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Report 1 from Rusinga Island

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Meeting with Benter Odhiambo - Group of women KANYALA Little Stars on the 10th of August 2006, Rusinga Island, Kenya This is one, of 6 groups of women
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      Meeting with Benter Odhiambo  - Group of women "KANYALA Little Stars" on the 10th of August 2006,    Rusinga Island, Kenya
      This is one, of  6 groups of women  operating  in Rusinga Island. This group runs the projects:
      - Home-Based Cares Program
      - Tree and fruit nursery  (Seedlings)
      - Nursery school
      Members: Benter Odhiambo, Esther Opuch, Jayne Odongo, Maria Agalo,  Elizabeth Otuoma, Keriner Onyango,  Yukabeth Onyango, Milicent Ogweno, Judith Mambo, Lilian Okech
      It started in 2000 from 12 women with the nursery  school project, now the members are 10.
      Tree and fruit nursery (seedlings) Project
      Started in 2004 by UNDP who involved groups of women.  The residents of Rusinga Island were provided with seeds to plant in their  home.
      From April 2005 the seedling have been sold by women to local population. Clients come to buy them. Women use part of the income to maintain  orphans and widows.

      Orphans - Nursery school

      The nursery school started in 2000 by women themselves. They bought the land and   temporary classrooms with some few furniture, not enough for children needs, in fact some are still sitting on the mats.
      Children from 4 to 7 years were 58 at the beginning and are now 78. At the age of 7/8 they are brought to governmental schools.
      Some children stay with the “foster parents” most of them are relatives,  there are also children from poor families.
      The aim was to reduce the number of street children.
      Women provide them with uniforms, food, salaries of 4 teachers. They find difficult to pay  the salaries of them, because  such women don’t have stable incomes.
      Vision:  they are intending to have an orphanage, as a home of  the orphans in which they can live: eat and sleep.


      There are around 50 poor widows  requiring assistance. The group of women operates in coordination with Samwel Kongere.  They visit the widows, giving them essential food, as maize, received by government in the dry season, or by Kenyan association “Well Wishers”.
      Vision:  To use part of the house  centre required for orphans also for widows to create a centre for generating income activities. “Counseling to rise them against inheritance ( 1). Declare the practice a disastrous and dangerous health hazard since it hat led to closure of many homesteads within our community…it has led the orphans to go to the streets, child labor and working in beaches”
      They counsel them in the use of condom, to test blood themselves and mobilize man or stranger to test them as well.


      Home based care project

      One woman of each group attended at the seminar of HBC, then they got a kit (gloves, plastic bags, disinfectants, thermometer and Paracentamol). Women were told how to care of sick people; they use essential drugs, referring to the doctors, prevention, and nutrition.

      Vision: To succeed in this project women need volunteers skilled in nursery school and child development, home based care programmer and environmental activities.

      (1) Inheritance is the habit of a widow of getting married with a stranger. The community is against it  to prevent occasional relationnship and therefore prevent the risk of IHV/AIDS

      Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale!

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