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Re: Radio Initiative/"peace radio" network/Intl Women's Day

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  • John Barbieri
    Dear Janet, George, Inbal and All, Thanks very much! Inbal Alon (inbal.alon@gmail.com) is actually the person here in the US leading the peace radio efforts
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
      Dear Janet, George, Inbal and All,

      Thanks very much! Inbal Alon (inbal.alon@...) is actually the person here in the US leading the peace radio efforts through VUMA. She was able to help set up peace call-ins at EASY FM for today and tomorrow, to particularly get Kenyans and others outside of Kenya to call in with messages of peace. Please see the email forwarded already to the lists with more info.

      Inbal, have you been in contact already with anyone at Koch, SIDAREC, Pamoja or Kenyatta University?

      George and others, can you connect myself and Inbal with these other groups and any others? We would like to see what VUMA's role can be in supporting all of you guys and efforts to create a larger "peace radio network."

      George and others, are you also involved/connected with the work of Kenya Indymedia? Also allies in this effort.

      I should be able to get in touch with some folks here who can provide help with low-power FM radio initiatives. George does the name Hannah Sassaman sound familiar? I know she has helped to start Kenya community FM projects in Kenya. She lives here in the US (in Philadelphia) and I will try to get in touch with her.

      I think contacting AMARC is a great idea, anyone already in touch with them?

      Also, I am wondering if it is not too late to try to plan some events for International Women's Day on March 8 (just one week!). I think it would be great to spread message on radio about women-led, women-and-child-focused peace efforts. Looks like AMARC is planning a 24 hour webcast for Intl Women's Day.

      Rachel, George and others, do you know what community (and national) women's groups are planning for International Women's Day?

      In solidarity,

      On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 8:14 PM, Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      Dear John, BF George, and All,
      Wonderful to hear from you both (BF George, will write more tomorrow), and I have introduced both of you to the other now in separate mails. So this will serve as a connector, and George has indicated that he will sign up for HH soon, so we can have conversations in that forum too.  And hopefully VUMA Kenya as well (George, this is the Googlegroups of a diverse network of people and orgs working for peace and justice in Kenya)!
      I have heard from George today, and here is an excerpt of his remarks abt Ghetto FM and other stations:
      "We are having peace meetings within the affected slums. We have had three meetings since the violence erupted. I will be sending the photos so that you may circulate them to forum members. These meetings were successful because of Ghetto FM. Through the station, we were able to mobilize assistance to the displaced, coordinated meetings between various communities, and have preached peace and reconciliation. Therefore any support to help improve Ghetto FM will be a boost to the youth working with the station. What excited me most is the fact that we have our own people (from the areas we operate in) as presenters. These are people who never went to college to learn journalism. What we did is just to give them an in-house training for a month, and that was it. Looking at some of the programs that they came up with, one is tempted to think you are dealing with professionals.
      Further support will really be a big boost. I would like to talk to John Barbieri very much. He can help us with ideas on how to go about peace forums, and the healing process. Our people need this so much. There are other community radio stations in Nairobi like Koch, Pamoja, Kenyatta University among others. Pamoja is based in Kibera where Fred has a project. I can connect him with them. Community radio stations are given same frequencies, which means that Ghetto can only broadcast up to a particular area within Nairobi, where it reaches, then Koch and Pamoja takes over. SIDAREC is trying to organize community radio stations in Kenya so that we have a voice. We are in the process of registering the network. We have not moved on a peace network. We are still consulting with others, and I believe it will be a good idea if you start the process of connecting us."
      I hope Ken Chelimo and Wesley Chebii will post with more abt the radio-related initiative in Eldoret, or I can piece some of their previous postings on peace radio together (which are as prolific and passionate as a peck of pickled peppers, haha!!).
      John, George can link you with some other stations too, like Pamoja. And he may be up on what some women's orgs and/or individual women might be doing. I can check into that more as well. Btw, John, the press release information is still current, as far as I know.
      I love the idea, mentioned by George, of a "peace radio network". I wonder if AMARC Africa and/or International should be contacted for support for this, technical at least?  There should be some other sources of support, resources, and encouragement we can find. Registering as a community-radio network first is a great idea, then focusing on peace as one of your major subject areas.
      There will hopefully be others in the POP network who can give you suggestions too, John and all. And I will write more soon in response to your mail to the VUMA forum on peace radio.
      For now, please contact George at geogias@..., and John is at kenyanpeace@....
      With greatest thanks and here's to corresponding with "frequency" :)))!  Janet
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      Hi all,
      Thanks Janet for forwarding this. If you or others can link me to/provide contact information for Ghetto FM and Pamoja FM that would be great!


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