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Re: SPAM-LOW: [holistichelping] Hourly rates for data entry?

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  • Jeff Buderer
    Andrius, Thats a great idea and I think this is a key area where we can begin planning for an investment model that builds on the work of various ICT pioneers.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2006

      Thats a great idea and I think this is a key area where we can begin
      planning for an investment model that builds on the work of various ICT
      pioneers. The idea is to offer a sustainable financial system for these
      centers based on a socially conscious/fair trade outsourcing model. I
      believe such a plan is key pushing the ICT4D model to critical mass in
      Africa and other regions of the world


      > Hi Kennedy Onyango and all,
      > Greetings to Agnese!
      > Kennedy and I chatted earlier about work that he might get so that he
      > could fund their Internet access point.
      > One of our lab's participants asked about hourly rates for data entry.
      > Kennedy, do you know what you would charge? Please let me know, or
      > preferably, please write to our group. I invite others among us to
      > write as well if you are doing this kind of work or would like to.
      > Generally, this would be mostly copying and pasting addresses and other
      > information from web pages. Some reformatting might be required. It
      > would be good to know English well, but it's relevant only occasionally.
      > Note that much of the work can be done offline.
      > Please be fair to yourself and your clients in setting hourly rates.
      > They should get a decent price and you should make a decent profit.
      > Note that your client may be looking to you as one among several
      > suppliers. I suggest setting a rate that would have you most respect
      > your client. If you set it too low, then you will not be able to give
      > them your best service. If you set it too high, then you will not think
      > of them as caring about the price. Somewhere in the middle is best, I
      > think.
      > Here is a company http://www.digitaldividedata.com that has developed
      > this in Cambodia as a business. They have served over 50 clients and
      > employed over 100 people. I include below a description from
      > http://www.virtueventures.com
      > I hope that we might find ways that our participants in Africa and other
      > countries might make a living. Thank you for participating at our lab
      > as "independent thinkers". You are supporting our lab members when you
      > write about your concerns, your dreams, your ideas. This way we are all
      > encouraged around the world. We're excited to include the widest
      > variety of independent thinkers.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > +370 (699) 30003
      > Vilnius, Lithuania
      > ----------------------------------------------------------
      > http://www.virtueventures.com/setypology/semg.aspx?id=EMX&lm=1
      > Information provided by the World Bank Development Marketplace 2003
      > Digital Divide Data, an example of Employment Model
      > Cambodia's long history of war and devastation left a large number of
      > disabled, disenfranchised and displaced people who face barriers to
      > employment. Many Cambodian women have few economic choices other than to
      > enter the sex trade. The poor become trapped in low-income jobs because
      > their families could not afford to send them to school. Rural
      > immigrants, who came to urban areas hoping to find a better life,
      > instead wind up in squatter settlements scratching out a subsistence
      > living picking through garbage heaps. Large numbers of Cambodians
      > physically maimed or disabled in the war are completely marginalized
      > from the workforce as a result of overt discrimination. The situation
      > has created a huge surplus of labor in Cambodia, yet few institutions
      > provide vocational training for this target population to secure
      > relevant jobs.
      > Technology avails an opportunity for poor and marginalized people to
      > start entry level jobs and gain high value workplace experience and
      > marketable skills while earning a livable wage. Digital Divide Data
      > [WWW] is a technology-based employment social enterprise that provides
      > vocational training to disadvantaged people in Cambodia. Its clients are
      > landmine victims, abused women, rural immigrants and orphans. Through
      > Digital Divide Data, they receive computer literacy and technology
      > training to qualify for basic and low-skilled jobs in the technology
      > sector. Clients are then placed in data entry jobs within Digital Divide
      > Data whereby they receive paid on-the-job training in a supportive
      > environment.
      > Digital Divide Data secures contracts for data entry work outsourced by
      > universities and businesses, which provides employment for its clients
      > and generates income for its operating costs, including fair wages and
      > social costs related to education and training. The combination of paid
      > work experience and computer literacy, coupled with education prepares
      > clients for higher-paying skilled work opportunities.
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