback and input from POP Kenyan leaders and others needed...

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      From: Inbal Alon <inbal.alon@...>
      Date: Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 4:08 PM
      Subject: [Vuma Peace] Peace Radio Update
      To: Vuma Kenya Peace and Reconciliation Initiative <VKPRI@...>

      Hello everyone,

      Here is a quick update on our peace radio initiative.

      we have contacted KASS FM, EASY FM, Ghetto FM, and Koch FM radio
      stations and have extended our support to keep radio peace programs on
      the air.

      We still need contacts at Capital FM, Pamoja FM, Kenyatta University
      radio, and SIDAREC. If you have those, please connect with either John
      or me.

      As we support radio programs, here are some items that everyone in
      this network can help us with:

      1. guest speakers: if we are offering to stations that we can find
      guest speakers, we need to start compiling a list so that we can have
      people ready to go on air at any time, some from here, but mostly
      people on the ground in Kenya. People we need are:

      *       Leaders of community peace initiatives in Kenya
      *       Leaders of peace initiatives in the Diaspora
      *       Concerned citizens of neighboring countries
      *       Women's groups
      *       Youth groups
      *       Religious groups
      *       Academic scholars

      If you can start asking people if they wold agree to talk on the
      radio, and if they say yes, send me their name, organization, work
      they do, contact information, and language they speak. I will compile
      a database so that we can be a resource to the various stations we are
      working with.

      2. Peace Education scripts - we need to get people writing, ideally,
      it would be best for people from Kenya to write these scripts. Perhaps
      there are some youth organizations that we can train (half a day
      workshop) on writing peace messages and communication strategies, and
      then we can have a group of people writing for various stations? Any
      ideas for youth groups? I can help develop the training materials if
      there is a facilitator on the ground to do the training.

      Your feedback is important for the succees of this program :)

      Warm regards

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