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Getting launched into class of Spiritual Hygiene 101

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  • Benoit
    Dear Andrius, Helen and all, Helen and I are being guided on an acquaintance of each other such, that this morning it concluded with the following: ...Benoit
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2006

      Dear Andrius, Helen and all,

      Helen and I are being guided on an acquaintance of each other such, that this morning it concluded with the following:

      ...Benoit Couture: So now to complete what I was saying, I hope to help raise Josiah in a way where his breathing can go from death unto life by the disciplines of singing, dancing, playing instruments of strings, rhythms and wind. So if you come to Canada, I hope to be able to invite where families do that together.
      helen mahoo: Oh i will thanks very much, I still pray much
      Benoit Couture: In fact, this can become the start of what Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth can do at TIG. We can start a "class" together. You and me, our chats are the lighting up of the sacred knowledge that opens up this class. We only need to work together until we can think of how to make from cyber space to reality, where we live.
      helen mahoo: yes great idea
      Benoit Couture: Ok. So now, I will go and open a series of "documents" title: "Spiritual Hygiene 101" I will put our chats in context and we'll go from there and see where it goes.
      helen mahoo: ok then
      helen mahoo: Lets pray so God can be in front of us in everything will be doing
      Benoit Couture: So I guess that's all for now. So God bless you and start practicing your own resurrected breathing and may all blessings be with you and love ones...bye for now...
      helen mahoo: ok have a great time, be blessed say hi to Josiah, your wife and all your children, greetings from Tanzania
      Benoit Couture: Thanks from Canada...peace...
      helen mahoo: ok,bye

      I then proceeded with the following invitation to the different sites I work at: 

      Hi everyone,

      Circumstances have come about which are now moving us into position where focus and practice are coming together, providing us with the sight of our
      Ancient Voice that guides us to and from the Quietening Silence of Patient Wisdom.  Here is what I posted today in the forums of the Millinium Goals at Taking It Global, hoping to fan on the Sacred Fire into each of our heart and spirit.                                   Please, feel free to activate your membership with us into the site, so that the Voice may grow to Silence violence, deceit and evil with the sight of love and truth being embodied across the earth, as we ground ourselves from death unto life, materialzing from cyber space to reality. 
      As posted at: http://discussv5.takingitglobal.org/thread/15792

      This is an invitation to anyone who is interested in reading the chatting between one woman of 23 from Tanzania and one man of 48 from Canada and how
      the sharing of our personal dreams and trials got us ready to move into the formation of a class of Spiritual Hygiene 101. You can read how this came about at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A13728035

      Once you are done reading, you are then acquainted with the two of us on the basis of our care and intimacy. This intimacy is what the class' environment
      is about. Our invitation is that you determine how you can graft yourself to the class, from where you are personally and/or communally. As we get to know you and how we are of help to you, we'll be in touch from then on into the organic experience of spiritual unity.

      For more documents and messages that are relevant and incubating with TIG,
      see: http://groups.takingitglobal.org/AVHY

      ...all blessings be with us all...
      Benoit Couture

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