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Correction! Kofi Annan: Negligence of Corporations, Tribes, States

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I add some corrections. Please use this version! It s not just where we live that matters, but all that we care about, regardless of where we live. Andrius
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
      I add some corrections. Please use this version! It's not just where we
      live that matters, but all that we care about, regardless of where we
      live. Andrius

      Rachel, David, Kennedy, Peter, Janet, Ronald, Cathy, Tom,
      Thank you all for very deep thinking at this juncture in history.

      There is a need for me to step back and allow our Kenyan participants to
      sort out, where do you want to go? Yet if Kofi Annan may hear us, then
      I don't want to be silent.

      Janet, I agree that we are entering a new phase of peacemaking. I
      expect our command structure will become secondary or irrelevant. The
      words Coordinator, Champion, Peacemaker are very appropriate. My own
      interest will be to understand what organizational structures we might
      think through that would encourage independent thinkers. At this point,
      I also want to add some thoughts from serving as Commander-in-Chief of
      the Pyramid of Peace.

      Summary of message for Kofi Annan

      Kofi Annan, you know that averting genocide is not a local issue, not a
      national issue, but an issue for all of humanity. Independent
      peacemakers are having to work within and support nation-state
      structures which for many of us are simply irrelevant. We want to
      organize a world that supports our rights:
      * to act as peacemakers and wield all of the authority we are able to
      * to belong to no tribe or any and all tribes
      * to be included in consensus for the matters that we care about

      Please help us reform those institutions which have been negligent:
      * Corporations must pay independent peacemakers at corporate rates for
      taking action which they did not.
      * Tribes, clans, castes and cliques must all have leadership structures
      which make sure that they are inclusive of all people.
      * States must cede primacy to those who care about bioregions so they
      might all work together as stewards.

      Corporations must pay peacemakers for the work they did

      Kofi Annan, please acknowledge that independent peacemakers like you and
      all of us had to risk our lives, go without work, take out loans because
      of the negligence of corporations, tribes and states. Corporations have
      the resources and the leadership which they should have mobilized for
      peace, but instead they kept those resources idle, and left that task to
      independent peacemakers. Indeed, they benefited from the roads we
      risked our lives to open. They need to realize their negligence of
      civic duty. Please help us invoice them at corporate rates the work
      that peacemakers have done which they neglected to do. Surely your own
      work these last two months would be worth $2,000,000 if not $20,000,000
      at corporate executive rates if your work was linked to the rise in
      value of the Kenyan stock market. I wish to submit a bill for $750,000
      to give back to the participants of the Pyramid of Peace what they have
      given to us and all of Kenya. Please help us find corporations that
      would honor this bill so that we might have our Peace Dividend.

      25,000 USD - Pyramid of Peace donations
      25,000 USD - related donations
      100,000 USD - 10 x 2 x 5,000 USD - full time online peacemakers
      100,000 USD - 50 x 2 x 1,000 USD - part time online peacemakers
      100,000 USD - 50 x 2 x 1,000 USD - full time on-the-ground leaders
      200,000 USD - 200 x 2 x 500 USD - part time on-the-ground peacemakers
      200,000 USD - 1,000 x 2 x 100 USD - part time on-the-ground peacemakers

      750,000 USD = Total

      We must prohibit exclusive tribes, clans, castes, cliques

      Kofi Annan, several tribes in Kenya allowed their tribal affiliations to
      be used to advance genocide and ethnic cleansing. These tribes must be
      held accountable for their wrongdoings in the way that the Nazis were.
      More generally, we must achieve an understanding by all people that
      there must not be any exclusive tribes, clans, castes, cliques or any
      other cultural affiliations. No person may be discriminated for not
      belonging to a culture because all people have the right to be included
      in any culture. We are all free to choose our cultures.

      We must insist that every tribe, clan, caste, clique, that every culture
      have a leadership which can establish, annul, revive and reform the
      cultural traditions, can speak for the participants of the culture, and
      hold accountable those who claim to act on behalf of the culture.

      There may be national, political cultures but they must give primacy to
      tribal and other nonpolitical cultures. The state must be held
      responsible for the education systems which have taken away from the
      tribal cultures those bright people who could provide much needed
      cultural leadership. Structures based on compulsion, such as states and
      corporations, must make clear the leaders responsible for the cultures
      they foster, and must give primacy to those cultures which are not based
      on compulsion.

      We must be free to care for our bioregions

      Kenya and other states have not addressed the underlying bioregional
      issues that fueled the current crisis.

      Historically, states have been important constructs to allow people to
      defend themselves from oppressors and to make good use of resources and
      opportunities from several bioregions, so that typically a state
      includes ports, waterways, agricultural land, natural resources,
      wilderness and highlands.

      However, states must allow us to work together as local residents and
      global citizens to manage our bioregions, large and small. These are
      not simply local issues or national issues, but rather each of us has
      the right to help as a steward of any bioregion wherever it may be. We
      must be allowed to organize inclusively all, near or far, who care about
      a bioregion and organize related funds and manage relevant resources.
      We all have the right to care and the right to help.

      Please help us organize a human world that does not assume that states
      are the framework for all solutions.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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