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Re: [holistichelping] Bioregions

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  • ronald omondi
    Hello Ken Tom and all I applaud you all for being very focussed and open in your view of the situations that are with us today. Ken i like the idea of the
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 2, 2008
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      Hello Ken Tom and all
      I applaud you all for being very focussed and open in your view of the situations that are with us today. Ken  i like the idea of the lake region including our brothers and sisters from kalenjin,Luhya,Kisiis and Kurias. We may also need to bring on board the Maasai's,  more often do we hear about them clashing with the Kisiis over land and livestock. The idea about the lake region should form and fall in place like a jig saw puzzle. All these tribes have different cultures and their ways of lives are totally different,the Kisiis and the Luhyas will be know for agricultural activities,Kalenjins for their caring of livestock and Luos for fishing. We all have to coexist and this cannot be represented anybetter than having a council that incoporates all of them.
      The next issue is to make sure in incoporating members to the council we all have to show the all inclusiveness to all parties. I'd like to point that several forums that i have attended as a delegate from Nyanza have always seen Kisiis complaining bitterly that the luo nyanza always get their way in times when reps are to be chosen to from every region. Such pitfalls need to be pointed out and guarded as we move towards constituiting the regional diversity  council.
      Another approach that we may take is to try and involve our locall leaders at all times especially the provincial administration and politicians they always see faults in any activity that is seen to bringing change in their respective communities this i speak from experience with my local MP who stood before a meeting and disowned me for bringing the Youth together for a common course. These are some issues that we may have too look into and have possible solutions as we move towards establishing the diversity councils.
      I also liked the idea that Andrius proposed for involving those who care about the communities and not themselves because if this is so then no results shall be achieved when we have people who are looking into themselves and not others. I have also witnessed scenarios where we elect representatives at forums to represent us only to realise later that our course is dropped along the way and some personal issues are the ones being persued. May we get members who are fully commited to give it all to the communities.
      Just to know do we have a date that we will be having the meetings PoP members that was to be for Nakuru or the regional meeting for Kisumu?
      I needed to know this early because from the 16th am to join a team thats carrying out peace activities in 8districts in Kenya. 4 in Nyanza and four at the coast. The details of this are still not very clear but i will confirm this later on.
      May the great Lord bring peace upon our hearts.

      Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:
      I called and discussed with Tom and i find our views marrying. I bet the input of SAM In developing interegional councils around great lakes region necessary. Sam is very potential, harnessing our synergies would break through a realistic concept. My idea is, we concentrate our efforts in identified zones along the lake regions borders. We have kalenjins bodering luos, kisiis, kurias, and luhyas, bodering luos. A council comprising both tribes would promote co existance and open up the borders. I have identified sme few potential persons that would help us along this. The regional congress would maintain its headquater in Kisumu. This is my rough idea,please help us flesh up the skeleton. Sam will be arriving in NAIROBI (JOURneying into full recovery), we will explore on the idea further. Am confident that before mid march we will be having a structer clustered into councils and sub councils. More on this later. Ken owino

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